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Collection of Links for Websites

I am quite proud, that I no longer have any bookmarks. But then I do need a place for all the links, that I might be needing some day. So blog posts became sort of dump for it.

Plus, if it is something, that I am not comfortable posting on this blog, then it is probablly not something that I should be doing anyway (and no, I still believe privacy is very important).

Here is one link, that can be used to check, where the site on certain domain is hosted:

And here are some sites, where one can check how big and quick the site is. And the loading times, because who will wait for the site to load:

Added 2019-03-07

Here are some of the sites, that allow you to see, with what technology is the site build with:

Interesting (Future) Courses

Interesting Quote about Thinking

"The idea that something should be consistent, you were talking about the necessety of consisntency in ideology, it is like, I am not hearing what you think. I am hearing how well you are able to represent the idiology you were thought. And it is not that interesting, because I don't know anything about you. I can replace you with someone else who thinks the same way. And that means you are not here. That is what it means. It is not plesant. You are not drawing... you are not integrating specifics of your personal experience with what you have been thought, to syntisize something that is genioue and surprising and engaging in a narritive sense as a concequence. That is the patology of idiological possesion. It is not good."

Jordan Peterson

In the video There was plenty of motivation to take me out. It just didnt work - British GQ at 1:08:22