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Audience Effect on Presenter

I used to be a member of Toastmasters for around 5 years (hopefully, my public speaking improved in that time :) ). When I was listening to the Modeling of Personality and Emotions class, I remember one fact, that had me start thinking about it. The professor was explaining, how it is possible for the audience to control the movement of the teacher in the class. They could make a schedule and they would control, how would he or she moved in space. If I understood correctly, it would be by using our attention? I am not sure, what the process would look like.

I figured out, if I find the paper, I would be able to make an exercise, that I could use in somewhere. I was not a member of Toastmaster anymore, so I could not use it there. But it would be a great exercise anyway.

I probably smiled, as I wrote it down, as the professor immediately and with urgency warned me, that we (I think he meant here the cognitive scientists) are bound by the ethics standards. I am not entirely sure, what did he mean, I was going to do... but it made it even more likely, that I will remember this fact. Or maybe it was just a throw back, because this was also a course, where we talked about using tamagotchi-es to motivate students to get better grades. The better the grades, the better the tamagotchi-es would feel - and if the grades were too bad, they would die.

I later tried to find the scientific article, that would explain this, but I had no luck. I then tired search engines, but I also had no luck.

So the professor was worried for nothing. I don't even know, how would I attempt to do it, and I can't find any information about it.

URLs Should Not Change

There is an interesting notion in the URL space. This this that the URL-s are like the addresses, and they should not change. It is sort of like EMŠO in Slovenia or social security number in US. They should be the one thing that stays the same.

Because, I am aware that phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses and similar things are changing all the time. And I think that people take the URLs in the same way, that is why the are changing.

Yesterday, I spend way too many hours trying to figure out, how to put the drawings, that I made during the drawing lessons, on the computer. I wanted to put them on my blog, so I could keep track of the way my skill is increasing. Or so that I could figure out, that my skill is not increasing.

I mean, this is one of the main points of this blog. To see how I change through time. Because I don't actually expect people to read it, except if they find it really useful. And I don't think I am not that level yet. I guess it is a window into who I am and my interests, but even then, it might be a bit lopsided.

So, I tried a lot of things. I added my gmail account as a Microsoft account, but my phone (I have a Windows 7 phone from 2013) did not recognize it. Then I tried to create a new Hotmail account, since I no longer had my old. But none of these were recognized by my phone. It gave my an error message, which did not help much. I than tried to add my gmail email account, but it would synchronise for way too long, and then tell me it needs attention. It did not work at all. I then added my email account from this domain. This one did synchronise, but it still would not send it by email.

So then I realized that the only thing is, that I would need to reinstall Zune. So I install is, and they and try to run it. But there is a error, and it informs me, that the program with close and I need to follow the link to resolve it.

This is what I saw in that link:

this page does not exist message

Well, this is helpful. But then it was even less helpful, as I tried to put the link in question is search engines. Most of the help was, I followed the things in the link, but it did not work. Well, I would like to follow the advice in the link, but it was not really helpful.

Eventually, what I needed to do was to copy back around 15GB of files, in order to be able to open Zune. Than I needed to create a new Windows account, in order for my device to be recognized. But it worked eventually.

I had the same problem, when I was trying to upgrade my tablet, which still runs an Android 4 operating system and the upgrades to a higher system had been discontinued for years. I mean, it is around 10 years old now. I don't think that anybody expected the tech to work that long.

But all the links, that were put there as well, were no longer working. So, even though, there were a ways to do this, I was years too late.

Now, I am aware that URLs should not change. Here are two articles, that explain why. One is Cool URIs don't change and the other one is Fighting Linkrot.

I know, that when I was moving the blog, I tired to make sure the URLs of the blog posts would not change. Well, that broke my blog for a while, but now they all work. I do apologize to everybody, that tried to access my blog in that time, but I don't get a lot of visitors, and most are bots (according to Apache logs), so I am not that worried yet. But in case, in the 1 in million chance, this blog every gets popular, I need to make sure my links won't break.

Interesting Post About Social Skills

Most of the time, I don't get people. Whenever it is my introversion, my disagreablness or I simply lack so of the neural modules to make it easier, or just my general disinterest in people, it does not really matter. What is matter is, that because of that, I don't really get social situations.

And I know that I am not the only one. I had a couple of speeches about that on different Toastmasters meetings/competitions, and I still remeber the feedback later on. Half of the people, that talked to me afterwards, had no idea what I was talking about. For them, social skills were something that was obious. But the other half of the people that talked to me afterwards, admited that they have no idea what they are doing it, so they are faking it.

Which is what I find pretty interesting.

So it is nice to find sources, that help explain at least some aspect of the social situation in a way that is understandable to me. One of them is Their series on the conversation flow made a couple of mistakes, that I am making in the conversations pretty clear. And they did that in a way, that gave me the tools to analyse my future social interactions as well.

If you are finding problems with social skills, that this is the site that I recomend.

Keeping Track of Arrived Emails in Mutt

Ever since I started to use Mutt for my email client in December, it has become really easy to keep track of emails, that I send. The only blimp, that was not tracked was when I sent almost 300 emails for a call for people to solve my survey for my master thesis at the Faculty of Economics (where I finally have enough of them, which means that there is no step that I would really want to procrastinate on left).

But other than that blimp, the msmpt is keeping track of every message that I send. And it is really easy to see who did I send the messages to. But at the beginning, I had no way of tracking who is sending messages to me. And lets face it, doing one directional would be an interesting analysis already (I do wonder, who I mostly email with), but doing it bidirectionally would be even more interesting.

This is until I came accross the article Tips for Using Mutt. I simply modified the script that they described in setting up the contacts, so it ended up looking like this:

FROM=$(echo "${MESSAGE}" | grep ^"From: ")
DATE=$(echo "${MESSAGE}" | grep ^"Date: ")
SUBJECT=$(echo "${MESSAGE}" | grep ^"Subject: ")
echo "$DATA" >> /mnt/Stable/mutt_gotten_emails.txt
echo "${MESSAGE}"

I have already tested on the couple of emails that I had gotten, and so far so good. I can't wait to see, what kind of emails do I get. Because I think it will help me with optimizing the email use, so that I spend at least time checking emails as possible.

Assumptions that we make

When I was programming the application for the descriptive experience sampling, there was one thing that I could not find out how to deal with. And this was time. JavaScript has a relatively good native way of dealing with the time. But for some reason, it always think I am one hour off.

I know the time right now is almost 1 o'clock, but the JavaScript in React Native and in my browser tell me that my time is almost noon. On the other side, the clock in my panel and the Linux command date does give me the right time.

This is how I figured out that LeechBlock most likely uses JavaScript, since its blocking is also off by an hour.

As I was looking for a way, how to resolve it, I did not find it. But I did find a couple of interesting articles, that deal with the assumptions from the programmer perspective. But I think they are a fun and interesting reading also for people, that are not programmers. They just deal with assumptions we make about time and people's names.

Here are the links:

I think they are quick and fun read to remind each and every one of us, how many assumption do we make in everyday life, which they might not be true. Which might be important for the success in the life. Here is an interesting article, The Cook and the Chef: Musk’s Secret Sauce, that talks about the importance of dealing with assumptions on the case study of Elon Musk.

Programming in Elm

I am now sort of learning how to do programming in elm. There is a part of the project, that I am doing, that also requires the web interface. With my server only having the php and front-end technologies available, I was a bit limited in what I could do. So no Django or something else. On the other hand, I wanted to get away from JavaScript for a while. I mean, nothing against the JavaScript, but I don't really get that language.

I remembered how there was a python and lambda (functional language) joint meetup. Somebody I knew there was having a presentation about using elm as a front-end language. I have never programmed in the functional language before, so that is proving to be the experience.

And it is a different experience. It is not so much, that I don't understand the code. I have been programming in JavaScript for months and I sometimes still don't understand why some code works. Here, I can understand why the code does not works every single time. But I have no idea what to do. I know what is wrong, but then I have no idea how to translate my ideas to the code and the search engines are not helping.

And I figured out how much I am relying on the search engines, when I am learning a programming language. Here is the example, that I am dealing with now. I have a piece of code, that was supposed to check, if the input is a number. There is an toInt function, that returns number, if it can be converted to a number and a string if it can not be converted to the number. So, then I was thinking, so I need to check, which is it. But I have no idea how to do this. There is no type() or typeof in elm. And even one or two examples that I have come across don't work. And neither duckduckgo nor the google are helpful in this regard.

But even though I am only trying this language for the second day, I know, that I am going to like it. As soon as I figure out, where the hell do I get information about, what to do.

And now I am wondering, how much of my recent blog posts are rambling, with no added value to the people reading it?

My Drawing Lessons 2019-01-22

This time, we were again working on the perspective. Beside this, I also wanted to practice shadowing. Below is the final result.

Most of the comments this time were about shadowing. One was, that the shadows on the grounds should be darker than the shadows on another object. That the later ones are lighter.

The second was, that regardless of the shadows, the objects closer to the front should be lighter.

drawing of pile of stuff

Do Vegans have Less Children?

When I was on the last Ljubljana Python Meetup, the conversation somehow ended up at the question, if vegans have less children and meat eaters. Trust me, it was a very legit question, and was well to the point, considering the topic at the time.

So now, a couple of days later, I decided to put the question and see if what the correct answer is. Imagine my disappointment, when the search engines completely failed me. I got the entries related to whenever it is healthy for children to eat vegan food to the effect of the school food on the children. Which was... not what I was asking.

The first statistics, that touched upon this was Comparison of Sociodemographic and Nutritional Characteristics between Self-Reported Vegetarians, Vegans, and Meat-Eaters from the NutriNet-Santé Study. At the very end of the table 2, there were statistics, that could be helpful. They made a break down of vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters by what kind of households do they live in. And they could be living alone or with the partner, and with children on not. So, combining houses without children should at least give me the indication, how many people in each category were without children.

The data, copied from that table is here:

Food Preference Total Living without Children Living with Children
Vegan 789 658 131
Vegetarian 2370 1774 596
Meet-Eaters 90,664 69846 33759

So far this data does not tell much. About 37% of meat-eaters have children, compared to 25% of vegetarians and 17% of vegans. So far the data seems to hold. Since I think that if we have statistics, we should use it, I will try to do this now and fail miserably. The problem is, and this can already be seen from the table above, the number don't add up. If I go by the percentage, then the number for meat eaters is 33%. Which is lower, than what I got with simple statistics.

So this data set was a bit of a failure. So what I did then, I figure out that maybe I am able to find some indirect data. For example, vegans are more likely to be urban, and they are more likely to have less children. Or that vegans are more likely to be left-wing, and they (at least in US) have less children. It would not give me the effect the veganism has on children, but it would give me at least what can I expect to see in reality.

I found General Social Survey. I find tried to start with number of children and political orientation, but then for fun I entered the following phrases: "vegan", "food" and "meat". And with meat, I had found that they did ask people, if they refused to eat meat for environmental reasons. Well, that does not talk about vegans, but much more vegetarians. And it is for one reason. Since environment was a topic, that was touched upon, and I had not found anything else, this data-set was good enough.

The data can be found here:

The data-set also includes the ability to add the chi-square results next to it. The results of chi.square are X-squared = 41.016, df = 24, p-value = 0.01659. By the standards of social sciences, this would mean that putting people in how frequently people refuse to eat meat for environmental reasons, has an effect on how many children do they have. But it does not tell us, which groups are more likely to have children.

But maybe stacked graphs would be able to show this.

Graph showing that vegetarian-like-people have more chance of having 0-child households, while also showing that they are a little more likely to have big households.

As it can be seen from the picture (the darker spots mean less children, with the darkest being none), the people that always refuse to eat meat are more likely to live withour children.

So I am going to assume that the chi-square meant, that vegetarian-like people are less likely to have children and probablly have less children overall. I would need to go into more details, with either ad-hoc testing or testing some other statistics. But for me, this is enough to sate my curiosity.

The R code used to create this was the following:

always <- c(30, 11, 16, 4, 9, 3, 0, 2, 1)/76
often <- c(54, 29, 62, 31, 15, 9, 0, 1, 2)/203
never <- c(558, 328, 541, 283, 165, 68, 26, 11, 23)/2003
sometimes <- c(160, 98, 145, 117, 34, 27, 5, 3, 5)/594
df <- data.frame(always, often, sometimes, never)
df <- data.matrix(df)

You Two Are Both Speedsters Fanfiction Stream of Thought

When I was testing the DES application, that I am programming, I had to input some text each time. So I decided, that instead of doing bla, bla, bla all the time, I would try and write a fanfiction scene. And this is the result. I was distracted by testing, so I guess that this is the minimal level, that I am capable of doing. Which is good to know. But on the other hand, it means, that probably is not that good.

"Cisco, can you bring his wheelchair?" asked Beth, when she came to Dr. Wells. "I don't think he can stand right now.

"He shouldn't be able to stand at all." said Hartley, looking Dr. Wells in a new light.

"Don't we have bigger problems right now?" asked dr. Wells. At this, they all looked at Barry, who was lying there with the broken back. He was no match for Zoom and dr. Wells...

"I will heal. Though, I really don't want to have my back broken again, in case it was not set correctly." said Barry with the grimace on his face.

"You really did want the particle accelerator to explode?" suddenly said Hartley. "Even though you already had powers?"

"You have no proof that dr. Wells was a metahuman before the explosion." suddenly said Cisco.

"He was." Hartley said, without offering more. Both Cisco and Caitlin turned to Wells, awaiting explanation.

"Hartley is right." offered Wells, without any additional explanation.

"Let me get this straight, you were the metahuman the whole time we knew you?" said Stein.

Barry chuckled. They all looked at him. He just shook his head, when he was lying on the bed. "I can now sort of understand, why you don't usually start with explanation of your situation." Wells looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"How would you explain it then?" asked Harry. Barry looked at Wells,

"Well... meet Eobard Thawne, a speedster form the future." Barry thought about it for a while. "Seems lacking, since this would also describe me."

"I am the only one that is confused?" asked Ronnie. "Nobody else?"

"This is ridiculous. You were both born here, how can you be from the future? What, did you two just suddenly decide to travel back and... nothing makes sense." said Caitlin.

"First of all, we are not from the same future." said Barry. "Which thankfully means, that he" he pointed at Wells, "had not yet meet Nora." He paused. "The other Nora." he turned to Wells. "The one you thought was Dawn."

"I met your daughter in your timeline?" Wells asked himself. "How did that go?"

"Well... " Barry stopped. "Time travel is weird."

"You guys can not stay on the subject, right?" asked Harry. "I am more interested in how this affects our fight with Zoom."

"Zoom wants to things. First, he is dying and the only thing that can save his life is a speedforce from another speedster. Without his condition. The second one is, that he wants to be the fastest person, and for that he wants to dominate one Earth and destroy others." Barry paused. "Assuming the changes in the timeline did not change his motivations."

"Could that happen?" asked Cisco.

"I imagine it would be the cause and effect sort of things" added Stein.

"I don't know. I once messed with time, and it changed John's baby gender."