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My Drawing Lessons 2018-12-20

Since this was the last lesson before christmas, we ended up drawing the poinsettia. This is the plant, that is very traditional for Christmas.

The point of this lesson was how to capture color differences with the pencil and shading the sphere. This was supposed to be the hardest part ot shade.

the drawing of poinsettia

My Quick Drawings 2018-12-20

This were some of the first drawings, that I have made outside of drawing classes, ever since I started them. They were during the linguistics class.

the drawing of a water bottle

The first picture was of a water bottle, that was on the table in front of me. I found the bottle interesting, so I draw it.

the drawing of a chair

After drawing the bottle, I started to look at the things that are interesting and I could draw. So the next was a chair, that was so nicely placed in front of me.

the drawing of a look out of a window

After that, I looked around the classroom to try to find something else. But I did not want to draw people and I could not find any stuff that was really interesting. So I looked out of the window, and I liked that, so I draw that.

the drawing of a wardrobe

After finishing and being satisfied with the look out of the window picture, I then did not know what else to draw. Since I want to learn how to draw cities, I wanted to see, if there is anything, where I could practice perspective. This one was one bad attempt at it.

Why Found Science (or Why Explore Space)

I have quite a lot of people, who think that science, that is not immediately useful for industry/businesses is not something that we should be giving any money to.

Well, now I had found the answer that I can give it to them, when I hear about it again. The letter that Ernst Stuhlinger write gives probably a lot better description, than I am capable of producing.

The copy of the letter can be found here: Why Explore Space.

When you are reading it, there is going to be a part about international cooperation. Keep in mind, that the mentioned Apollo 13 mission took place in 1970. At that time, the relationship between US and Russia were a lot different, then they are now.

The Value of Different Cultures

I have a small confession to make. When I started to write this article, I was at the Business informatics day at the Faculty of Economics. I am technically still a student (these pesky surveys for my master thesis don't want to fill themselves). But beside the master thesis, I have not been a part of business informatics for about a year. Cognitive science and programming took most of my attention. And even the year before that, I put a lot more attention on my cognitive science or was abroad.

As soon as I came there, and started listening to conversations of the people around me, I got a cultural shook. I have forgotten how business-like this culture is. The first big group talked about Microsoft. In a very business like way. Everybody was dressed so business-like. And everybody was so unapproachable. Then again, I found the most approachable people at programming meetups, so I may be a bit biassed.

The presentations were not better. I was under the impression that this was going to be informational. But it started with all the stuff people do to feel self-important. You know, call the 'important' people on the stage. Or tell you about their history. Or give awards to others. It was horrifying. But it did reminded me a bit about that one business conference, that I had attended. And Toastmasters marathon. And after an hour, they finally went to the meaty part, or what was supposed to be an interesting round table. But it went into a such a bad start, so I left. Like they wanted to proof that buisness informatics rocks. But this was a half informational presentation half alumni gathering, so who were they convincing? Or maybe I missed something there.

Since I had a hour of thinking time (there is no way, I am putting any more attention than I have to on them convincing themselves they are self-important), I got to thinking. And one of the things that I thought about was, that there is a value of different cultures.

One of the things is, that these cultures provide a good filter for people. I know some social justice warriors is going to disagree with me, since this means that not everybody is going to feel welcome everywhere. There is a place for the type of safe and non-judgmental culture that they are providing. There is also a place for the business, feeling self-important society. And there is a place for a place, were people feel free to criticize. And there is a place for all the artistry thinking types and for technological types and for scientific types. And there is also place for hacking community.

And I think that people, that can change between these cultures, that can bind the knowledge and processes of one culture with another.

But I think the other value is, that is shows the good and bad parts of the culture, that the person is mostly a part of. I guess it is very similar to living in a foreign country. It is hard to value the home culture, if this is the only thing one knows.

I have a feeling, that when I started to write this, I had something even smarter to add, but I don't remember.

Starting to use react-navigation in my react-native project

I have just started working with react-native (without ever before doing any mobile apps or anything substantial in JavaScript), so in the beginning I have been doing mostly things, based on the tutorials and guides.

So, like most people, when I wanted to use the navigation (it what pushed me to start using simulator), I simply followed the tutorial about react-navigation. And when I wrote an example, for some reason, it did not work. What the simulator did tell me, that there was some weird undefined error for RNGestureHandlerModule.

So I did what most of the programmers that I saw program did, when they see the error message, that they don't understand: I inputted it in the search engines. Which were not helpful at all. They are usually pretty good at pointing me in some direction. But here, they did not manage to point me anywhere.

I think, this was the point, when I had to develop a different strategy - the one that I am still using, as it as helped me with other problems, where search engines were not helpful. I started to read through the issues on GitHub.

The one that helped me with this problem was this one. Which lead me to this page, where I found out, that I needed to change some file. After finding the file (buried deep in the sub-folders), it finally worked.

Well, since that time, it seems that they had included all the necessary information in the tutorial. And I managed to find a new way to get information for software problems.

Python Meetup Presentation - Mesa Tutorial on Question about Women in STEM

This December, I had another lightning talk at Ljubljana Python Meetup. I decided to do a short tutorial about the agent based programming. For the example I used the mesa library.

What I was researching was, if the innate differences between men and women can explain the differences, that we see in who picks the STEM studies and later work.

The video can be seen here.

The jupyter notebook that I used in the presentation can be found on my github.

My Drawing Lessons 2018-12-13

Apparently my style is very good for the comics, as I have a very line oriented drawing style. Must be all the line-art that I had seen and comics I have read. Or maybe it is genetics. Hell if I know.

So this time, the lesson was in how to not use the lines in order to create a picture. This picture was supposed to be used mostly through shading, without the lines. Not sure, how well I did it.

I also used the mesh or something, in order to help me with placing the elements on the correct place on the picture. That was an interesting exercise.

the drawing of a house in the mountains

My Drawing Lessons 2018-12-06

This time we started to learn perspective. This was because I said, that I wanted to first learn to draw cities and things. So this is how we started.

The comment here was, that is I make everything perfect, than small imperfections will bother the picture.

The other one was, that I put the top of the hill to close to the line of the roof and this was not supposed to be that way? Apperentlly they blend together? This is one part, that I don't really understand yet.

drawing of a house

My Drawing Lessons 2018-11-20

This was my third drawing lesson. This time, the lesson was to draw the portrait from a picture. It was actually another drawing.

I know I was suffering, when I draw it. Nothing seems to work alright. Looking back on the picture, now that is finished, it is better than I had the feeling it will be.

The one comment that my teacher had, was to try and think in shading and shapes, not lines. This is why, it may look a bit robotic at first. But not on later viewing.

drawing of a portrait

My Drawing Lessons 2018-11-15

So the drawing lesson number 2. This time I was drawing something else. It was supposed to be a lesson in how to draw ellipses. Apparent ley it is really hard, but I don't really see the problem. I was also supposed to learn observation. This was a bit harder to do.

the drawing of a pitcher