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Compared to Starfleet, Atlanta was at least Conventional [Star Trek Fanfiction]

"I am a bloody doctor, not a wet behind the ears nurse." said McCoy as he walked down the forest path.

"Come on, Bones, it is going to be an adventure." Jim turned around and smiled, as he continued walking down the path. "Plus, we will be there is less than 15 minutes."

"You didn't even have to be here." McCoy said, but then he at least shut up.

Jim smiled, as he turned around again, his head turned up to the sunlight. He would not be Jim Kirk, if he would refuse an off-world visit. The new palaces, new cultures, new people. Even if it was the medical milk run that he force his way into.

A short while later, they came to the clearing, and they saw the small house, which was their destination. There were two women placed at the door of the house. They were looking directly at them.

Jim and Leonard made their way there, and stopped short distance away. They both used their right arm to touch their left tight.

The both women waited a little until their mirrored their action, but their movement was slower. But there had been no other reactions.

Leonard stepped towards them. "I was told that there is a patient here."

The both women looked at one another. Then after what was a very uncomfortable minute, they both turned to Leonard. "This way, doctor."

McCoy started to enter, and Jim followed. Or at least he tried, as he was stopped by a pair of four-fingered hands. "Doctor only."

"Why?" Jim asked, as he looked at their hands.

"Just wait here, infant." Leonard said, as he entered the building.

Jim rolled his eyes, as he stepped back, and sat himself on the grass. This is going to take a while. And he could not complain about the view. He winked at one of the women.

Leonard's screen pierced the air, and Jim immediately jumped up, intent to going inside the house, but he was stopped by the two pairs of hands, that pushed him to the ground. He was trying to struggle, but his body felt like it was underwater, slow to respond or move. One of them knelled next to him and put the hand on his torso.

"What have you done to doctor McCoy?" he pushed through his lips, as he glared at the woman still standing.

"It had to be done." she said. "It is our duty to protect it."

"Let me go!" he said, as he tried to move, but then he felt the big pain flare in his head for a moment and had to stop.

The standing woman knelled down to him. "There is no reason for you to go through that as well."

"And it is for Bones?" Kirk spat at her. "And what the hell is that anyway?"

The women looked at one another. Then they stood back, and Kirk felt the body returning to its normal state.

Kirk stood up, his legs wobbling. He tired to say something, but then Leonard's screaming started again. Kirk started to run toward the house.

When he came there, his stomach decided to contract into a black hole. McCoy was lying on the middle of the floor, his his body wrapped into itself, his eyes tightly shut.

Kirk knelled next to him. "Bones? Bones!" he tried to shake him, but there was no response. He was at least still breathing. He looked up the bed in the corner.

A girl sat there, looking at him in interest. She crocked her head.

"What did you do to him?" Kirk demanded.

The girl shook her head. "You are really only trying to save him?"

"What?" Kirk said. But McCoy twitched and Kirk put the hand on his shoulder. But there was still no reaction.

"He was trying to bring me to the other side of the planet." the girl said. "So he had to be punished."

"He was trying to help!" Kirk said. "Stop this."

"I can't." she said, as she stood up. "But you might."

Kirk glared at her, when he noticed the hands on his back. This gave the girl enough distraction to put her hands on his head. He felt his vision swim around him, his body become limp, and then the darkness claimed him.

Kirk become aware of the oppressive feeling in the air, and he realized that he is standing up. He opened his eyes, but there was nothing around to be seen, just darkness. He looked down at his hands, but they were visible as normal.

He then noticed his clothes. He was in black star fleet uniform. Which was not what he was wearing beforehand.

He tried to take a step forward, and noticed that the floor seems to extend further away from him. His walk become more secure.

The quickly realized that he is tiring a lot quicker than he should have. He wiped the sweat from his forehead, and supported himself on his knees. He was trying to get more oxygen to his lungs. It wasn't even hot. He is going to collapse before he is going to find Bones. Where was he even supposed to find him.

He then heard crying and he straighten his back, looking around where did it came from. He noticed a small white feather flying around and he grabbed him.

He experienced vertigo, as his whole surrounding change. He was in the middle of a garden, and there were people slowing moving around. He saw the middle aged lady moving toward him. He stepped in front of her, but she did not seems to see him.

"Excuse me? Excuse me?" There was no reaction. Not only that, she walked right through him.

Jim blinked, then turned around. He was trying to grab her shoulder, but his arm just passed right through her. He took his hand in front of him, examining it. He sat down on the bench. He scowled, and then tapped the bench next to him.

He than grabbed the bench, intent to break it, but his hand just went through it again. He leaned back. It was a nice change from the previous place, but he was still no closer to figuring out where he, or for that matter Bones, is.

He allowed himself a couple more seconds, then he stood up, making his way to the inside of the building.

It was a hospital. He walked around, trying to at least find somebody he recognized.

But nobody seems to be able to either see or touch him. At least until he came to the trauma part of the children ward. He looked inside one of the room, when he noticed a guy staring at him, as he tried to sit up.

Kirk, without thinking, walked to him. "It is alright. Calm down."

The boy glared at him. "Right. It is easy to believe that everything is alright when they send a star fleet in here."

"Well..." Kirk tried to explain his presence, "Would it help if I did not know where I am?"

The boy snorted. "That's believable."

"I was trying to save a friend, and I got lost." Kirk said. "Why are you here?"

"Shuttle accident." The boy looked away. "They won't even tell me if my parents survived."

The doctors probably thought they were protecting the boy. "I will need their names." Kirk said, smiling as the boy looked back to him. "How else were I supposed to find them?"

"David and Eleanor McCoy." the boy said.

Kirk froze. This can't be..., right? Be he just nodded, hoping that the boy did not notice anything wrong. "I will find out."

Kirk stood up and he walked out of the room. When he came outside, he leaned on the wall, and took a deep breath. He tried to sort different possibilities in his mind, but there were too many.

It took him longer than he wanted to admit. Normally he would just hack into the hospital computer system, but he could not in this condition. Eventually he found David in the ICU. He was outside of the critical condition, but he was still in the coma. The doctors seems to be quite helpful. He also found out from them that his wife was not in this hospital.

He made his way back. He noticed the doctors inside, being all overbearing, while pretending that they have the best of patients in their minds. Kirk started to remembering his similar experience as he listened to them. He noticed vertigo and he quickly concentrated on the words there, when it stopped. Interesting.

The doctors eventually left. Kirk made his way to the room, waiving to the boy he was by now certain it was his Bones. Or however ones calls it.

The boy looked at him in expectation, but Kirk decided to sit next to him before saying anything. "Your father is in the room 254 in the ICU. He is still in a coma but the doctors think his prognosis is good."

The boy nodded, but he was still looking at him.

Kirk shook his head. "You mother is not in this hospital. I could not find out if she was taken in one of the other hospitals, or..." he let his voice trailed.

"She is dead." the boy finished for him. "Thank you."

He looked around the room. "It's the least I could do." Kirk shrugged. He then stood up and smiled, tousling the boys hair, "Be safe."

The boy grabbed his hear, and glared at him, but Kirk was already leaving the room.

He decided to make his way to the garden, before concentrating on Bones, all that he knew about him.

This time he let the vertigo take him. But when he opened his eyes, he was back at the darkness. He cursed.

"Doctor McCoy?" he yelled into the darkness. "Bones? Answer me?" No reply.

"Alright." He took his breath, changing his thought to the girl he blanched for his current predicament. "I know you are listening! Why don't you come here and explain this?"

There was no answer, and Kirk sighed, his head going through his hair. He was starting to give right to Bones' rambling about the danger of space. The one guy that entered Star Fleet for the lack of options only to get into the danger the quickest.

The vertigo happened again. Jim leaned himself to what appeared to be a doorjamb in a bar. He looked around, unconsciously moving away from other people.

McCoy was sitting there, nursing a glass. There was also bottle of whiskey in front of him, more than half of it already missing. Jim sat on the other side of the booth, looking at him.

McCoy looked up, then decided that he is not interesting enough, and drunk the remainder of the glass, pouring himself another one, but then ended up looking at it.

They were sitting like that is silence. Jim was studying the doctor, who in turned studied his glass. Eventually he drunk this one as well, and put it down.

"What do you want, kid?" McCoy asked, his voice slurred and defeated. He did not look up.

Jim shrugged. "I wanted to help a friend. Now I don't even know where I am."

"Tough luck this one."

The silence stretched, but both of them did severe it for quite a while. McCoy poured the last glass from the bottle. He looked at it, then waived the waiter to his table, ordering another. It took around three minutes for the waiter to bring it.

"If you continue drinking, you will be way beyond the sobering cure in case of a medical emergency." Jim said, as he looked at the whiskey bottle. He tried to move it, but his hand went right through.

McCoy laughed, until he almost chocked on it. There was no happiness on his face. "Not doctors on medical suspension."

Jim scowled: "Medical suspension?"

McCoy drunk another glass down. "Pretty mild for a doctor who killed the patient."

"What?!" Jim said, as he stood up. The made himself relax. "You would never willingly kill a patient." he said, his voice firm.

"Then I guess you don't know me, kid." he said, as he tried to drink another glass, but he started to fall on himself.

Jim came to his side. Vitals were normal, for a person that had too much to drink. He will wake up in the morning, with a big hangover.

The waiter came there. He looked resigned, as he called somebody on the phone. Kirk was sure that it will be taken care of. He started to figure out what is going on, and he finally had an idea of where to find his Bones.

He made a short stop in the darkness again. He let the pressure wash over him. He was trying to picture Bones, lying on the ground. He let the feelings from that time wash over him. And he allowed the vertigo to take him there.

Now he was in front of the small house in what appeared to be the suburbs of some city. Nowhere where he was before. He walked right to it, noticing that he could manipulate the doors to open them. "Bones?" he called out.

"In the back." he heard. Jim smiled, as he walked right through what appeared to be a living room, to the small garden at the back.

McCoy was sitting on the stairs, but he looked up when Jim came closer. "Is this a Starfleet idea of a rescue mission?"

"Well," Jim started, waiting until he sat down. "You were screaming and by the time I came there, you were unconscious. Didn't exactly call Starfleet."

"Well, you are the first person I saw around here." McCoy said, then added quieter. "It was never this quiet."

"I think we are inside your mind." Jim said.

"You are joking." McCoy said.

Jim simply returned his look. He was serious.

McCoy shook his head. "And how are we supposed to get out of my head?"

Jim extended his hand. "Do you trust me?"

"Only as far as I can throw you, kid." McCoy said, and at the same time grabbed Jim hand.

Jim concentrated, and one vertigo later they ended up back at the blackness. McCoy looked around, looking back at Jim with a raised eyebrow. "Nice work, kid."

Jim rolled his eyes. "I am working on it." He started to concentrate on the inside the hut, figuring that it would bring them back.

"A feather." McCoy said.

Jim opened his eyes. He looked at McCoy, then around, but he did not see anything. "Feather?"

McCoy looked at him in surprise. "It is right here." he said, as he put his hand higher.

"Bones? I don't think you should touch it..."

But just before he finished the whole sentence, McCoy hand warped around it. Jim stepped there, grabbing them, as vertigo took them.

Both Jim and McCoy looked where they ended up, and Jim's eyes widened. "No this." he said softly.

"Jim?" the doctor asked, as he came closer, examining him.

"I am fine." Jim said, as he waived him away. But he was only met with doctor's face that was anything but amused. "I just know this place."

McCoy looked again at Jim, then he shrugged, as he looked around the corner. There was a lot of people gathering there.

Jim wanted to chuckle when McCoy noticed that he is incorporate, but knowing what he will witness stopped any kind of feeling of mirthlessness.

"Hello, people of Tarsus IV." the voice on the balcony in front of them started.

Jim's face was taut and his hands were drawn into a fist. He forced himself to relax them. He could feel McCoy turn to him, but he knew that something else will soon draw his attention.

"Everybody run." came the cry from the balcony on the left, "He is trying to..." The voice was stopped by what was heard as the blow to the head. The murmurings could be heard from around them.

McCoy wanted to start walking to the doors leading there, but Jim's grabbed his forearm, instead dragging him to the wall closer to them.

"Jim, let me go." McCoy said, as he tried to make him release him.

"He will live." Jim said, as they came to the wall. "And you can't help him anyway."

"I am a doctor, it is my duty..."

"You can't help a memory!"

McCoy eyes widened, as he stopped resisting, looking at Jim. Jim looked at the ground.

"You must die so that other could live. Signed Kodos."

He then took Jim's hand, and dragged him away from there. They wounded the corner before the shots started. The couldn't see them, but they could still hear them. Them, and accompanying screaming.

"Think of something else." Jim said, as he looked down, dragging himself behind McCoy. "It is how we can get out of here."

McCoy started to think of how he really wanted to be in the medical bay with all the equipment. How he wanted a bottle of whiskey right now. He could feel the vertigo, and they were back at the darkness.

Jim collapsed down, closing his eyes and trying to get his breath under control.

McCoy sat next to him, but he looked at the distance. "You never told me you were on Tarsus."

Jim glanced at him. "You never told me they suspended your medical license for killing a patient."

McCoy tensed next to him. It lasted about a second, but then he released his breath.

"I can bring you back now." the voice said.

They both turned toward it, standing up in the process. The girl from the hut was standing in front of them, looking at them with interest.

"Why should we trust you?" asked Kirk, as he took a step closer, putting McCoy behind him.

"You passed the test." she said. "You are one of us now."

Jim wanted to say something, but McCoy bit him to it. "Then do it already."

She nodded and Jim started to lose the feeling in his body.

The next thing he was lying on the floor. He started to get up, noticing McCoy trying to to the same thing next to him.

"Jim?" McCoy asked, turning to him, so that he could do a visual check.

"I am fine." Kirk said, as he battled the hands away, rolling his eyes. "You?"

"Peachy." said McCoy.

Jim not turned to the girl on the bed. The two women were standing in front of her. The girl dropped her head. "I apologize for what happened." she said. "But considering the circumstances, it is necessary to be extra prudent."

"What did you do?" said Jim, his eyes narrowing. He then signed. "I take it there are no consequences of that you did?"

"You are one of us now." She put the finger on her cheek. "Well, not exactly. You are not one with the core. But otherwise, yes."

"What does that even mean?" asked McCoy, his body tensed. He moved, and then he sagged back. He glared when Jim looked at him in amusement.

"You will finally be able to live a long and fulfilling life." the girl said, her head tilted.

"No thanks to you." McCoy said, as he stood up. "Jim, we are leaving." he said, as he stood up and started to stride outside.

Jim looked at the girl, as he stood up.

"You are free to go." she said, an amusement on her lips.

Jim did not wait another second, as he hurried after the doctor.

The way back was spend in friendly comfort. The first part was reserved for the McCoy's grumblings. But for some reason, the atmosphere was more relaxed than Jim has felt in a long time. The relief was brimming in the air. The second part they walked in silence, both deciding to not talk about whatever had happened.

Their first, and what Jim and McCoy agreed what most likely not going to be the last, unwelcome surprise was, when they were no longer welcome in the main city. They just wanted to come inside, when they met a resistance. Not only was he not letting them in, they ended up being chased away with spears. A situation that Jim found hilarious.

They ended up beaming on the ship, and they were ordered to get through the medical examination, and were ordered to write a report and rest.

The next day they were called to the briefing room. When they arrived there, the yeoman activated the screen and the face of captain Pike appeared on the screen. He seems to have an amusing smile on his face.

"At ease." he told them, as both Jim and McCoy sat down.

"Are we in trouble?" asked McCoy, as he looked at the captain.

"You are not." Pike said. "But I am starting to think that you two are doing it on purpose."

Jim considered the captain carefully, as McCoy just looked at confusion. "So there is a tension between two fractions on the planet."

McCoy looked at him, his eyes narrowing, but he did not say anything. Jim smiled at him, before turning back to Pike with a serious face.

"Usual deal?" Pike asked Jim, and Jim nodded in reply.

"According the the reports that we are starting to get, it looks like it is a decades long civil war." Pike said as he sighed. "They were trying to use McCoy to get their hands on their leader."

McCoy let a laughter escape as he shook his head. Jim was looking at him, thinking he should offer some support.

"Kid, I don't need your encouragement, you can stop saying it." McCoy said.

The silence become ticker. "Doctor, Jim had not said anything." Pike slowly said.

McCoy looked at Jim, who was having an poker face there, but for some reason, McCoy knew that he was analyzing his recent actions in detail.

Jim turned to Pike. "Doctor McCoy is probably just tired, as am I. Maybe we could do the rest of the debriefing later?"

Pike glanced at McCoy, then looked at Jim. He sighed. "It can wait until you are back on Earth."

They exchanged the goodbye pleasantries, when Jim grabbed McCoy and dragged him into one of the smaller observatory deck.

Jim stepped to the window, enjoying the stars for a moment, before he tackled his hypothesis. Which was insane.

"Just because something is beautiful, doesn't mean it won't kill you." McCoy said.

Jim looked at him, seeing him sitting on the sofa some distance away from the window. He was looking at the wall.

Jim concentrated on their thoughts and he asked McCoy in his mind to look at him.

McCoy signed and looked at Jim. He was apparently waiting for something. "Why did you bring me here, Jim?"

Jim smiled, and he sat next to the McCoy. He was intently observing his face, as he let the concentration form the next thought in his head. They were here because it calms his down.

He could see the confusion appearing on McCoy face and he noticed that he could feel it in his own face, particularity on the forehead. He raised his hand up, but there was no lines there. "I did not know you feel confusion in your face."

McCoy looked at him for a couple of seconds, then paled. His lips parted. "No fucking way."

Jim willing his thought to form a 'we are telepaths' in his consciousness.

"We are not, Jim." McCoy stood up, as he become annoyed. Jim could feel it in the way there seems like there was an additional energy in his muscles, how irritation made his teeth feel. "You know what my psi scores are? Nonexistent. And so are yours. There is no way this is happening."

Jim took a deep breath, and he stood up, letting his hands grip McCoy's hands from behind. McCoy sagged, as he let himself be dragged back to the sofa. He covered his eyes with his hand. "I will be dammed."

"Bones, it is going to be fine." Jim said, as he sat next to him.

"If our brains doesn't explode or we accidentally kill each other by getting distracted in the wrong moment or 1000 other things that could happen." McCoy said.

But Jim could feel, that while McCoy was not happy with the circumstances, he also did not feel disgust. He was resigned to the situation until the solution is going to be found.

And if Jim felt just a tiny bit happy about it, well only two people will ever know about it.

You Must Love Your Family [Gintama Fanfiction]

Shinsuke had run after Shouyou. Kotarou was shaking his head, as he started to clean the papers that students left behind. He wanted everything to be prepared for the afternoon classes. He then looked outside.

Gintoki was already sitting on the porch, and he was eating the rice balls that Kotarou had prepared beforehand. He was leaning on the wall, looking outside.

Kotarou had sat next to him, taking one of the rice balls for himself. He started eating it.

They were sitting like that in silence, when Kotarou finally said: "I love you."

Only then did he realized what he just said, and he turned to Gintoki, whole red on his face. He really hoped that Gintoki was sleeping, like he sometimes did during lunch. But Gintoki was still eating and there did not seems to be any immediate reaction on his part.

Gintoki swallowed. "I love you too." he said, as he licked his fingers to get also the rice that stuck to it. "I think of you, Takasugi and Shouyou like family."

Kotarou deflated. He expected the refusal, but it seems like that Gintoki would never even considered him in a way like that. But Kotarou still tired to smile. "That is right."

There must have been something in his voice, as Gintoki actually looked at him. There was a questioning look on his face.

But Kotarou only shrugged, and took another bit from his rice ball. There was nothing wrong with him.

Gintoki seems to give up on finding the answer, as he took another rice ball, looking at the nearby tree. He was a hard person to read.

Shinsuke joined them, and he at on the other side of Gintoki. He looked at both of them, as he took a rice ball. "Did something happen?"

"Nothing." said Kotarou, as he turned around, not wanting them to see his face. He was not confident that he was able to control it right now.

He could feel something lean on his shoulder. He looked at it, nothing the silver perm.

"I am sleepy." was the only explanation that Gintoki had given to him, and then he closed his eyes.

Kotarou did not understand, why Gintoki decided about that, but he could feel a small smile forming on his lips.

He looked at Shinsuke, who stubbornly looked at the garden, ignoring what has happening.

When The Fire Burns [Gintama Fanfiction]

When Kotarou stopped with a face of full horror on his face, Shinsuke knew that something must have happened. He looked in the direction, seeing the fire in the distance.

He was not thinking. He did not noticed the pain in his legs, or the burn in his lungs, as he sprinted all the way to the school. He left the packages and Kotarou behind.

He came to the school, there were already people gathered there. They just seems to be standing there, whispering to each other.

"There does not seems to be any survivors."

Shinsuke froze. That can't be happening. Shouyou and Gintoki were...

"They were criminals. Otherwise the government would not punish them."

Shinsuke could feel the anger rising in his chest. He started to move through the crowd, for the first time happy that he is small, as he could move quicker.

He came to the front and wanted to run to the school, when a hand grabbed him and pulled him back. "It is dangerous."

"Let me go!" said Shinsuke.

"You will get hurt." said a man.

Shinsuke turned, and he glared at the man. "I am a student in this school, so let me through."

Before the person could react, he was already running to the school. There must have been still somebody there. There is no way that Shouyou would just die like that.

He noticed a shape on the ground, right next to the burning house. He run there, quickly recognizing that recognizable withe perm. He run there, noticing the rafter on his legs and his hands tied to his back.

He skidded there, seeing that Gintoki was still breading. There was a hit to his head, which is why he was most likely not moving.

He started to move the rafter, but it was heavy. He then felt the weight lowering a little. He looked and noticed Kotarou helping to move it from the other side.

They moved it, and Kotarou started to work on the bonds. It seems that Gintoki was in the good hands, so he continued looking.

Shouyou was nowhere to be found. He was not around the house, he run into the fire, checking every room, but there was no trace of any body at all, let alone of their teacher.

When he already checked everything, he got back. Kotarou had already moved Gintoki away, not letting him sleep on his lap. When Shinsuke came back, he noticed that he was looking at him in expectation.

Shinsuke just shook his head. There was nobody else. He noticed Kotarou looking down, playing with Gintoki's hair. But maybe Shouyou just left for something and he will be back in the flash. But then Shinsuke remembered the words from before, and he had to cling to hope to not let him slip through his fingers.

He sat down next to Kotarou, and leaned on him. It was only now, that he did not know what to do anymore, that he could start feeling the strain he put his body through. The leg muscles were complaining.

But he knew that he will not be able to fall asleep as long as his mind will worry like that.

Gintoki stirred and both of them looked at him. He grabbed his head, and his eyes were still glassy. "Teacher?"

"He is not here." Shinsuke said.

Gintoki quickly sat up, a panic in his eyes. The he looked around, and his whole body sagged.

"What happened?" Kotarou said.

Gintoki waited for a couple of seconds. "They took him."

Took him? So that means that Shouyou was still alive somewhere? Shinsuke could feel some of the tension drain from his body. If Shouyou was somewhere, then they could still save it. "Who took him?" he asked.

"I don't know." Gintoki said. "They were dressed like monks, and they talked like Shouyou betrayed heavens."

"So we just need to find them and save Shouyou." said Shinsuke. He stood up, not carrying that his body was screaming at him.

"You won't save anybody tired like that." Kotarou said. "And Gintoki still needs rest. It won't make a change if we go in the morning."

Gintoki looked away from both of them. "Ah." he said, his voice having no energy.

Shinsuke narrowed his eyes, but he let it go. It was most likely just the effect of the head wound.

I Dare You To Kiss Him [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was sleeping on the tree at the riverbank, his back being propped by the log, and teacher’s sword in his hands.

Which proved to make Katsura’s job harder. Why did Takasugi have to be so insistent to that bet? He could be reading the book right now, not climbing the tree for something so stupid.

He started to climb the tree. The branches were quite far apart. How did Gintoki ever managed to climb there? No, more importantly, why would he always bother to climb that high up?

He was on the last branch, when he looked down. He was quite high up. He looked up, about to grasp the last branch, when he noticed Gintoki looking at him, still leaning back on the tree. It surprised him so much, that he missed the grip and he felt his legs lose the support under him.

He prepared to crash to one of the branches below, when he felt the pain on his left wrist. He opened his eyes and looked up, seeing how Gintoki was dangling from the brach with his legs, and was grabbing his hand with both hands.

“Can you get some grip?” Gintoki said, the tension seen on his face.

Katsura felt around with his legs, hitting the branch and managed to stand there. Only then did he felt Gintoki release his grip. Katsura took hold of his branch. This really was not a good idea. “Why do you always climb to such places?”

“It feels safe.” Gintoki answered. He had already managed to get to the branch next to the one Katsura was on. He than asked: “What are you doing here, Katsura?”

Katsura averted his eyes. Then he looked straight at Gintoki. “Will you kiss me?”

“What are you saying now?” Gintoki said.

“Don’t misunderstand it. Takasugi dared me that you won’t do it.” Katsura said, looking away. “I just don’t want to lose to him.”


As Katsura looked at Gintoki, he felt something wet on his lips. It stayed there for a couple of seconds. Then it disappeared. Katsura put his finger on his lips.

“This is fine, right?” Gintoki asked, as he leaned back to the tree.

Can We Keep A Demon Cat? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Shinsuke, Gintoki and Kotarou were walking down the street. As per usual, Shinsuke and Gintoki were arguing.

Gintoki was telling something to Shinsuke. “Don’t you agree with me, Zura?” He turned around, but Kotarou was nowhere to be found. They looked at each other, and started to walk back.

Shinuske was annoyed. “He really needs to get some common sense!”

Gintoki just rolled his eyes. He was too used to Shinsuke’s complaining, to take it to his heart.

They found it three streets back, as he was covering for something, while the people were trowing stones at it.

Gintoki quickly moved to catch the stone that was going to hit Kotarou’s head.

Shinsuke had instead kicked one person that was about to throw the stone in a knee, and punched another one in a place where even sun doesn’t shine. The three people stopped throwing stones, and they glared at Shinsuke. “Get out of the way.”

“No way.” said Shinsuke, and he wished he would have his sword with him. He knew that Gintoki is not going to led him his.

“What are you doing?” Gintoki said to Kotarou. He looked behind him, and he saw an old cat lying there, looking like he was about to die. The blood that was stuck to the fur did not help as well.

“What did the cat ever did to you?” Gintoki asked. He put his hands down, not that he realized that they are talking.

“It is a demon!” The woman that was just watching so far screamed. “Get it out.”

Takasugi was stopping himself for stomping on the woman’s foot. Oh, but it was so tempting.

Gintoki turned and picked the cat up, and deposited it in Kotarou’s, arms. “We will make sure the cat never comes back.” Gintoki said glaring at the people there. They were all taken aback at the intensity, so they did not move. After a couple of seconds he started to walk away.

Kotarou looked at the cat in his lap, and then at Shinsuke. He only got a shrug in return as they both followed Gintoki away.

“And what are you going to do with this cat?” Shinsuke asked, as they all started to walk together. “It looks like it is about to die anyway.”

“Everybody deserves to live, Takasugi.” said Kotarou.

“But will teacher even allow the cat?” Shinsuke asked. “I imagine it would be a nuisance to the school.”

“Then we will not tell him.” Gintoki said.

Takasugi wanted to say something, but then he changed his mind. Gintoki was acting weird, since they left that place. “It is on you two then.”

Kotarou beamed and he was starting to think what he is going to do, so there was a spring in his steps.

Because they had a cat, they returned to school, Kotarou finding a place in his room for a cat place. He then went to get some water and started to clean it.

Takasugi decided that this was a waste of time, so he left. Gintoki had soon fallen asleep just outside of the room.

Kotarou had already stopped treating it and he already feed it, when he heard the teacher’s voice down the hall. He quickly put the cat on it’s place and stood up.

Shinsuke’s voice joined the teacher’s, and he started to complain about Gintoki wanting to spend all the money for sweets again. Shouyou’s laugh was vibrating through the hall, and Gintoki woke up, and stood up, making his way to there as well.

Katsura followed, as they made small talk, everybody helping to put the things that Shouyou brought away. They are reopening the school tomorrow, so they needed a lot od supplies.

It was not until night, that Gintoki had stood up from his bed, and went to the cat place. The cat was looking at him. He put the hand there, so she was able to smell it. “You are quite a cute demon.” he said. She then started to move until she was on his lap.

Gintoki smiled, as he petted her, looking at the distance. Not that he could see much, as it was dark. “I was also called a demon once. But then Shouyou found me. Just like Zura found you.” he smiled. “So everything will be fine now.”

Shouyou was just checking on her three students, when he heard these words. He stood there, and looked at Gintoki, how he was absentmindedly petting the cat. He decided to not disturb him, and left.

In the morning, Gintoki was sleepy, and Katsura was looking obnoxiously at the doors. Shouyou smiled.

“Well, if you tell me where you got it, you can bring it here, Kotarou.”

Kotarou turned around, and he was red in the cheeks. His eyes were wide. “Got what, teacher?”

Shouyou just continued to smile, as he took another serving of the rice. He decided not to comment on it.

It was interesting to see how his three boys looked at one another. Then Shinsuke turned away and Gintoki said. “The people in the city were attacking the cat and we decided to bring it here.”

“I see.” Shouyou said. “I don’t mind. The more the merrier, they say.”

Shinsuke tired to look indifferent, but both Kotarou and Gintoki smiled. Kotarou run and went to get it. Shouyou winked at Gintoki, who turned away and tired to pretend it does not bother him, while picking his nose.

This Chocolate Ice Cream Is The Best [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was waiting for them at the table in the front, eating something that Katsura had yet to ever see. It was in the cup, dark and looked creamy like.

He sat next to Gintoki. “I am surprised you finished so quickly.”

Gintoki took another spoon of his food, then passed the spoon to Katsura. “The woman was not a very good conversationalist. And then she showed me this, so I left to enjoy it in peace.”

Katsura took a spoon of it, and tasted it. It was way too sweet, but it also had bitter and nutty understate as well. The after taste told him that there was milk in it as well. “What is this?”

“They call it chocolate ice-cream.” Gintoki as he took the spoon back and took another mouthful. “It is officially my new favorite food.”

Katsura rolled his eyes. Gintoki’s obsession with sweets was somehow cute, if impractical. “You really just left?”

Gintoki looked at Katsura. “Was that not the point of sneaking out of school? To get drunk and have a good time.” He then looked at his ice-cream. “But this is better than alcohol.”

“Gintoki,” Katsura started, “We are in the red light district.”

Gintoki looked at him with. “Red light district? Is there something special about it?”

Katsura stared st Gintoki. He was joking, right? I mean… maybe he was not. He really did not want to be the one that needs to give that conversation. “Gintoki, did you ever have the feeling like you want to touch the girls? Like an urge to touch?”

“Touch? Like in a fight?” Gintoki asked. The ice-cream was melted enough, so he was able to mix it. Now it seems like it was even better than before.

“No. I mean in a more… friendly sense.” Katsura said, as he tired to put it down diplomatically. It was one thing to do it in a private place, it was quite another to talk about it is a public place.

Gintoki was thinking for a while. “No, I don’t remember any such urges with girls.”

“But did you have them with men?” Katsura asked. He was clearly convinced that Gintoki was making fun of it.

Gintoki took another spoonful. “I would not call it an urge, but it is something that I would like.”

“See, that is what you were supposed to do with that woman.” Katsura said. At the same time he cursed himself. If he would realize it before, he could make sure…

“So she should pet my hair?” Gintoki asked quizzically. “None of the other people did that.”

Katsura blinked again. Where did that question come from. He asked carefully: “Gintoki, what kind of touch do you want?”

“Well,” Gintoki started, waiving his spoon at the same time. “I like when I can fall asleep propped on teacher’s back. And I like when he ruffles my hair. And I like listening to his heartbeat. And also yours and Takasugi’s. I like playing with your hair. I sometimes do, when you are sleeping. I like sleeping on Takasugi’s stomach as well.” Gintoki was looking up, trying to come up with something else.

“That is all?” Katsura asked, as he looked at him is disbelief. “Nothing more intimate?”

“Seems intimate enough for me?” Gintoki said, as he looked at Katsura. “What else did you have in mind?” Gintoki tired to take another spoonful, but the cup was empty.

Katsura took the cup. “I will get you another one.” He said, as he left the table, leaving behind the confused Gintoki.

When Takasugi came, he found Gintoki finishing his ice-cream, waiving him over, and Katsura hiding his face in the table. He sat next to them. “What is wrong with Zura?”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.” said Katsura, but it was muffled, as he still did not look up. He did picked up.

Takasugi turned to Gintoki, but he only got a shrug on return. “He was talking about touching people, and then decided he prefer to have the earth swallow him.”

Takasugi pocked Katsura. “Was it so bad?” he asked.

Katsura then stood up. He looked at Gintoki: “You finished, right?”

Gintoki nodded, and Katsura started to walk away. Takasugi and Gintoki looked at each other, and then followed him.

“Why the hurry?” asked Takasugi, as they reached Katsura. “It is not like they will be worried at the school.”

“I am not explaining that.” Katsura said, with the red face. “I am not explaining the meaning of red light district at all, you got that?” At the last words he turned to both of them, pointing at Takasugi. He then huhed and continued walking.

Takasugi looked at Gintoki, who seems without the care in the world. He sighed. “I see.” He decided not to comment further.

You Are Wrong, Zura [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was lazing at the river. Again. He seems to be sleeping, as his eyes were closed, so he simply dropped his textbook on his head.

Gintoki yelped and he sat up, but the the textbook had fallen on his lap, and he looked up directly in the Katsura’s face. “Jeez, Zura, don’t scare me like that.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura. It is your fault for missing the classes again.” Katsura said, as he sat down to the grass next to Gintoki. “They are over for today. The harvest is coming.”

“I see.” Gintoki said, as he grabbed Katsura for his arm, and leaned back, pulling Katsura with him. Zura glared at him, but Gintoki just grinned back. “Learn to enjoy life more, Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.” Katsura said, as he sighed. “When will you stop using that ridiculous nickname.”

“Probably never.” Gintoki replied as he looked up in the sky.

Katsura looked at the Gintoki’s peaceful face for a while, then looked at the sky as well. There was nothing wrong with enjoying the moment from time to time.

They were like that for a while, when Katsura heard somebody coming. He sat up and looked, directly into Takasugi’s face. “Takasugi?”

Takasugi needed a couple of seconds to reply, and even Gintoki looked up. “I was just worried if anything happened to you two. Teacher would worry.”

Gintoki grinned at Takasugi. “Or were you just jealous?”

“Why would I be jealous?” Takasugi said, his hands crossed. “Just make sure nothing happens to you two.”

Takasugi turned, but Gintoki glanced at Katsura. He then stood up, and tackled Takasugi on the ground. “You are soooo…” Gintoki said with a singing voice.

“Let me go, Gintoki.” Takasugi said, his face red, as he tired to hit Gintoki’s head, but that did not have any effect.

Katsura was looking at them and he started laughing. They were just so funny. They both looked at him, and they they joined the laughing, Gintoki rolling of Takasugi. But unlike before, Takasugi did not left.

Katsura joined them, both of them lying on the ground and simply enjoying the quiet. Not that it will last long. It never did with these two.

“So, just admit that you were jealous of me.” Gintoki started, turning his face to Takasugi.

“I can’t admit something that is not the truth.” Takasugi replied.

Gintoki put his face over Takasugi’s, as he looked at him with mischief. Takasugi got red in the face, and he tried to back away. “Gintoki, too close.”

“Too close?” Gintoki said, putting himself even closer to Takasugi. “Feeling uncomfortable?”

Takasugi pushed Gintoki away, and Gintoki had fallen on the side in the undignified manner. “Why would you make me feel uncomfortable?”

Katsura was observing this interaction, and a weird idea pooped into his head. “It wasn’t Gintoki you were jealous of, it was me, right?”

Both Takasugi and Gintoki looked at him, blinking. Katsura was feeling accomplished. It was not easy to surprise both of them.

Takasugi looked away. “Don’t be ridiculous, Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

Gintoki looked at him with a serious face, then put one of his hands on Takasugi’s shoulder. “I am sorry Takasugi, but you will never be as smart as Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

Gintoki and Takasugi both ignored Katsura’s jab. “I prefer to have my common sense than Zura’s smartness.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

“His smartness seems to be more useful that your common sense.” Gintoki said back.

Takasugi said: “Tell me just one example…”

“Takasugi is in love with Gintoki.” Katsura suddenly said.

Takasugi shut up, not finishing his sentence. He looked at Katsura in horror and fear. He then tried to stood up. “I have no idea what you are saying.”

Katsura now looked at Gintoki, and they both grabbed Takasugi for one arm, dragging him down. The both grinned at each other over Takasugi’s face.

Takasugi looked at both of them, but then he relaxed. Katsura congratulated himself for that. It was quite nice, looking at the clouds with these two.

They were there until the sunset, when the teacher called them back.

Do You Want To Go Out With Me? Or Maybe Not... [Gintama Fanfiction]

Ginko and Tenko both glared at each other. There is no way that she is going to lose to that Shinsengumi pig. And it seems like Tenko was looking a fairly similar thought. Even if all the men in the city were former women, there is no way that they would not be able to sway at least some of them. Plus, there is always hope that some only came in the Kabuki after the virus stroke.

Tenko seems to have noticed the man in a purple kimono coming down the street. She run towards him, trying to act girly.

But there was something disturbingly familiar about that figure, but Ginko could not exactly point what. Still, intuition told her to pass on this one.

Tenko arrived, she touched the person on his shoulder and asked: “Do you want to get some tea with me?”

When the man turned, and they both recognized Takasugi’s face, Ginko decided that intuition, however crappy at gambling, was still worth keeping. There is no way she wanted Takasugi to see her approaching random guys and asking them for a drink.

Tenko’s reaction was not as mild. “You,” she groveled, as she tried to grab the sword that was usually located at her hip, but her hands came up empty. She looked at that place in surprise, as she was just remembering in what situation she was currently in.

“Why would I want to do that?” Takasugi asked, as she looked her from her feet to her face. He then narrowed his eyes, like trying to pierce together something.

Ginko came there and she grabbed Tenko’s hand. “Sorry for bothering you. We were just fighting which is more popular out of two of us, and she just… ” She tried to smile, but it came across as a nervous smile.

Having Takasugi’s eyes evaluate her were more scary that she remembered. She hoped that the effect was only as strong, because she was in the woman’s body. She knew Takasugi could be scary, but she never felt it on her skin.

She started to slowly back away, making Tenko come with her. As long as Takasugi doesn’t recognize either of them, they should be fine. And it is not likely that it was easy to notice that Tenko is actually Hijikata Toushirou.

Tenko glared at her, but she went along with it. She had also probably realized, that they can’t beat Takasugi in the current bodies. Though, if Takasugi was also turned…

Takasugi chuckled, and his eyes relaxed. Gintoki was certain he would not like the joke. “I did not know you like piggy women, Gintoki. It is because they adhere to your unique sexual preference?”

They both tensed, but Gintoki remembered to grip Tenko’s biceps. They really should not engage him in a fight. That is the most horrible conclusion possible. They should just ignore his jabs.

“But I guess these days you are only able to attract dogs.” Takasugi remarked. He then glanced at Tenko. “Than again, at least you would be a better choice than piggy vice-chief of Shinsengumi there.”

“What are you saying?” Tenko screamed at him, but when she tried to attack him, he was stopped by Ginko’s grip. “Let me go, Ginko.”

Takasugi looked at both of them in amusement. “Even I expected more from the Edo police. But I guess they really are good for nothing. You should rethink your choices, Gintoki.”

“I am right here, you know!” said Tenko. Ginko would not be able to hold him for much longer.

Takasugi turned. “Good luck with it.” he said, as he started to walk away.

Ginko waited until Takasugi completely disappeared, before releasing Tenko. Tenko just glared at him, but at least she did not follow him. She did turn to Ginko. “What do you have with that terrorist?”

“White demon, remember?” Ginko said, as she started to pout. But at least now they had a lead, so something good had come out of it, right? He just hoped Hijikata will drop that line of investigation.

Happens during the Dekoboko arc (ep 275 - 277, ch 437 - 441).

Tae could not have been the only person that was unaffected, right?

Uncomplicating the Love Misunderstanding 5: Does It Mean We Are... Alright? [Gintama Fanfiction]

"Can I come in?" asked Shinsuke.

Gintoki looked up from his Jump, and nodded, slowly sitting up, as he put the Jump on the side.

Shinsuke sat opposite him. "I want to know why you did it."

Gintoki looked away. "I don't want..."

"Not today." interrupted Shinsuke.

Gintoki paused, then he leaned back. "The face."

Shinsuke blinked. Then he become angry. "Don't make fun of me!"

"It is more open than usual." Gintoki said, not caring abut the outburst. "People show what they are really feeling." He stopped, remembering. "For some reason, yours was beautiful."

"That's weird." Shinsuke said. "But it makes sense in that twisted way."

Gintoki glanced at him, but it was in that guarded way. It was like that he had this conversation before, and it never ended up good.

"But wouldn't you want to others to see that as well?" Shinsuke asked.

"But it is so boring." Gintoki said, as he actually straightened up. "Everybody seems to enjoy it, but for me, there is nothing."

He calmed down a little. "They say that if I just let my feeling flow, I will enjoy it, but there are not there. These feeling or whatever."

"None at all?" asked Shinsuke. "Towards nobody?"

Gintoki nodded. "Yes."

"That's practical." said Shinsuke.

Gintoki now looked up in surprised. "Practical?"

"Sure." Shinsuke said. "You don't have to be careful. You don't have to control you body reactions. Seems great."

But then Shinsuke started to think about. "But they you also don't know the nervousness when they are close, the happy feeling when you touch. So I guess it is even."

Shinsuke smiled at Gintoki, but Gintoki had already tacked him on the floor. They were fighting for a win, but it was Shinsuke that ended on top. He was panting. "Gintoki, you know what I said about self-control?"

"What about it?" Gintoki asked in challenge.

"I love you. In every way." he said, as he put a small kiss on Gintoki's lips. "So if you keep teasing me, I don't know how much could I hold back."

Gintoki grinned, as he used his body to flip them over. He was looking at Shinsuke face, that was red now. Then he simply lay down between Shinsuke's legs, his head on his chest. "I am not teasing, you know."

Shinsuke took the hand up, and started to play with Gintoki's hair. "I know."

Uncomplicating the Love Misunderstanding 4: Why Are People So Thickheaded? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Shinsuke was surprised that Shouyou did not go after Gintoki. She even asked Kotarou not to go after him, which Shinsuke found disturbing. But he let it go. Shouyou knew more about Gintoki's past then they did.

The afternoon classes already started, when Gintoki came back. He just took his seat at the back, like always. But Shinsuke noticed that he was having a sword back with him.

Shouyou did not acknowledge the intrusion, but continued with the lecture. But if Shouyou ignored it, the rest of them did not.

Most of the classmates were gawking at him. Some in curiosity, some in disgust and malice. The comments that the students were whispering among themselves were just as bad.

Then he remembered that he was still supposed to be angry on Gintoki for that accident. He did not even wanted to name it in his head. But was it not the same?

Shinsuke was looking at Shouyou, trying to figure out what was he supposed to do. He did not blame Gintoki for what happened today. He was angry, that he was hiding skills like that, but not that he used them today.

But then it was that other problem.

Shouyou finished the lesson, and the rest of the children could not help by try and get away as quickly as possible. But Gintoki was quicker than them. He stood up and walked to Shinsuke's place.

"I am sorry." Gintoki said. "I overreacted."

"I am not angry about anything you did today." said Shinsuke. "Except maybe that you never go full power against me." He looked at Gintoki, determent. "This still counts as your win, you know?"

"If you say so." said Gintoki.

They looked at each other like that, but then Shinsuke remembered that he was still angry on Gintoki, and looked away. Gintoki followed his lead, and left the classroom.

Kotarou waited until everyone left, before he sat down next to Shinsuke. "Whatever he did, he regrets it."

"Like you know what happened!" Shinsuke said, putting the textbook down with the force.

"He really doesn't want it. Or need it." Kotarou said, ignoring the outburst. "I guess he is just wired differently."

Shinsuke stilled, but it was just for a moment. "He told you." It was not a question.

"I don't want to be listening to your sexual preferences again." said Kotarou. Then he stood up. "You are the one that made the first move. At least listen to him." He then left the classroom, leaving only Shinsuke behind.