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Uncomplicating the Love Misunderstanding 3: There Is Nothing Wrong Here, Right? [Gintama Fanfiction]

They were having a swordsmanship lesson. Shouyou had just clapped to stop their mock fighting. "All everyone. Why don't we have a demonstration fight today."

The children started to move in a circle, all eager to see who is going to fight today. They were all looking at Shouyou with a hopeful face.

Shouyou smiled. She was sorry, but today she is not going to ask for volunteers. "Gintoki, what do you say?"

Gintoki looked bored, but he nodded, and took his place.

Shouyou looked around, but she had already picked the second one in his head. "And Shinsuke?"

She could feel in the periphery vision that Gintoki tensed, but people that did not know him as much as he did, would not have noticed anything.

"Yes, teacher." said Shinsuke, as he glared at Gintoki. But his walk to his place were well controlled.

Shouyou took his stance and the fight could begin.

He expected them to start with some testing blows, like usual. But instead Shinsuke took the first hit, attacking the hip with his speed.

Gintoki managed to block it, and he was just as surprised as Shouyou. He still managed to divert Shinsuke's sword, thus creating an opening.

It continued like that for a couple of blows. It seemed like whatever they fought about this time it was worse than usual. At least for Shinsuke. But Gintoki was reacting on this, his body moving before his thought could be send his limbs.

Shinsuke did a move, that would almost chop Gintoki's head of, if they would be using the real sword. Gintoki, reacting on instinct, moved down, kicked Shinsuke's legs, pulled the sword from his hands,...

This is when Shouyou started to move to stop them, but he stopped, as it was not necessary anymore.

After that Gintoki only sat on Takasugi's abdomen, his bamboo sword standing on the ground next to Shinsuke's head.

Both of their eyes were wide open, and they were panting. The rest of the class was just looking at them.

Gintoki looked away, as he slowly started to stand up. "I win." he said, and then he left the training hall.

"That ends the lessons for the morning." Shouyou said. He than keeled next to Shinsuke. "Are you alright?"

Shinsuke nodded, as he stood up. It has been a while since Gintoki was be able to beat him so thoughtfully. Shinsuke waited for the rest of the classmates to leave. "What happened?" he asked.

Shouyou looked at the doors, where Gintoki had disappeared to. "I think he forgot for a moment where he is." he said.

Shinsuke did not immediately reply, but looked there as well. "You never clarified where was Gintoki born."

"Because I don't know." said Shouyou as he stood up, lending the hand to Shinsuke as well. "I am not sure even he knows." He then pushed Shinsuke a little. "It is lunch time." he said, while smiling.

Shinsuke looked like he wanted to say something, but he stopped himself, as he allowed himself to be led back to the classroom.

Uncomplicating the Love Misunderstanding 2: You Fought Again? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Kotarou was sitting in the empty classroom. He was reading a book, when he heard somebody sit next to him. He waited, until he read to the end of the paragraph, and glanced to the newcomer. It was Gintoki.

Kotarou returned to his book, knowing that if Gintoki came there will a reason, he will tell him by himself. And if he just came to chill, like he sometimes did, than it is pointless to strike a conversation.

"I was having a fight with Takasugi." said Gintoki.

Kotarou turned the page. "So things are the same as always." Kotarou said.

"I was having the fight with Takasugi." now said Gintoki.

"Changing the grammar will not change the situation." replied Kotarou. "Why don't you two just fight it off, like usual?"

There was a quiet for a couple of seconds, so Kotarou actually looked up. Gintoki was not looking at him, but he actually looked a little troubled. Which was unusual for Gintoki. He put the book down.

"What happened?" asked Kotarou.

"I helped Takasugi with masturbation." said Gintoki.

Kotarou sighed. "Samurai's don't discuss sex preferences, Gintoki."

"Well, you asked." said Gintoki.

"I asked what you fought about." said Kotarou, as he took the book again. "If you plan to make fun, then find somebody else."

"But I think that was the problem." said Gintoki.

"You think?" Kotarou said. "Gintoki, you don't even like sex."

"Yes." Gintoki said, as he deflated. "That might have been the real problem."

Kotarou looked forward, not really noticing anything. "But Takasugi doesn't know that, right?"

"I tried talking to him afterwards, but..." Gintoki started. The shrugged. "I don't think he liked it."

"I see." Kotarou said, as he returned to the book. "Then you two will need to talk it out."

Gintoki continued to sit there, but he decided not to comment anymore.

Uncomplicating the Love Misunderstanding 1: How Do Personal Boundaries Work? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Takasugi imagined the silver hair, that arrogant smirk, these red eyes, normally so relaxed. He could feel it filling up under his hand, as he stoke it the same as he always did. He looked down, feeling hot. “Gintoki.” he whispered.

He could hear the paper doors opening. “Yes?”

He looked up, and he noticed that Gintoki was looking at him. He looked like he was going somewhere else, as he had books under his arms. They were most likely for teacher.

Takasugi looked away, the face getting even redder, this time with embarrassment. He slowly moved his hand from his penis, as he wanted all of this to go away. But even so, the closeness of Gintoki only intensified his desire. There is no way he could even stood up normally.

He could hear the doors close, and Takasugi closed his eyes shut. He made himself go into a ball. He saw it. Now that he saw it.

He could then hear another plump, but he did not paid him any mind. Until…

“Takasugi?” he heard a worried voice.

Takasugi did not answer. His brain had a black out and he was unable to process that Gintoki was still there.

No, that is not quite true. He could feel the shiver going through his body at the sound of that voice. Normally he could control it, but in a state like that, it seemed impossible.

He could feel the hand on his forehead. He was sure that his body temperature shut up even higher. He could not take that.

“You don’t seems to have a fever.” said Gintoki. “So what is wrong?”

After there was no answer for a couple of seconds, Gintoki said: “Should I get teacher?” he started to stand up when…

“No!” Takasugi said, as he was still in the protective ball. “Please.”

Gintoki stopped, and then he sat back down. He could hear a sigh and he imagined that he was having an annoyance written all over his face. “Can I help?”

Takasugi wanted to say yes, but he did not say anything.

“Do you want me to go?” Gintoki than said. His voice was without any feelings.

Takasugi shook his head a little, even though the parts of his brain, that were still working, were screaming at him to get as far away from Gintoki as possible.

He slowly looked up at Gintoki’s face, and he noticed worry there. Gintoki was actually worried for him. “I want…” he started, but he was not able to finish.

Gintoki just waited there. It was quite unusual by itself.

Takasugi simply slipped his hand, the one that was still clean, around Gintoki’s neck. He could see that Gintoki looked at him with suspicion, but as he slowly made him lean forward and he came closer, he did not felt any resistance.

Gintoki’s lips were wet and sweet. He figured that it was quite fitting for Gintoki. If you asked Takasugi, it lasted too short, yet it seems like it was long as a whole season. A lot better than he imagined.

He only realized that he closed his eyes, when they pulled apart. He looked at Gintoki, but he could not explain the look on Gintoki’s face. It was weary. But there was no disgust, nor rejection or anything similar there.

Takasugi still looked away. “I am sorry.” he said. He hoped that Gintoki would finally realized what is going on and just let him wallow in agony alone.

“Can I?” Gintoki asked.

Takasugi looked at him, not understanding the question. But Gintoki’s eyes were determent. “Can what?” he asked.

Gintoki slowly moved between his legs, and he looked at his face the whole time. Takasugi could feel their breath mixing. He could feel Gintoki’s hand on his penis, putting slow strokes up and down.

But that was not the most intense thing. It was the intensity of Gintoki’s eyes, as he constantly looked at him, caching every twitch, every micro-expression.

Takasugi did not last long, and the finale was just as quick. He could no longer feel any of the feelings from before, he just felt like he wanted a nap.

He could feel Gintoki rearranging them, so Gintoki ended up leaning on the wall, with Takasugi nuzzling his face against his chin. He felt that Gintoki wiped the sperm with the inside of his clothes, but Takasugi did not care.

He could feel Gintoki starting to play with his hair. It was nice, but it also reminded him, that the only one getting anything was him.

“What about you?” Takasugi asked. It would be a great chance to play out some of his fantasies, but he was feeling quite content where he was.

He could feel a twitch, and Gintoki’s hand stilled in his hair. “Don’t bother.”

His voice was colder than normal, like he wanted to put something between them.

Takasugi looked up, but Gintoki was not looking at him. He was looking away, his eyes closed, like preparing for a slap. “Don’t bother?”

“I…” Gintoki started, then exhaled his breath. “I don’t feel that. Any of it.” he said, as if that would explain everything.

“Don’t feel anything?” Takasugi said. He was no longer looking at Gintoki, but down. “I see.” He stood up.

“Takasugi, I…”

“So then why did you do it? To make fun of me?” Takasugi asked.

“No.” Gintoki said, and they waited like that for a couple of seconds. “Takasugi, I am sorry, but I…”

“I don’t want to hear it!” Takasugi said, as he could noticed that his fists were shaking.

Gintoki did not say anything, just sat down there. Takasugi could not deal with it anymore and he left the room.

I Am Your Costumer, Right? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Takasugi slipped in. He did not even check, what kind of establishment it was. It will work, as long as he does not meet any known people, like the accident last month. Really, what was Gintoki thinking of working at the gay bar. He doesn't even like sex, or cross-dressing. Thought he saw Gintoki when he really needed to cross-dress for a mission, and it put a lot of women to shame as how feminine he was.

"Welcome in Takamagahara." said Hachirou. "I apologize, but this establishment is for women."

Takasugi now looked around, noticing that he apparently entered the host club. He relaxed his face, as he looked down, his hand, mostly hidden by kimono raised toward his face. The other hand corrected his kimono. "But, I am a woman." he said, his voice confused. "I just really wanted to try it once." His face got red.

Takasugi felt humiliated by the action, but there were way too many people outside looking for him. Going out now would be out of question.

Hachirou blinked, then showed her to go forward. "Come right it, miss..."

"Kojima. Kojima Ginko." Takasugi said.

"Miss Kojima. It is 3.000 yens for two hours." Hachirou said, as he took her to the table. "I will call the host to you right away."

45 minutes and 3 hosts later Takasugi was bored. Playing the girl was annoying, his pursuers did not seems to notice him entering here and the hosts were boring. He hated that he started to play the shy person, but it was the only one that he was fairly confident could fool anybody.

He was approached by the blond haired guy. The current host excused himself and Takasugi was happy that he was able to put an end on another boring host. He looked at the guy now, his face full of joy and admiration. He could puke.

"Miss Kojima. My name is Honjou Kyoushirou, and I am going to be your host for the next 15 minutes." he said, as he bowed a little. "May I sit down."

Takasugi gave permission, and the guy sat down. Takasugi had heard of him before. He was apparently the number one host in Kabuki. He hoped that this was not going to be so boring as to make him numb against everything.

"I haven't expected Kyoushirou to grace me with his presence." he said. He could not care less.

Kyoushirou smiled. "Why would I not want to be in the presence of a fine lady like you?"

'Lady my ass.' Thought Takasugi, but he did not utter it out loud.

"I was actually hoping to have one of the new hosts join us. Would that be alright with you?"

Takasugi nodded, but he just hoped that his person would be at least a tiny bit interesting.

Kyoushirou waived to somebody, and Takasugi wanted to look and see what kind of person will come there. But the person came from the other side, and Takasugi did not notice him until he was already there, speaking.

"Kyoushirou. Miss." he bowed, and then sat on the other side, as Kyoushirou waived him.

Takasugi now thanked all of the playing skills that he had, when he recognized one of the few people that he knew that he can not fool. That silver perm was way to distinctive, and there is no way that he had made a mistake.

"Miss Kojima. This is our newcomer, Sakata Gintoki."

Sakata turned to him, giving his a small bow. "It is a pleasure to meet you, miss Kojima."

"No, no. The pleasure is all mine." said Takasugi. "You must be really talented to work under somebody as skillful as Kyousirou."

"Not really, sometimes it seems that Kyoushirou just took pity on me." said Gintoki.

Takasugi noticed the tense microexpressions, and he then knew that yes, Gintoki did recognize him and for some reason is perfectly fine with pretending to not know him. Which still puts him in a weird situation. One he could not control.

Gintoki made sure to pour all three of them a glass, as Kyoushirou was listening to Takasugi's make up story. Takasugi had fun making a story about the visit that he did today and how he was about to get married to a governmental official, but wanted to see if that really was the right choice.

There was a champagne call, and Kyoushirou excused himself as he waived Gintoki to come with him. The lights in the club changed and he noticed that most people went to one table and all the people started to sing. Well, if it means that he could have some time for himself, than that is more than good by his standards.

A couple of minutes later Kyoushirou and Gintoki returned. Kyoushirou had to excuse himself, as he had a regular coming, and asked if Gintoki could be the one staying here. Which Takasugi agreed immediately.

Gintoki was glancing at the way Kyoushirou was leaving, and he did not relax until he was at another table.

"So, miss Kojima." Gintoki started to tease. "Is there anything that I can do for you?"

"I know that I am not fooling you, Gintoki." he smiled.

Gintoki leaned back. "You could have forgoten then name of your 'new' identity."

"Let me remind you who out of us had the lower grades in school." said Takasugi as he leaned back.

Gintoki shrugged. "Zura beat both of us in that regard."

They were looking at each other for a couple of seconds, but the one that broke it was Gintoki. He looked down. "So, what are you doing here, Takasugi?"

"I am hiding for the police." Takasugi said.

Gintoki looked up. "Really?"

Takasugi glared at him. Would he joke about that? Alright, maybe he would.

"What did you do this time?" Gintoki asked. "Killed another governmental official?"

"I wish. But killing that person would be counterproductive to my plan." Takasugi said. "Officially it was trespassing and being a wanted man. Unofficially, neither the Shinsengumi nor Mastudaira were supposed to be there."

"Fame can be a negative thing as well." Gintoki said. "Maybe this will teach you a lesson."

"Like you managed to learn any lesson." said Takasugi.

"At least I did not skip the lesson in growing. You as still as small as always." said Gintoki. "Maybe you need to to have your parents pay for it."

Takasugi sighed. "Will you ever stop mentioning my blood family? And last time I checked I was the customer. You were supposed to prase me."

Gintoki blinked. "It just feels weird doing it with you."

Takasugi waited. He expected Gintoki to just give up. But Gintoki started to pour them. Complementing his looks, complementing his intelligence, his height, which was new, his actions and so on. He was really good at this, but it was clear, that he was uncomfortable with this.

Gintoki stopped, like he started to look for words. Then he said: "Can I get you a head scratch instead of compliments?"

"Head scratch?" Takasugi asked.

"You used to like them." Gintoki said, as he looked at him.

Takasugi looked at Gintoki warily, but he then moved his head, so it ended up in Gintoki's lap. He was looking at Gintoki, daring him to try and do something else.

But Gintoki did just move his hands, and starting to massage the parts of the head that he could reach.

Takasugi felt how not only his head, but also his body started to relax. His brain started to work quicker, like at the time when the adrenaline goes through the blood system, but without the added stress.

There were steps coming closer. He felt Gintoki's hands stop for some reason, and he glanced up. There was another host there, and he looked at Gintoki with hate. "It is time to change."

Gintoki started to slowly remove his hands, but Takasugi stopped him and put them right back where they were before.

"I guess this settles it?" asked Gintoki, as he started to scratch the head again. Like he should have done it from the start.

"It is additional fee of 5.000 yens for choosing a host." the black haired, pale person said.

Takasugi now looked up, pretending that only now he noticed another person there. "Oh, is it that time already? And I just started to relax." Takasugi looked around the bar.

"As I said, you can keep you host, if you pay the fee." said the host.

"Really? Than I would really like to take this. If possible?" He let the enthusiasms ebb a little as the talked.

"It is possible. Enjoy your time." he said, as he left the table.

As the host left, he leaned back, and he looked at Gintoki. "I hope you are prepared to finish what you started."

Gintoki returned to the head massage, and Takasugi simply enjoyed it.

He then heard the commotion and Gintoki's hands stilled again. Takasugi wanted to ask, what is wrong, when Gintoki said that one word: "Shinsengumi."

Takasugi silently cursed himself. He was here hiding, so he should be more prepared for the time, that they might check the establishment. Not spend his time feeling annoyed by the incompetence of the hosts here.

Gintoki stood up, and he slowly moved to the counter. He talked with the person, there, and Takasugi was just thinking about leaving, when the voice came. "Nobody move. We just want to make sure that a certain known criminal is not hiding here."

"As I said, there are only ladies here. Did you not say that the person you are looking for is a male?" Kyoushirou replied. "So there is no need to scare the costumers here, right."

"It is just a quick check." Hijikata assured him. "The business can happen as usual, we just don't want people to switch tables. And if all the hosts could return to the tables for this time."

Shinsengumi started to look at the tables and there was no way that Takasugi could come out of here without a fight. But it does not matter, this should be fun, he thought as he gripped the handle of his short sword.

Gintoki than came back, and he threw a blond, long wig at him, along with the shirt and trousers, exactly the one that Gintoki was usually wearing, when he was not wearing that stupid three piece dress. "Wear this."

Takasugi looked at it for a second, then pushed his kimono down, as he put the shirt on. Next were trousers, and he put the kimono and the belt on the sofa. Next here his bandages. Than it only took a couple of practiced movements, and he had the wig up as well.

Gintoki had already folded the kimono, put the belt and bandages there as well and threw the jacket carelessly through it. He then took Takasugi's head, and put it on his lap, starting to caress the wig. It did not take more than a minute.

Takasugi thought that it was the waste that he could not really feel it, but not getting captured was a priority. As long as nobody speaks anything, he is on the open.

It was not more than a minute, when he could hear two pairs of shoes stop there.

"Boss, I heard that this is a place for women to enjoy themselves, not men."

Takasugi recognized the voice as Okita Sougo, the first division squad of the Shinsengumi. He heard that he is good with the sword, if the push comes to show.

"Odd-jobs, remember? Kyoushirou asked me to help out, as a lot of hosts came down the the flu." said Gintoki, as he put his hand on Takasugi's shoulder. "But for some reason she fell asleep on me."

"Did you gave her a sleeping pills?" asked Sougo.

"A head scratch." said Gintoki.

"That is no fun. Well, have fun, boss." said Okita, as they moved to the next boot.

Gintoki continued to have the hand on his arm for another couple of minutes. Then the Shinsengumi apologized and left the establishment.

Gintoki only then removed his hand, and Takasugi looked up. Gintoki's face was still tense, as he looked there, probably trying to read the club's atmosphere after this.

Takasugi sat up and slowly looked around. The hosts were all busy, as they tried to make sure their guests were not in any inconvenienced by the police visit. But there seems to be no presence of the police anymore.

He removed his wig, and dressed himself back into his clothes before anybody came to their table. Gintoki refused to look at Takasugi for some reason.

"You seems to be quite friendly with the police." said Takasugi.

"Mhm." said Gintoki.

"Are you two alright?" asked Hachirou. "I am sorry for the interruption."

"But that was kind of fun. I was so nervous." said Takasugi, one hand on his chest. "I was afraid they were looking for me, as I did not tell my family that I was coming here."

"Right." said Hachirou. "Is there anything I can bring you?"

"A parfait!" said Takasugi. He then looked shyly a Gintoki. "Mister Sakata, do you like parfaits?"

That seems to break Gintoki from whatever spell he had been, and he smiled at Takasugi. "I actually love them. You must be quite observant and smart to be able to predict me that well."

"Oh, mister Sakata. You are making me blush." said Takasugi, as he let the red from his embarrassment actually show on his face.

"There is no need to be embarrassed, miss Kojima. You are like a princess." said Gintoki.

They kept the act, until one of the new guys brought them two parfaits and left.

Gintoki started to eat it, for the lack of anything better to do. Takasugi also took a spoon and started eating it. Unlike Katsura, he actually liked sweet things, but he did not need them like Gintoki.

After Gintoki finished, he turned to Takasugi. "Are you leaving?"

"There are still be patrolling the area." Takasugi said, as he looked around. "The people coming inside are still tense."

"Then what about UNO?" Gintoki said, as he brought a pack of cards from his pocket.

"You are keeping an UNO deck with you?" Takasugi asked surprised.

"They are Zura's." Gintoki said, as he started shuffling then, then offered the deck to Takasugi, so he could shuffle it as well.

Gintoki started, and they both got quite involved in the game. The first two were won by Takasugi, but the third, forth and fifth were won by Gintoki. They were getting ready for another match, with Gintoki mixing the cards again.

"I am sorry to interrupt, but we are closing." said Kyoushirou.

"Oh, I am so sorry." said Takasugi. "I still have to pay, right?"

"You can do it at the counter. We will still be there when you come back." said Kyoushirou.

Takasugi went and paid it, then started going back. But as he come closer to the table, he could hear the conversation.

"The police said that he is a dangerous terrorist. I wonder if we could do something to stop him." Kyoushirou said.

"What did you have in mind?" Gintoki replied, his body tense, but Takasugi doubted that anybody but him saw that. As much as he did not want to admit, Gintoki was an even better actor than him.

Takasugi decided to interrupt there. "I am back." He walked to Gintoki and stood there, thinking for a couple of seconds, then kissed Gintoki on the cheek. "I hope we can spend more time together next time."

"Yeah." said Gintoki, as he bowed when he left. He could still hear the next comment that Kyoushirou said to Gintoki.

"So it is not just my heart that you can take over."

I Am Not Your Cleaning Lady [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki glanced at the door, looking at the new costumers, then went back to preparing drinks. It only took two seconds, that he was already looking at the pair, one of them very familiar.

Takasugi Shinsuke came to the gay bar with what appeared to be some sort of governmental official. The official was waiving at something, and he was laughing. He was pointing at the workers.

But the second face looked like he joined him, but Gintoki was not sure. Takasugi was always good at blending anywhere.

"Pakko." Gintoki heard Saigo's voice. "The people in the corner need an lemonade."

Gintoki turned, annoyance on his face, and he went and created a new batch of lemonade.

While squeezing the lemons, he was glancing at the table with Takasugi and officials. There were also three hosts that joined them.

He then joined the people on the stage for the dance, and he got quite an applause. But the people at the table in question did not turned to him. Not only that, he noticed Takasugi whispering something in the ear of the official, and they both stood up and left for the back entrance.

"Worried about it?" Saigo came to stand next to him. "You have been glancing at them since they arrived."

Gintoki scratched his head. "Everytime I see him, there are troubles."

"Then deal with it." Saigo said as he turned. "I don't want any troubles."

Gintoki followed Takasugi. As he opened the doors to the dark street, he heard the swing of the sword. He run, but stopped in a couple of steps.

Takasugi was standing over a corpse with a blood sword. He turned to Gintoki, a crazy grin on his face. "I guess you have a death wish as well."

"Who wants to die." said Gintoki. His voice was bored, but he was ready to move at any moment.

But Takasugi stopped. "Gintoki?" he said. "What are you doing here dressed like that?"

"Not everybody is from a rich family." He changed his pose to the normal one, but he was still on guard. Takasugi could change his mind at any moment.

"Your brain is still in size of a pea." said Takasugi with deadpan face.

"Well, at least I am not pea sized." replied Gintoki.

They could hear the commotion on the street. Takasugi chuckled. "I guess he was telling the truth. This should be fun."

There were people turning on the street, so Gintoki took the upper part of his kimono and put it on the dead body. Then he gripped with one hand the Takasugi's sword hand and put it on the back, the other was next to the head, as he pushed Takasugi to the wall.

Takasugi let him do it, and he even moved the legs, so the sword was trapped between his body and the wall, then used the other hand and kissed Gintoki.

"Wait, is that not the gay bar?" they heard one of them say. "Gross."

Gintoki broke the kiss and looked at them. "Have a problem? There are a lot of people like me here."

"Sorry, we are in the middle of a work." They said, as he walked back to the main street.

Gintoki singed as he relaxed. But he regretted as soon as he did.

Takasugi stepped forward, and he used one hand in Gintoki's hand and the other on his hips. "Don't start the things that you are not prepared to finish."

Gintoki gulped. This is bad. His movement was restricted.

Takasugi put his face closer, then breaths mixing. "Or do you want me to stop." They kissed again, still just with lips. Gintoki was just standing there now, letting Takasugi do with his mouth as he wanted. He also allowed him to push him to a wall.

He could fell Takasugi's finger on his abdomen. Takasugi's hands were cold and he shivered. He did not like the cold.

"This is one of the few things that still have not changed, ah?" asked Gintoki, more himself than Takasugi.

Takasugi stilled, and then he slowly moved away. He stepped back, until he could grip his sword. He took it.

Gintoki just remained there, as he gripped his abdomen.

Takasugi turned to leave the street. But Gintoki could not allow that.

"You are just going to leave the corpse here?" Gintoki asked Takasugi.

Takasugi stopped, and he looked behind himself. "The important word here is corpse."

"Still, you need to recycle your trash."

Takasugi now turned and looked at Gintoki in interest. "So what kind of trash it is. Burnable?"

"Probably not. Burned human flesh stinks. Biodegrade?" said Gintoki.

Takasugi looked sick now. "Did you ever put bodies there?"

"Asks the terrorist." said Gintoki, but it lacked the usual energy.

They both looked at the body. "If we leave it here, then I am are somebody will deal with it."

"What we?" asked Gintoki. "The last thing I want is Shinsengumi bothering me with their investigation."

Takasugi scowled at him. "I could just go and not bother."

"Or you could stop going around and killing random people?" said Gintoki.

"Are you even aware..." started Takasugi in anger, but he then stopped himself. "You don't. What was I thinking?"

They were standing in silence for a couple of seconds. Then Takasugi moved to the other part of the street. He removed the panel from the sewer system. He then looked at Gintoki. "Just bring him here."

Gintoki took the body and he carried it to the hole, dropping it inside. They both heard a splash, and then Takasugi moved the cover back. "Happy now?"

"Not really." Gintoki said. He sighed and he looked away.

"I see you still break your words." Takasugi said.

Gintoki did not reply on this so Takasugi started to walk away from the there. Gintoki followed his movements until he disappeared around the corner.

"That time, there was no way to protect both." he said.

Then he went and checked his kimono. It was only dirty on the inside, and for once he was happy that he used the thick ones.

He dressed and went inside. He hoped that Saigo is not going to reduce his pay for dead body in the sewers. Will they believe him, if he claims that it most likely washed there by accident? Most likely not.

Do You Even Know What Vacation Is? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Yamazaki and Hijikata were slowly advancing in the house. There was a rumour that The Nobleman of Fury, Katsura Kotarou was hiding here. They made their way through the rooms, all of them unoccupied. Not only that, most of them, while clean, looked unlived in.

There were only a couple of rooms in the end of the corridor. Yamazaki and Hijikata nodded to each other, before Yamazaki opened the door and Hijikata entered in it.

But after that Hijikata stopped on his tracks, Yamazaki could not help himself so he looked at the room.

He understood why Hijikata stopped. There is no way that he could be seeing right. There was Yorozuya’s boss, sleeping on the stomach of the terrorist that they were looking for.

Katsura looked at them with the bleary eyes, but they cleared as soon as he saw them. He tried to stand up, but for some reason he stopped and glared at Gintoki. “Gintoki.”

“Hmmm.” could be heard from the sleeping man. Then he turned and looked at Yamazaki and Hijikata. “It’s your free day. Tell them to come back later.”

“What do you mean come back later. Are you belittling the police force, you freeloader!” said Hijikata. “And what do you mean free days?! Terrorists don’t get free days.” He then griped his face. “I am getting sidetracked.”

Katsura stood up, putting the sword in his belt. “It is not the terrorist. It is the freedom fighter.”

“They get when I threatened the lot of them.” Gintoki said, signing, as he slowly started to stood up. “But it is just a day every two weeks, so you just just leave us alone?”

“If you would just join us, we could spend a lot more time together.” Katsura said, seeming satisfied with his conclusion.

“When will you stop. I already told you that I have no interest in fighting a losing battle.”

“And you call yourself a samurai?”

Hijikata looked from one the another and sighed. “There is something clearly wrong with this picture.”

Gintoki looked around the room. “There are no picture here.”

“Gintoki, you idiot.” said Katsura. “He was obliviously referring to the the gallery that opened around here. There is something clearly wrong with it.”

Gintoki looked at him, then slapped the back of his head. Katsura gripped that place and glared at Gintoki.

Hijikata then shook his head, as he charged. “I am still arresting you, Katsura.”

Katsura laughs as he puts the sweets from his sleave and and throw it. The red smokescreen appears and when it dissipates, Katsura is no longer there.

Gintoki smells the air. “Strawberry. Such a waste.”

He started to walk away, but Hijikata put the sword on his neck. “I can just take you as an accomplice.”

Gintoki looked up at the ceiling, ans sighed. He looked like he was rethinking his life choices, but Yamazaki would not bet even the Shinsengumi’s sausage for it.

There was another smokescreen, this time yellow and Yamazaki even started to cough. That one was a lot stronger than before. But in that smokescreen, Gintoki seems to disappear.

They left the house, and Hijikata lighted his cigarette. “I almost had them.”

He looked furious, so Yamazaki decided not to comment no how surprised was he by the development and how easy was he swayed by them. Hijikata started to walk back, so he hurried after him.

By chance, he looked at one of the smaller allies, and he could see them walking away shoulder by shoulder. They seems quite a pair.

And he was lucky to not have to mention it, as Hijikata made him promise not to mention this fiasco to anybody.

Bloody Visit [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was glad that Kagura decided to spend the night at Shinpachi’s place, when he noticed who was leaning on his wall. Gintoki pinched himself to the arm, thinking that he was dreaming the person in the blood drenched purple kimono.

But even then the person did not disappear, and the haze of the alcohol was lifted from Gintoki’s head, as he moved insistently, checking for the breathing. It was there, but it was quicker than normal. What was even more worrying was that Takasugi was not reacting to his presence at all and was burning.

One positive thing in all of that was that at least most of the blood appeared to be from somebody else. Only now did he noticed the blooded sword that was located on the other side.

Gintoki carried his to his room, and put him into his own futon. One trip in the kitchen, and he came back with two buckets with water and towels. The first towel was wet and put on the Takasugi’s forehead, to lower his temperature.

Then he started to clean the blood from Takasugi. He started with the face, gentle wipes removing the blood. He removed the bandages, the look of his crushed eye reminding Gintoki about that day. He quickly moved on. There is no way to change the past.

He than removed the purple kimono, removing the blood from his torso, his hand tracing the scars that he did not know, and the ones that he did.

After finishing, he looked around for any fresh clothes, but there was nothing appropriate. On the end he dressed him in one of his spare kimonos.

He changed the towel on the forehead, cleaning the things that he did not need anymore.

As he put everything away, he grabbed the edge of the sink. What was he even doing?

He then went and cleaned the sword as well. There would be questions if somebody came and saw it. Especially the Shinsengumi.

He then returned to his room, sitting next to Takasugi, changing the towel again. He looked at his face, relived that his breathing seems to slow down a little. He then signed and leaned back to the wall. He knew this is going to be a long night.

As soon as Takasugi woke up, he realized that he was in the unknown place. He pretended to be still sleeping, but it did not look like there was anybody close by. Not only that, for some reason there was a familiar smell around him.

He opened his eyes, scanning the place. He noticed Gintoki leaning on the wall, sleeping. Takasugi blinked. What happened? He then stood up, noticing that he was dressed in what appeared to be Gintoki’s kimono.

He noticed that he was a little unsettled on his feet, but he still walked to the wall, kneeling in front of Gintoki and smacking him on the head.

Gintoki turned his head. “Kagura. Gin has a hangover, so be nice.”

“Do you get waken by princess Kagura these days, Gintoki?” Takasugi asked. But as soon as he did the dizziness started. He gripped his nose.

“Takasugi?” Gintoki asked. “So yesterday was not a dream.”

Takasugi looked at him, and noticed that Gintoki’s hand was positioned like he wanted to steady him, but he did not. Even after all this time…

“So what happened yesterday?” Takasugi asked, returning to the more pressing matters. He did not seems to remember much after the meeting with the another freedom fraction.

“That is my question.” Gintoki said, some anger in his voice. But the anger was not pointed at Takasugi. “I found you here all blooded and unresponsive.”

“Ah.” Takasugi said, checking the state of his body. There did not seems to be anything unusual with it. He grinned. “Suits them right.”

Gintoki looked at him, then stood up, as he scratched his head. “Your sword and kimono are there,” he pointed at the corner. “Make sure you return my kimono.”

Gintoki was about the leave the room, when Takasugi said. “And Gintoki.” Takasugi waited for Gintoki to stop and start listening. “Thank you.”

Takasugi looked after him, until he heard the heaving from what he assumed was the bathroom. He looked at his kimono. It would attract too much attention. There was way too much blood on it. He put the bandage up and he left the house.

About four days latter, all three, Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi were lazing around the house, when the door ringed for delivery. Shinpachi signed and he brought it inside, seeing it was for Gintoki.

When he opened it, there was Gintoki’s kimono with a variety of premium chocolate there. There was also an unsigned note, with words: ‘Don’t think that changes anything.’

No matter how much Kagura and Shinpachi were pestering him, he did not tell them who the sender was.

Fire In The Cave [Gintama Fanfiction]

Takasugi checked the situation outside. There might be more governmental solders around here and they could not count on being safe yet. But since Gintoki was shot in the leg, they were not in a position to move much.

Katsura tired to treat the wound on the Gintoki’s leg with whatever they had available. Instead of creme he used the leaves with juices that were supposed to help with the healing. Instead of septic he only used water, hoping it will be enough. Instead of a bandages he used the shirt of another solder. Since he was already dead, it did not look like he will still need it.

Takasugi came back, and sat down. They were at the cave, and it was not easily seen from the path. So it should provide at least some protection. And if Takasugi is back, than there does not seems to be any trace of the enemy around. He also brought some wood.

“How is he?” Takasugi asked, as he looked at sleeping Gintoki. He was already up for at least five days, so it was not surprising.

Katsura finished with the last one, and checked Gintoki’s temperature. It was still somehow high, but it did not look like it increased with their moving. “I think he will be alright.”

Katsura then took the wood, starting to make a fire. It was getting cold, and not only it would not be good for Gintoki’s fever, he and Takasugi would have frozen as well.

Takasugi went and got some more wood, so ti will last them through the night.

In about half and hour he managed to make a fire going. The cave was quite spacious, so he did not think that the smoke will kill them. Also, it was covered from the front as well, so they were not likely to see the fire. It is also why they had put it more inside of the cave, then on the opening of the cave.

When he looked at Gintoki, he noticed that Takasugi was already back. He belittled himself for not noticing. The lack of sleeping was already getting to him. How was Gintoki managing, he will never understand.

Takasugi was trying to rose up Gintoki, and he was rewarded with sleepy Gintoki. In this situation, for Gintoki to not react at all, it drove home how seriously must have the wound affected him.

Katsura came there, and they both helped him move closer to the fire. They ended up with both of them on one side of Gintoki. They could feel his hands finding them, as he went back to sleep.

Takasugi looked as Katsura. “I will take the watch today.” he said. “You need to rest.”

Katsura could not complain about it, even if Takasugi also looked like he needed a rest. But Takasugi always had a better stamina than him, so he did not say anything. “Wake me up, if you are too sleepy to continue.”

Takasugi nodded, and Katsura relaxed. For some reason, with these two, he always felt like he is safe.

Idle Times at Yorozuya [Gintama Fanfiction]

It was just a lazy day at Odd Jobs. Katsura was reading reports that his underlings, have prepared. Katsura usually did not share his findings, never sharing it. It was kind of unspoken agreement between them.

Gintoki was leaning on his side, reading Jump. Jump was just so much more interesting thing than whatever crazy idea Katsura was reading. It must have been crazy.

Katsura moved a little, what Gintoki could felt in his back. It seems like just that he gripped his chin, thinking about something. Gintoki glanced at him. Looking his all serious like that, while being safe, seemed like a good deal.

“I am back.” they could hear the woman’s voice from the doorway. Kagura and Sadaharu came inside, seeing the picture in front of them.

Katsura looked up. “Kagura, nice of you to come back.” He then put away the papers that he had just been reading. “Was the weather nice?”

“Sure. The sun was up and there was no police anywhere.” Kagura replied, and she plopped herself to the opposite sofa. “You are here again?”

“If I am a bother I can go.” Katsura volunteered, and he tired to stood up, but Gintoki just let himself fall to Katsura’s lap, making him an obstacle to his moving, while still reading Jump. “You are comfortable.” he offered as an explanation.

Katsura looked at him in surprise, but then Kagura started to laugh. He then shrugged. “I guess I am supposed to stay here.”

“Stay as long as you want.” Kagura said, as he went and got a package of sea weed. “If the police comes, we will protect you.”

Katsura looked down on Gintoki, who seems to be quite engrossed in the whatever was happening in this week Jump. There was no embarrassment on his face, no any other indicator that would explain this to Katsura.

Katsura started to play with Gintoki’s hair. They were still like that, when Kagura returned and started to watch something on the television. But when he could hear the television, he made a small sign and took the papers back up.

“If you want her to quiet it, you should just say it.” said Gintoki, putting the Jump away.

Katsura closed his eyes for a moment. “It is not appropriate. I am a guest here.”

Gintoki did not say anything, as he looked at Katsura, how he first returned the look, then put it back to the paper.

They were like that for the duration of the television episode. Then they could hear the somebody else coming through the door.

Shinpachi came there and said hello. He then asked: “Katsura, did you come here again?”

“I am just visiting.” he said. He looked at Gintoki, but he was sleeping peacefully on his lap. When did this happen?

“If you say so.” Shinpachi said, as he sat down. “Gintoki always says that it would be a lot easier if you just moved here.”

Katsura stilled. Move here? Gintoki wants that? But he also knew that he did not want to bother Gintoki with just that question. So he shook his head. “I am a wanted criminal.”

“It is not like you could not hide when the Shinsengumi comes to visit.” Shinpachi said. “But I get it. Hiding in own home would be quite weird.”

‘I have done weirder.’ thought Katsura, but he did not say anything. He put the papers away, and leaned back. Maybe a little sleep would not have hurt him. Before he knew it, he was already out. Actions

Past Experiences Become Today's Knowledge [Gintama Fanfiction]

Katsura woke up. He could feel his stomach where he was cut, and he grimaced. He looked around. He saw Takasugi lying next to him, still breathing, in some sort of barracks. He looked at his other side, and he saw the blood stained Gintoki lying propped to the wall, the sword hold reminiscent of how he always hold it during classes.

Katsura tried to get up, but the pain was quite strong. This will take a while to heal. He could feel the hand on his shoulder.

“You should rest.” said Gintoki, as he slowly pushed him down. Even thought his grip was firm, there was not a lot of pressure applied, but it was still enough that Katsura was not be able to resist. He must have been hurt more than he imagined.

“This blood…” Katsura started.

“Is not mine.” Gintoki said.

Katsura looked around now. They were in what looked like a barn. “Where are we?”

“Barn. The farm and the village nearby were all burned down.” Gintoki said, as he stood up, and went to pick up the bucket. He came closer and Katsura noticed that it was full of water. He took some of it, and helped Katsura get up a little, so he could drink it, before playing him back down.

Gintoki looked at Takasugi, who had yet to wake up.

“Is he alright?” Katsura asked. “What about the rest?”

“I would say a couple of broken ribs, two back slashes and a dart in the left leg. But he will live. Probably.” he said. “He was still conscious when I came.”

Katsura noticed that he refused to say anything about the rest of the people there, so he could already imagined what happened. He hoped that Takasugi will also pulled through.

Katsura’s stomach growled, and Katsura grabbed it. Sure, he might have been stabbed in there, but he guessed that it does not negate the effects of hunger.

Gintoki looked at him, then took the sword. “I will go check if there is something eatable around.”

Before he gave Katsura any time to protest, he already left. Katsura looked up. Not like his protests could achieve anything now.

He did not know how long was he lying there, until he noticed a subtle moving next to him. He turned and noticed Takasugi opening his eyes and looking around. He tried to get up, but he could not.

“Takasugi.” Katsura called, and Takasugi turned his head to the side, their eyes meeting.

“Katsura, you are alive.” Takasugi said. “What about Gintoki?”

“Went to get something to eat.” Katsura said.

“I see.” Takasugi said. He put one hand up, and covered his face. “Katsura, do you ever wonder why he continue to stay in the war?”

“For teacher?” Katsura replied, but he knew that this is the wrong answer. “I never know what is going it that head of him.”

“He should not have come.” Takasugi said. “But he did.”

Katsura started to wonder what Takasugi was talking about. Did something happened on the battlefield that he does not know about? “But that is who Gintoki is.”

“Yes.” Takasugi said. “I guess you are right.”

They were in silence for a couple of minutes, when Gintoki came back. As soon as he came, hands full of plants and rabbit, he noticed Takasugi. “You awake?”

Takasugi rolled his eyes, but he was quiet. He noticed the blood on Gintoki’s clothes. His eyes narrowed, but he had not said anything.

Gintoki came closer, and he put his hand on Takasugi’s forehead. “It seems like the fever went completely away.”

“Fever? What fever?” Katsura asked. He now did sit up, no matter the pain.

“What does it matter now. It is gone, right?” Takasugi replied. Katsura would be the one being hurt the most by that truth, and he did not want to tell him now.

Katsura looked at Gintoki, who just shrugged and went to make a fire.

He then found another mental bucket, and preparing the fired rabbit and what looked like some sort of vegetable soup. He ended up putting the rabbit in the soup anyway.

They were both watching Gintoki at his work. Since they started the war Gintoki always surprised them with the practical knowledge. Where to find food. What to use instead of a more traditional medical practices. Where to hide. How to quickly kill people.

Gintoki eventually took the three bowls from the ‘pile of stuff’ in the corner, and three spoons. He filled two bowls, put the spoons in them, and then helped Katsura and Takasugi sit up, making them lean on the wall. He then put the bowl in each of their hands, before making taking his portion as well.

They were all eating in silence. As always, Gintoki’s cooking wasn’t bad. Even with the lack of ingredients.

They were all on their third bowl, when Katsura smiled at him. “We are quite lucky to have somebody like you, Gintoki.” he said.

Gintoki looked down at his bowl, taking another spoonful.

Katsura and Takasugi both looked at each other. It was quite unusual for Gintoki to not have a comeback for things like that. Then Takasugi asked: “Where did you learn all of that?”

Gintoki stopped eating, and he seems to be just looking at the bowl in his lap now. They spend more than a minute in a tense silence like that.

“You don’t have to tell us.” said Katsura, as he tried to laugh. But the pain was not conductive to that. “As long as you know it now.” He looked at Takasugi, but he just looked at him, since he did not know what to do.

“The first memory that I have is of me killing people.” Gintoki started. He still did not look up, but that does not mean that the two pairs of eyes were not putting on their intention in him. “I don’t even remember why. Could be because they wanted to take my food away. Or because they thought I was a alien spy. Or a human one, it did not really matter.”

Gintoki talked in a nonchalant voice, but his body was tense. Both Katsura and Takasugi knew that he will stop talking as soon as he was interrupted. But it also seems like he need to tell it, so they stayed quiet.

“You quickly learn stuff like that.” Gintoki said. “What you can eat. What you can drink. How to stop others.” Gintoki now laughed, but there was no happiness in the laughter. “I met Shouyou when he went and checked the rumors about a flesh eating demon. I still don’t know why he offered me to come with him.”

Gintoki then looked up. "But that is the past, so why be bothered by it.”

“Gintoki.” Takasugi said.

Gintoki looked at him, but Takasugi only indicated with his head to the left.

Gintoki came closer. “What do you want now, midget.” He keeled down, looking down, but then he could fell two heads on his shoulders.

“This is no way to talk the the patient, Gintoki.” Takasugi said. “It can slow my recovery.”

“I am tired.” said Katsura, and he tired to act as a drama queen. “I am quite unsatisfied that I need to continue sitting.”

Gintoki glanced at both of them and he sighed. “You two are way too much work, you know that?” he said.

He helped them both lie down, but when he wanted to go to clean the dishes, the two pairs of arms pulled him down. They both put their head on Gintoki’s shoulder, and they looked up at him.

“You two realize that there is still fire burning, right?” Gintoki asked.

“It is not like it will kill us.” Katsura said. “We have battled a lot stronger aliens, there is no way a fire will defeat us.”

“It is that attitude that will get you kill by something weird.” said Gintoki. “You will see, one day you will be killed by a huge white penguin-like monster.”

“Something like that doesn’t exist, Gintoki.” said Takasugi. “And it is not like we plan to fall asleep.”

Gintoki relaxed, as he figured out he can’t win.

Gintoki, the one person that never says anything about his past to the people not in the know is going to start explaining to Katsura and Takasugi about the times before he met Shouyou? But Takasugi did know (last frame on page 15, chapter 520 shows that). So then I needed to write this, so I could make some sense into it (and I still could not).