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It Is My Ship. Stop Breaking In Already [Gintama Fanfiction]

There was a shadow walking slowly to the terminal. It looked like it belonged there, being all confident and certain in her actions. It looked at the terminal and started to type something there. There was a curse heard, when the terminal did not do everything as expected.

There were a soft steps heard from the corridor, and the shadow hid next to the doors. One of the guards walked in and he looked around the room. His look ended up on the screen, which was not revealing some sort of map. The guard gripped the spear, and turned around.

But he only felt the end of the spear hitting him on the chin. He lost his steps, and he pushed the spear down, bringing the blade up. The attacker dogged to the left, but it pushed the hood down, and the guard hesitated, seeing the sliver haired woman face, looking at him with intention.

That one moment of indecision was enough and Ginko put the rag in front of guard’s face. The ether hit the nose, and the man quickly fell down. Ginko then immediately went through the man’s pockets, until he got the pocketbook. She leafed through it, then made his way to the terminal. She corrected her hood, and input the password there.

It did not take long for Ginko to find the Dekoboko folder. Just as she was about to start skimming, she noticed the presence behind him, and just in time she turned around, using her wooden sword to block the incoming attack. But she also had to quickly sidestepped to the side, as to not be hit with the Takasugi’s kick, changing the angle on her sword, to not make Takasugi’s job of cutting her easier.

“Shinsuke? Are you here?” said the woman’s voice.

Ginko reacted quickly, and he grabbed Takasugi’s sword hand, one of the legs stepped between his, and the other hand was used to grab the back of Takasugi’s head. He then kissed him.

Ginko felt Takasugi’s hand on this head, and the next moment she was flying back. She managed to land on his feet. She lost her balance for a moment, which made her dodge the first two rounds that were send her way.

“What do you think you are doing to Shinsuke?” Matako said, as she pointed her guns to Ginko. “Who are you?”

Ginko grabbed her sword. This was getting bed fast. Nobody was supposed to notice that she was here. There is no way, that she could fight both of them in this body.

Matako took that as a threat, as she fired a couple of more bullets in her direction. There were not that hard to dodge, but then she noticed Takasugi behind him, and she jumped away. But it still cut through her robe, revealing her normal grab underneath it.

“Matako, wait.” Takasugi said, and there was actually something akin to amusement there. Matako stopped, her guns still ready.

Ginko glanced at Matako, then looked at Takasugi. “You are making a mistake.”

Takasugi smiled, as he sheathed his sword. “Not really. You can’t really win right now, Gintoki.”

Ginko looked at Takasugi for a second, and it looked like she will deny. Then she sighed and lowered her sword. “You are saying that like I want to fight you.”

“Gintoki? As in White Demon? This woman?” Matako asked in surprise. “But wasn’t the White Demon male? Shinsuke?” She was looking at Takasugi.

“That one.” Takasugi answered, “Matako, check if there is any other rat on this ship.”

“Right away, Shinsuke.” She still looked worriedly from Takasugi to Ginko, but then she turned around and left the room.

Ginko took her sword and put it back to her hip. That was not a good result at all. Takasugi was one person she wanted to avoid at any cost. She was still not sure how to act around him. “There is nobody else.”

Takasugi ignored his comment. “So, Gintoki, what do we own this visit?” he said. There was still that threat in the air.

“Dekoboko.” Ginko said, looking at her body. “Zura had no information about them, so I just thought that you might have.”

Takasugi took the pipe and lighted it. “By snicking in?”

“It is not like I could just ask you.” Ginko said, an annoyance on her face. “It is still easier than trying to figure out if Sakamoto knows anything.”

Takasugi agreed. It is why it was mostly Katsura that did it during the war. That person had a patience of a saint. He was looking at Ginko for a minute, then turned to the terminal. “What are you interested in?” Takasugi asked.

“What, you will help? Just like that?” Ginko asked.

“You don’t want me?” Takasugi asked, as he looked at Ginko with a amusing look.

Ginko glared. But she did not reply, so Takasugi chuckled and turned back to the terminal. “So?”

“I want to know where their next target is going to be.” Ginko said, looking now at the screen as well.

Harusame’s databases did not have that information, but between them they were able to quickly figure our their next target. Checking just a couple of things confirmed the date as well. Still a little more than a week away. More than enough time to prepare everything.

Takasugi log out from the terminal and turned around. “You got the information.” It was just a statement.

Ginko nodded and she started to walk away. These minutes were almost like the past time, but she should have known that they are not coming back. “Thank you, Takasugi.”

“It would be embarrassing if you died as a woman.” Takasugi said from behind him.

“Says a man with Yakult obsession.”

“Says a woman that can’t survive peaceful times without sugar.”

“Don’t belittle sugar. Especially strawberry milk.”

“I am sure it is great for diabetes.”

At these words Bansai entered the room. He looked from one to another.

“Great, Bansai. You can accompany Gintoki here outside. Make sure he stays outside.” he said, as he walked right pass them. He did not turned back once.

Ginko turned to Bansai. “I think I can find the way back by myself.” She started to walk towards the exit.

Bansai quickly matched her pace. “Shinsuke said to accompany you.”

Ginko looked like he wanted to say something, but he changed his mind. They walked most of the way in silence.

Before they reached the doors, Bansai started to talk. “Did something interesting happen. You song is a lot more harmonical than usual.”

Ginko looked forward, and was acting nonchalant, but Bansai noticed that the song went into more sadly jazz now. “Nothing really.”

Bansai narrowed his eyes, but he decided not to comment on it. Not that they had a lot of time life, since they reached the exit.

Ginko turned around and looked Bansai up and down. “Bansai, right? Can I…” she started to say something, but then change her mind. “Never mind. Wouldn’t matter.”

“What wouldn’t?” Bansai said.

Ginko smiled at him, but then simply turned and left outside. Her job here was done, and the past is most likely not coming back. So the only thing left is to move forward. With this life, that their teacher protected. And only hope that the other two are moving forward as well.

Somebody has to pay for all these tickets to different planet. These are not cheap (it was said, when Kagura won them and then they met Sakamoto). Even if he has more money than he admits - paying 3 months of rent when Tama threatens him is proof, it is still too much. But it is probably not a lot for somebody having the backing of the biggest criminal organization is space.

Every Grave Visitor Has Its Own Ritual [Gintama Fanfiction]

It was early morning, and Gintoki was coming down the stairs with the cake and a bottle of sake in his hands. He was trying hard, as to not drop it.

"Is it this day of the year again?" Asked Otose.

"Yeah." Gintoki said, as he put the cafe on his motorcycle. "I will be back by tomorrow."

"Like every year." Otose said, as she turned around. "Travel safely."

Gintoki started to motorcycle, driving all the way to the outskirts of Edo. He stopped the motor by the hill, and walked a little further up.

There a little of the abandoned path was a place. There was a stone, marker of the grave, under the maple tree. It just started to turn red.

The grave was already cleaned, the names Yoshida Shouyou clearly seen. There had also been three yakults and a full glass of sake.

Gintoki put the cake and the sake next to the grave, and started working on the plants around him. He took out all the weeds and put them away, then cut all the flowers that were planted next to it.

He then opened the box and put the cake on the offering place, then took one of the glasses and poured a sake, making it stand next to the one already there.

He clapped and bowed. He than took another glass of sake and drunk it. He stood there, not knowing what to say.

"Teacher, another year had passed." Gintoki said, scratching his head. "Nothing new. I am still doing an odd-jobs by myself. I still get repeatedly yelled for not paying the rent." He let his hand fall down. "I still haven't seen these two. Ever since..." He took a deep breath. "They are most likely fine. Doing the crazy dangerous stuff, but it would be news if they would die."

He paused, gathering his thought. "So try to make sure that they are fine. Don't worry about me." He then left. There was no longer any way of him getting a reply.

He spent the day in the nearby village. Ended getting wiped into helping an old lady find her granddaughter. Who ended up lost in the woods. Then they insisted for Gintoki to join them in the celebration.

When he returned back to the grave, he realized that this time he is the last one here. Instead of the things that he left there, there was now just a third of the cake, one yakult, one glass of sake and two rice balls.

Gintoki took the glass of sake, the one that he left in the morning, and threw it in the air. He was looking at the drops that got caught in the leaves. "I hope you are happy with how we live our life, teacher."

He then sat down, and started to eat the rice balls. He was already full from people almost forcing down his thought, but the rice balls were just as tasty, as they were the ones that he ate during the war, after a day long battle.

He then ate the last third of the cake, drowning it down with the Yakult.

"Shouyou." Gintoki started. "Did I made the right choice?" He let his head fall down. "I am..." He paused, starting again. "I am still trying to find a different way. But I can't." He let his hand rest on the stone. "I wish there was a different way." He let the silence answer hims now.

He than took the litter that was still there, making his way down. This was the ninth visit like that, and he hoped that the next time he would be able to say, that he is enjoying the life that he lives right now.

Before We Do It, Let's Talk [Gintama Fanfiction]

Shinuske and Bansai were chilling on the ship. They were both playing on their samisen. Bansai stopped and observed Shinsuke. Not only was his song a little heretic, and quite tense, his whole body seems to be in the tense move. Something that Bansai did not see frequently.

Bansai put the instrument down and stood up. He stood up behind Shinsuke and grabbed his shoulders. He could feel Shinsuke tense even more and stopping his music, but he ignored it, as she started to massage it.

Shinsuke turned his head around, glaring at Bansai. “What do you think you are doing?”

“It is called massage.” Bansai replied, trying to ignore the glare. But it was hard. Shinsuke was scary, and Bansai did not harbour any delusions that the position of his second in command is protecting him now.

Shinsuke then turned around and resumed playing the song. He did not move in any way that would either help or hinder what Bansai was doing.

Bansai blinked, but then smiled. He continued on the neck, and then went down lower. He could feel Shinsuke’s muscles relaxing under his hands, but he was still careful so he did not hurt him.

It was at Shinsuke’s seventh song, that he stopped, satisfied with his work. He leaned on the Shinsuke, lightly hugging his stomach, as he kissed Shinsuke’s neck, and then leaned his cheek there.

Shinsuke finished the song, before he also put the instrument aside. He waited and did not move at all, like waiting for Bansai to do something.

“Shinsuke.” Bansai said, but the only reaction he got a small movement with the head, to indicate that he was listening. But Bansai did not know how to put it to words, so he simply slide his hands to Shinsuke’s kimono, feeling the abdomen muscles.

“Bansai.” Shinsuke said. “Just to make it clear, I don’t love you.”

That was rejection, right? He slowly started to remove his hands.

“So, even if we do this, know that I won’t fall in love with you.”

Bansai stilled. He then started to giggle, as he put most of his weight on Shinsuke. He could feel him buckle a little, so he eased the burden a little. “That is a quite interesting statement, Shinsuke.”

“Well, my first boyfriend was unique.” said Shinsuke. “Plus, it helps filter all the women that think they will get something through sex.”

“I take it you think I am just like a woman?” Bansai said to Shinsuke’s ear.

Shinsuke turned his head and kissed Bansai. It was a short kiss. “Are you?”

Bansai was quite content afterwards, when Shinsuke was leaning on him, and he could draw senseless shapes on it. Not to mention is has been a while since the sex was that good. Shinsuke’s song was a little more harmonical now, more in line with Shinsuke’s normal one.

“So, what are you planing to do with me now?” asked Shinsuke, as he looked up at Bansai. His tone was a lot more playful than normal.

“I really wonder where you got that obsession of talking things through?” Bansai said. “Most people just go with the flow.”

Shinsuke looked at the wall, thinking. “Were you ever in the relationship, where they wanted more than you could give? Or were you wanted more than they could give?”

Bansai thought about it. People always wanted some completely irrational things from relationships. It was quite a relief when he realized that Shinsuke’s words were a clarification. “I have experienced that.”

He saw Shinsuke look at the clock. He checked as well. In about 15 minute Shinsuke had a meeting with the Harusame. Shinsuke sighed, as he stood up. He started to dress in his kimono. “Then, Bansai, what do you want?” Shinsuke asked.

Bansai wanted to say to devourer him, but he stopped himself as Shinsuke turned, dressed and waited for his reply. “I haven’t expected this to happen either.”

“I see.” Shinsuke said. “Well, I am in love with somebody else, have been for a long time, and that will never change.” Shinsuke said. “So all the romantic stuff is out of the picture.” He paused, as he thought about it. “But the sex was good, so I don’t mind repeating it.”

Bansai gaped. That was not what he was expecting that all.

Shinsuke heard the knock on the door. “I am coming.” he said, as he turned to Bansai. “Think about what you want.” he said, as then left to room, closing the doors behind him.

Bansai lie back and he let one of his arms cover his head. He then grinned. “Now I am really interested in who his first boyfriend was.”

Dual Recognition [Gintama Fanfiction]

Kurokono was sitting at the wall of the temple. He was looking at sky, remembering all the people that he used to fight with, most of them gone now. When the reinforcement for the south came, it was already too late for most of them. He sighed.

“You don’t look like somebody that wants to be here.” he heard the voice came from above him.

He looked up into the face of a silver haired person. Must be one of the people from the other squad. He blinked. “Does anybody here looks like they want to be here?”

The silver haired man looked at the camp, thinking. “I would imagine that there are other alternatives than being here.”

Kurokono agreed with him. They were, but now for them, that were branded enemy, is there really anything else? He looked down.

He could heard the man sitting next to him, and when he glanced at his left, he noticed that the man was simply lying back, looking at the sky. There was a sort of relaxed face there. Kurokono did not imagine anybody being able to reach that state in a war.

“I am Kurokono Tasuke.” he said, looking at the silver haired person.

“Gintoki.” the person next to him said, not bothering to look at him at all. He was a little rude, but he guessed that it was not that bad.

There sat there for a couple of minutes, Kurokono allowing his mind to wander. Then he heard the stomach growled. He gripped his stomach, hopping it will go away. The food was quite scarce recently.

“Here.” Gintoki said.

He looked up and noticed Gintoki having two rice balls in his hand. His face was still looking at the sky.

He took one and started to eat it. It was quite fresh and it even had filling in it. Just a plum, but it tasted a lot better than what ever the stuff the people were cooking was called. They even had problem coming across the rice recently.

When he finished one, he noticed that Gintoki simply placed the second one on the ground, not carrying at all. He slowly took it, but then he couldn’t stop himself and asked. “But where do you get the food? Our squad could not get anything recently.”

“It is rice balls.” said Gintoki. Which did not explain anything. “Zura always have the ingredients for the rice balls.”

“That does not makes sense.” Kurokono said, then he bit into the rice ball. There is no way he is going to let it go to waste.

“Right?” Gintoki said, turning his head at him. “It would be a lot better, if he could make something sweeter, like parfait. His obsession with rice balls don’t make sense.”

Kurokono decided not to comment. Parfait in the war times? Is he one of the new recruits, that he has yet to know what it is like?

Kurokono finished the rice ball in silence. That was more food that he got for a meal in a long time. “Why did you join the war, Gintoki?”

Gintoki did not reply for a couple of seconds. “I did not want at first.” he started. “Joining war seems to be like the worst way to…” his voice trailed. “Well anyway, then insisted on going, and I am not about to let these two idiots go to war alone.”

Kurokono smiled. He was aware that most people were spouting ideals before joining, but they stayed because of either duty or people.

“I was one of the idealistic ones. If I could help at least a little, I would be satisfied.” Kurokono said. “But seeing people you work with killed every day make you wonder if your contributions are worth anything.”

Gintoki did not comment on it. When Kurokono looked at him a minute or two later, he was sleeping.

Kurokono smiled, as he looked back in the sky. Maybe being in a company and not talking about anything was also good.

Some time later he noticed a man with a short black hear walking towards him. He did not recognize him, so he figured that he was here for Gintoki. He looked annoyed. He came there, ignoring Kurokono and punched Gintoki on the head.

Gintoki yelped as he gripped his head and looked up. “What was that for?”

The man, crossed his arms. “You missed the meeting.”

Gintoki looked away. “It is boring listening to a bunch of fools arguing.”

The man just looked down at him. It looked like he agreed with Gintoki, but did not want to admit it.

“So, they are going through the mountains right?” Gintoki asked, looking at him with one eye. “Not that it will do them any good.”

“Most of them are.” was his reply. That apparently got Gintoki’s attention. “We are going to the lake. Without Zura.”

“I am surprised they went along with it.” Gintoki said, as he leaned back. “Or are they these types of people?”

He signed, but did not reply. Kurokono realized that he misjudged. They seems to be in the war for quite a while. “We leave in two days. And Zura is looking for you. You still haven’t checked your wounds.”

“He worries too much.” Gintoki said. “They are nothing serious.”

"That does not mean that you can just ignore them, Gintoki." said Kurokono.

He noticed that the person that just came there twitched. Quite a tame one. Normally people would scream at noticing him.

That person was now observing him. “And you are?”

“Ah, Kurokono Tasuke. Nice to meet you.” Kurokono said.

“Hm.” Takasugi said. He continued to look at him for a couple of seconds, then it seems like he came to some sort of decision. “Takasugi Shinsuke.” He turned and left, not spearing them another word.

Which was just good with Kurokono. Takasugi Shinsuke was a name most rebels knew by now. The leader of a Kihentai, one of the three samurais that kept the rebellion on the south line alive. But that would make the person next to him…

The said person was right now picking his nose. He then stood up. He really looked like he did not want to.

Kurokono chuckled. Gintoki looked at him is surprise. “What’s funny?”

“Nothing.” Kurokono said. “It is just, that based on the rumours, I imagined something completely different.”

He could see Gintoki close himself a little. That was not his intention. “I this bad?”

“No.” Kurokono shook his head. “It is good.” He than asked. "Do you need help withstanding the torture known as a medical tent, Gintoki?"

He looked at Gintoki in expectation, but he saw surprise on his face. He then surprise turned into a smirk. “Only if you help me escape from it.”

"No way."

Restlessnes [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki finally found Takasugi, and he was just in the middle of explaining something to the Kiheitai. He sat himself close-by, and he noticed Takasugi glancing at him. It was just a short look though.

Takasugi looked something between focus and peace, when he listened to the people he commanded. He did not talk a lot, just a comment from time to time.

Gintoki looked at his with a fond face. Recently there was not a lot of times that Takasugi looked like that. It reminded him of the past times.

Not only that, Takasugi was good at redirecting the focus of his people on himself. Most people treated Gintoki with either awe or fear, but people in the Kiheitai usually did not paid him much mind. Which was frankly refreshing.

Gintoki decided that he had saw enough and he left the place. He checked at the Kurokono, who just was correcting the swings of some of the newer people. Kurokono noticed him, and he waived him over. “Gintoki, do you want to help?”

Gintoki smiled, as he came closer. Kurokono was a great teacher, even if he was only an average fighter. There was not a lot that he could help with. Plus, his presence seems to make the new guy more nervous, so he excused himself. Kurokono shrugged in apology, but he was used to it. It was not Kurokono’s fault.

He noticed that they have brought the new supplies. When Sakamoto was organizing logistics it was one of the only times that he looked in his element. Gintoki was still not aware of how Sakamoto even managed to get to war. Even if he was grateful for him. The morale was a lot higher since he came.

He got reminded from one of the guys to check to the infirmary. It is not like the wound needs a lot of checking. Still, he made his way there.

He should have known he will be there. Katsura was one of the people bandaging the people there. Out of the three of them, he was the only one that actually remembered all the lessons on the healing. It made his an indispensable for the troop, which is also good. He did not want them to belittle Katsura again.

They seems to be having a lot of things to do, so he decided to come later. He did not want to come in the first place.

He ended up on the roof of the room, that they used as a place of injured. The high places were still the best. The sun and the wind could be felt and Gintoki had the feeling like he could see the world there. Just like when he was a child.

Gintoki must have fallen asleep, because the next thing he notice was the weight on his head. Gintoki looked up. Takasugi’s face, surrounded by the stary sky was beautiful.

“Oh, it is night already.” Gintoki said. He was a lot more awake now.

Takasugi looked annoyed. “Only you would not notice that.” He stood up. “Come on already.”

Gintoki looked at Takasugi getting down the roof, then followed his example. Not that he needed Takasugi’s guidance. He was making their way to their sleeping place. None of them were on the guarding duty tonight.

“I brought an idiot.” Takasugi said, as he sat on the ground. Gintoki heart that, but he only glared and did not answer.

Katsura was already sitting there. He looked up with a suffering air in his face. “Gintoki, why did you not come to change your bandages?”

Gintoki shrugged. “You do it every evening anyway.” And it is true. Why bother with remembering to come there.

Katsura sighed. Gintoki knew he annoyed him with that, but he really did not see, why did Katsura found it so annoying. He still removed the upper part and the protective west. He then sat down.

Katsura started to remove the rest of the clothing and then the bandages. He made sure that each part was removed with care, and Gintoki simply relaxed , not thinking about anything.

Slowly the creme was applied and the new bandages were wrapped around his torso. Gintoki was still thinking that was overkill, but he was also too tired to fight about it. Which means that Katsura was most likely right.

He felt the top part covering his body and then the pair of hands pushed his head to the Katsura’s lap. He then felt Takasugi making himself comfortable at his backside. Katsura’s hands started to play with his hair. “Just sleep, Gintoki.”

Gintoki’s one hand grabbed Katsura’s ankle, and the other one found Takasugi’s left hand.

Takasugi gripped back. “We are not going anywhere, so just sleep already before you drop from exhaustion, idiot.”

“You are an idiot, Bakasugi.” Gintoki mumbled, before he let the sleep take him once again.

How White Demon Was Born [Gintama Fanfiction]

Takasugi knew that he will die today. He was tired and he could feel the energy flowing out of him, along with his blood. The enemies will reach this place soon.

He wanted to see Shouyou one more time. He could hear somebody stop right in front of him. He did not bother to even look up anymore. This was the end.

"A friend of your?" he could hear the mocking voice of an alien leader. But it was further away than the steps that had stopped. "He was a feisty one. Not that you samurais can hold up against..."

The words were stopped be the metallic sound, and Takasugi got at least some satisfaction of that annoying idiot got some justice. He did feel sorry for whoever was it, as they will not likely survive. That was the last thing that he remembered, before losing last of his consciousness.

Gintoki did not noticed that, as he chopped the head of that alien. Even if he noticed, he was not thinking right now, letting his body dictate the actions. Just like it did back then.

He lost count of how many times was he stabbed, as long as he was able to continue to kill them. He did not stop, until there looked like it was not a living soul next to him. Only then did his anger subdued.

He slowly walked back, his legs barely holding him up, tripping on the bodies. He noticed Takasugi's body, and he collapsed in front of him. If only he would have been quicker... He then let the blackness take him.

Katsura noticed a couple of people, that were together with Gintoki run into the camp. But the silver hair, that should have been there was missing. He run there, and he has just overheard their information. The aliens were about to attack, just in the place where Takasugi was currently.

They asked for volunteers, and Katsura was the first to say yes. Soon a troop of them went their way.

Before reaching their destination, they needed to go up the hill. They will also be able to see the situation form there.

But what Katsura was seeing stopped him breath. There were at least a couple dozens fighting aliens, but there was even more of them dead on the ground. But there was a lone figure fighting them. But even from this distance, Katsura was able to recognize the white hair, or even more, that unpredictable style.

They had to go through the forest to reach it. But before they came to the clearing, they all noticed that same person, lying on the ground. Next to another person.

Katsura run there, while their leader gave orders. They were to check if there are any survivors or enemy alive still there.

Katsura checked the body signs. Gintoki was in bad shape, but he will live. Takasugi, thought, will die if they don't stop the bleeding soon. Katsura took his own jacket, trying to stop the bleeding.

He bounded Takasugi's legs and arms, in order to stop the blood flow to them, then started to work on the torso. That was the first priority.

Two people joined him, and together they managed to mostly stop it. He will live at least until they could get him to the camp.

He noticed that some people were afraid to came closer to Gintoki, but they still did, and tried to asses the damage.

The scouts were back, and they said, that there are no survives or enemies anymore. They were ordered to pull back.

Katsura spend the next to days making sure that the two of them will survive.

When Takasugi woke up, he hurt all over. But he did not care, because he realized first, that he is alive and the second, that he seems to be in some hideout, his wounds taken care off.

He noticed Gintoki sitting propped to the wall, sleeping with his sword in his lap. It was a while since the last time Takasugi saw him sleeping like that. There was a used IV bag on the floor. He could hear the doors opening.

"You finally awake?" asked Katsura as he came inside with a bowl of soup. "You almost did not make it."

"I thought I would not." said Takasugi.

Katsura put the bowl in his lap, along with the spoon. "You need energy."

"What are you, my mother?" said Takasugi, but he still took the spoon in his hand.

"Hope not. She was annoying." said Katsura.

They both waited in silence until Takasugi finished his soup.

It took two days, before Takasugi was good enough to stand on his own. He was far from healthy, but he would go crazy from staying inside for much longer.

I wish I was drunk when I wrote this.

It Is Not Monk, It Is Katsura [Gintama Fanfiction]

Mitsuba was walking down the street, when there were a couple of people, dressed as the police that stopped her. "Miss, can I see your identification?"

She took the ID card from her sleeve, and hand it over to them. They checked the ID, and returned it. "Thank you, miss."

"Is there something wrong, officer?" she asked, as she put the card back. She then looked up, and noticed that she is surrounded by the group of eight yakuza like people. He glared at them, preparing for what ever was coming. "Will you let me through? I am in a hurry?"

"Don't worry." One of them said. "I think you appointments just got cancelled."

These people started to advance, and one of them grabbed her for her clothes. She spit in his face. The person in question was taken aback, but then he raised his hand, and slapped her.

She fell on the ground, and she could fell the pain in her cheek.

"How dare you do that to me? Do you know who I am?" the person screamed, as he stepped to kick her.

"A disgrace to this country." was the voice heard.

The person stopped the kick, and they all turned. There was a monk next to their group. Mitsuba also looked up, hoping that this person will not get involved in this fight. They will only get hurt.

Their leader took the knife out and attacked the monk, who quickly sidestepped, and then kicked the person in the stomach, then grabbed his head and threw him back to the group.

The person landed face down, and the rest of them checked it out. But their leader seems to need time to get to his senses.

The rest of them lost it, and they all attacked. But the fight was quickly decided, the staff to the knees, the falls, the throws, they were dealing with somebody that was high above their level.

They then took their injured and they left the scene of the crime. The monk was looking after them, then turned to Mitsuda. "Are you hurt, miss?"

"No. Thank you for the help." she said, as she wiped the dust from her clothes and checked if she still have everything. Nothing was missing. "You saved me."

"Not at all." the man said. "I was just passing by."

Mitsuda started to smile. Then she grabbed his hand. "Let me treat you to something. As a thanks."

"I though you were in a hurry."

"And I thought that this is what you were supposed to say to suspicious people."

"I..." the monk started, but then he nodded. "Very well."

They ended up going back to Mitsuda's place anyway. She left him on the porch, as she made some bancha tea for them to enjoy.

She brought it out, and she noticed that her visitor had took the hat down, and was looking at her garden. She could finally saw his face. He had dark, long hair, and a youthful face. But his eyes were looking sad. He had a small smile on his face. "You have a beautiful garden, miss."

"Thank you." she said, as he took one of the cups from her hand. "I need to do something, not that my brother had left for Edo."

"I see." Katsura said, as he tried the tea. "I find it hard to believe that such a beautiful woman is still unmarried."

"Maybe I just did not have the time yet to find the right one." she said. She wanted to see what the reaction will be. Most people have a bad reaction to it.

But Katsura did not react at all. Like the reason was perfectly normal. Maybe the monks were more likely to just accept it.

They enjoyed their time in silence, when Katsura put the empty cup back. "Thank you for the tea." he said, as he put the hat back up, and stood up.

"You are always welcome here." Mitsuba said. "Stop by at any time."

She only got a small nod in return, as she looked after his back, when he left. She did not even asked for his name.


I am blaming the series for this one. In the series, Okita did not notice that her future husband was founding terrorists. On the other hand he is quite enthusiastic about capturing Katsura. So, what is Katsura befriended Mitsuba without knowing her Shinsengumi relations and Okita only later finds out about it?

Assault and Bloodbath [Gintama Fanfiction]

Takasugi was worried about Katsura. Where could he had gone? It has been quite a while since he excused himself. Damn Gintoki. Why could he had not come with them?

He could see one of the younger ones come there. He was bloodied, and Takasugi could see that whoever did it, knew what they were doing. He pointed at the way where they came from. “It was a monster. It just attacked us.”

A couple of people took their run, but Takasugi waived one of the people with the medical knowledge there. Katsura would know how to deal with the wound.

The person quickly came there. He turned to Takasugi: “What happened here?”

“He came from there,” he pointed at the nearby forest. “Said something about a monster.”

“These are sword wounds.” said the person, as he started to work on stopping the bleeding. “What attacked you?”

“I looked like a teenager,… but… it could not be…” he said, his breath started to get labored. “No teenager… is that good with the sword… or that quick… or has white hair.”

“Where are you going?” was all that Takasugi still heard, since he realized that he was already running in the forest. It could not be, right?

He saw the clearing in front of him, and a man had just dropped in front of him, looking scared at something in the middle of the clearing. “Monster.” he whispered.

Takasugi looked there, and what was surprising was not the familiar shape of his former classmate, but the bodies of all the people that were lying there. He was having his sword out, and he was not even looking at them, since he had his back at him, cutting the last person there.

He then turned a little, and the person there would simply run away. Gintoki started to walk toward him.

“Gintoki.” Takasugi said, when he stepped from the tree.

The change was drastic. Gintoki, before all serious, blinked and then relaxed, letting his sword fall on the side. His body would look like he just got a weight on his shoulders. He turned around, and wiped the sword on the jacket of one of the people lying on the ground, before sheathing it.

“Takasugi!” He could hear Katsura’s voice, as it came closer. Why was Katsura having a different jacket than normal? Katsura then turned to Gintoki. “You alright?”

Gintoki just nodded.

Takasugi grabbed his for his arms. For some reason he was uncomfortable standing there. “There is a river close by.” he said, as he started to drag him behind him. He was kind of expecting Katsura to simply follow him.

Gintoki was not complaining at all, so he looked at him, but he noticed Gintoki glaring at him. He also noticed that Katsura did not want to let go of Gintoki’s other hand. He was also quite, which was quite unusual.

They came to the river, and Gintoki sighed, as if he was doing them a favour, before he removed his sword, some of his clothes and went into the river.

Takasugi cleaned the blood from his hands and wiped them in the grass. He wanted not to think about what he just saw. Because them he might want to think about the question why.

He noticed Katsura’s body contracted into a ball. Which was highly unusual for Katsura, as he preferred sitting in a more traditional way. He sat next to him.

“What happened?” Takasugi asked.

Katsura continued to look at Gintoki, and for a moment Takasugi though that Katsura simply did not hear him. But that was not the case.

“I think they were trying to attack me.” Katsura said. “But before they could do much, Gintoki came.”

Takasugi waited a little more, hoping that there is more to that, but it did not seems so. “Then I am glad he did.” It was hard to admit that, but it was the truth.

Gintoki came from the water and he lay down on the grass, his head at their legs. It almost felt like the old times at school. Almost, but for the feeling of betrayal when Gintoki left them three weeks ago. For what they just experienced.

They were like that in silence. But for a change, Gintoki did not say anything. None of them knew how to break that.

Surprisingly it was Katsura that did. “I am sure lucky you were there, Gintoki.”

“Ah.” Gintoki said, not looking at any of them. Which Takasugi found weird. Like it was not luck that brought him there.

“Gintoki.” Takasugi said in a controlled voice. “Have you been following us?”

Gintoki did not answer for a moment, but that was an answer enough for Takasugi. He had been following him.

“Then why not just come with us?” Takasugi asked.

“Because I hoped you two will change your minds.” Gintoki said. “Because I hoped you will realize that it is not a right path.”

“Then why follow us?” Takasugi asked.

Gintoki now turned to the side, so they were unable to see his face. “Because I did not want you two to die.” He paused for a couple of seconds. “Most people die in their first serious battle. I hoped that I could at least mitigate that risk.”

Gintoki then looked up, as if he noticed something Takasugi did not. Gintoki stood up. “Well, see you around.”

He then stopped, looking down. Katsura was grabbing his clothes that he was wearing, and the both looked surprised at the action.

“I mean…” Katsura started, but there was fear in his eyes.

Gintoki keeled in front of him. “Do you want me to stay?”

Katsura nodded. Takasugi was now getting worried. That was way too passive even for Katsura. Where was the usual energy?

“Can I?” Gintoki asked, as he offered his hand. He waited for another nod, before he helped him up. He than turned to Takasugi: “Mind getting my sword?”

Takasugi took the sword, and they slowly started to move. Katsura was constantly next to Gintoki, which was surprising considering that he still wanted to puke every time he remembered it. Gintoki, splattered with blood, standing among the corpses.

Gintoki get them to the nearby village and he managed to secure them a room with some food. Not much, but they had better than he and Katsura had in the last three weeks.

They ate the food, which was plane rice with some fishes, eaten in silence. They are going to need a lot of time to deal with that.

The Fight [Gintama Fanfiction]

Takasugi was looking at Gintoki. He had been eyeing a couple of people every since they joined the camp. He noticed these people talking about something, and they left. To Takasugi it seems like a normal everyday conversation, but for some reason it interested Gintoki.

Gintoki stood up and excused himself, but most people there did not pay him any mind. He walked around the camp, looking for these looks of guilt. He knew where is needed to go.

When he noticed that they are already dragging what appeared to unconscious Katsura for his hair, he run there. They noticed him, but too late to stop him breaking the arm that had Katsura in his grasp. He quite enjoyed the yell.

“What do you think you are doing?” they said, as they took their swords out. “Do you want to fight?”

Gintoki quickly propped Katsura on the nearby tree, and noticed that he was not really unconscious. But his eyes were glazed, and he did not seems to react to the world.

“Hey, I am talking to you.” one of the screamed, and tried to cut him, but Gintoki gripped the sheath of the sword, and hit the person in the stomach, turning around, using his other arm to stop the sword from advancing. He then kicked the person in the stomach.

The rest of them got ready, but they hesitated for a moment, when they saw the hatred in his eyes. They also recognized these eyes. They were not the eyes of a new recruit, but the eyes of a seasoned warrior. Which was impossible, since most of the people here were new recruits.

But there were other people coming there, since they heard the yell. Gintoki just gripped his sword, but waited.

The other three attacked him, but the two of them got cut in the arms, so they had to release their swords. Gintoki got splattered with the blood but it did not seems to bother him. The third one got kicked in the tree.

“What is going on here?” asked the head of the camp. Gintoki looked at him, and he noticed Takasugi just now coming there. He looked at the situation, but then as Gintoki sheathed his sword while he continued to look at the leader, so he run to Katsura, trying to get him to wake up.

“He just attacked us out of nowhere.” One of the four people said. “We were just walking around.”

“Then why is Katsura drugged?” asked Takasugi. He looked at the four people, and he noticed that not one got away without any wounds.

“We just noticed that something was wrong with him, so we wanted to help him get to the infirmary.” one of then said.

The leader of the camp moved his head to indicate to arrest Gintoki. But he just said: “Heavenly peaches.”

The leader stopped his people, when he noticed the two of them, that were still conscious bleach. He had heard of that drug before, and not looking at that boy there, the effects were similar to what he had heard. “Go on.”

“Why should I?” Gintoki said. “This is your camp, right? Figure it out yourself.” He then looked around. “You are not even the real rebel army. You just work with them, since they provide enough young boys. What do you do with them? Sell them?”

The rest of the new recruits were starting to look at each other nervously. Takasugi looked at Gintoki and only now started to figure out why he was so opposed to them being here.

“I see.” the leader said. “Then I am sorry. I guess you spoiled this bunch.” He waived with his hand. “Kill everybody present here.” he said, as he started to walk away.

There was about 30 seasoned warriors, 20 new recruits and the people involved in the fight. The warriors were getting ready, the menacing smiles on their faces. They were going to enjoy this.

But before they could move, Gintoki had already came to their place, and cut the head of the first one off. It was an amazing dance, and most of the people just watched it.

The warriors quickly realized what was happening, and they decided to all attack him

Acquisition [Gintama Fanfiction]

Takasugi entered the room. He looked around. There was quite a lot of people. Even if he was still one of the biggest names between the rebel fighters, that was too excessive. Not that they could stop him.

Or maybe it was not because of him. He noticed a drugged Shinsengumi officer there. So either they have even Shinsengumi under their control, or there was a person who was to curious.

He sat on the offered chair, but ignored the tea that was given to him.

"It is quite unusual for a high class customer like you to come." the person was saying, trying to be as respectful as possible. "It is a great honour."

He look he gave to Takasugi told of a little suspicion. "But I was sure sir is not interested in it?"

Takasugi smiled, and he liked it how they flinched. "I am normally not, but I heard that you got a great merchandise this time."

"Oh, yes." the person said, a smile appearing on his face. "As you can see..."

"I am talking about the specific one." Takasugi interrupted. He did not need a sales pitch.

Their face become whiter. "If I hurt anybody in the Kihentai..."

Takasugi put the hand up. This was not as fun as he would hope. "Not a Kihentai member. But one Sakata Gintoki."

The person did not relax. "Can I ask why?"

"Let's just say I want to see him beg for once." Takasugi said, as he leaned forward.

"I see." the person's head fell. He was seen glancing at the forgotten tea cup on the table. "Then I apologize, but we have trouble acquiring that merchandise."

"But you are working on it?" Takasugi asked.

"Yes, and I am sure..." he stopped, and looked down, seeing the sword stuck into his abdomen. He brushed his clothes around, and he could feel some blood. He looked up.

"So you were the ones that drugged and attacked Gintoki." Takasugi lifted his cup of tea and poured it on the ground. "Have you tried to drug me too?"

"Bastard!" came the voice for the people around him. They came and attacked him.

It did not took more than a couple of swings to dispatch all the people. That was more fun that he imagined.

He imagined that looking all bloody, with the sword, must have been scary. He never found blood scary. Not sense Gintoki...

He is not going to think about this now. He turned back to the leader, still having a sword stuck in his abdomen.

"Why?" he asked.

Takasugi gripped the sword. "Because the only one that is allowed to kill Gintoki is me." he said, as he took the sword and cut his head.

He looked at the floor, where the Shinsengumi member was lying on the ground. He shrugged, and cut his head in one swing as well.

Takasugi walked outside, wiping his sword on the towel that he found inside. He noticed Matako and Bansai standing there.

"You finished?" asked Bansai.

Takasugi nodded, and they left in the night.