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You are Free, Right? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was sitting on the grass. It was quite a nice day to be there, the sun was great, and the wind was cooling down. Quite the summer weather.

He heard somebody coming down the grass toward him, his walking pattern and the horrid smell of the tobacco making his quite aware who it was. He looked back into the face of Takasugi Shinsuke.

“If you want apology for the last time, you are wasting your time.” Gintoki said, as he turned forward again.

Shinsuke chuckled, as he stepped next to Gintoki, looking at the distance as well. “What about for fighting my second in command?”

“Maybe if you would give me a tour of the Kihentai, I would actually know who they were.” Gintoki threw back.

“Why would I need to tell that to a person who quit that fight?” said Takasugi.

Gintoki did not comment on that, as he took a couple of papers from his kimono and offered them to Shinsuke, who took them, glanced over them and put them in his own kimono. “That is quite a find.”

“Now I don’t owe you anymore.” Gintoki said. He expected Shinsuke to just leave, but for some reason he was still standing there.

“Why Shinsengumi?” Takasugi eventually asked. “Quite unusual, even for you.”

Gintoki sighed. “I thought it was the last request.”

Shinsuke glanced at him. “Still sentimental, I see.”

Gintoki then turned to Shinsuke. “You knew what Itou wanted from the start, right?”

“Obviously.” Shinsuke took a smoke from his pipe. “So how were they?”

“Naive.” Gintoki said, as he looked to the river again. “But at least they don’t know better.”

“You think us naive?”

They stood in silence for a while. Then Gintoki eventually stood up. “I better get going. The kids will worry.”

Gintoki started to walk away, when Shinsuke grabbed his arm and pulled. Gintoki almost lost his balance as he turned. They both looked at the offending arms. Shinsuke slowly released his. “That’s…”

Gintoki put the grin on his face, as he grabbed Shinsuke’s hand again. “You need to go anywhere?”

“Not really.” Shinsuke said, looking at Gintoki in annoyance.

“Good.” Gintoki said, as he started to drag him away. “We can then visit Zura and we can have a lazy afternoon together.”

“I have better things to do than being with you two idiots.” Shinsuke said, but he let Gintoki drag him away. He really did not have plans for later, so why not?

I might have Fought Teacher [Gintama Fanfiction]

Katsura was lying on the bed in Yoshirwara. He was still surprised that Hinowa had granted them the place to stay as soon as she saw them. He looked at the side, Gintoki sitting there, but lost in thought. Like he was trying to come to terms with something.

“Gintoki?” Katsura said, as he gripped his ankle.

He was surprised at the jerk that Gintoki experienced, before he looked at Katsura and relaxed. “Katsura, you awake?”

Katsura narrowed the eyes at the use of his real name, but then he relaxed. “It was just a gunshot to the stomach.”

“I see.” Gintoki said. He was looking at him with that sad smile of him, that Katsura had not seen on his face for a while.

He looked around, but they were the only two people in the room. “Where are Shinpachi and Leader?”

“I told them to get some rest.” Gintoki said. “It is the middle of the night.”

Katsura looked at his face then sighed. “What happened?”

Gintoki was starting to dismiss the worry, when he stopped himself. But he still did not say anything.

Katsura was content with just waiting. He gripped Gintoki’s hand that was there on the ground next to him. He is right here.

“That day…” Gintoki started, and then he stopped himself. “I killed Shouyou, right?”

Katsura paused. What did brought this on? “Me and Takasugi being alive should be a proof enough.”

“I fought Shouyou.” Gintoki said.

Katsura sat up at these words. Fought Shouyou? That should be impossible now…

Gintoki came forward, and caught him, so he did not fall down immediately. Maybe he overworked his body this time.

“You have been sleeping for 3 days.” Gintoki said. “And your wound is not healed yet, you should rest.”

Katsura had put the hand up to stop Gintoki, then leaned to him. “I am alright. Plus, you think that I could really sleep after that?” He looked at Gintoki, and challenged his to make him sleep now.

Gintoki sighed, as he made himself more comfortable. They were just like that for a couple of minutes, and it was almost like in the past.

“I recognized that sword as soon as I started to fight him. I just did not want to believe it.” Gintoki started. “But after I managed to hit his mask…” he trailed off. “I felt like I was back in school.”

Katsura was quiet. He just tried to provide as much comfort through being there as possible.

“But when we finally managed to cup him, he just healed back.” Gintoki said. “That is when retreat become possible, so we run away.”

Katsura felt Gintoki put the head on his. He used his left hand to pet his hair.

“Nobume said that this person was teacher and was not teacher. But she is sure that the one that killed Shouyou was not me, but him.”

Gintoki started to shake, so Katsura simply pulled him down, so his head was on his shoulder. He let Gintoki embrace him more, even if it started to pull on his wound. He let him stay like that for a couple of minutes.

“Gintoki.” he eventually said, and he waited for a small hum from him. “If that person seriously fought you, then it can not be our teacher.” he said. “Shouyou would never do that. You out of all of us should know that the most.”

“Shouyou would never lament you for your choices.” Katsura said. “You are living as a great samurai.”

“Katsura…” Gintoki said, but he looked sideways.

“So stop mopping around. It does not suit you at all.” He smiled at the Gintoki’s face. “When a person does something, they need to put 100% there. But when they are resting, they need to rest 100%, right?”

Gintoki blinked. He narrowed his eyes. “Are you implying that I am not serious?”

“No, I am saying that it is not like you.” Katsura puhhed. “Remember, we promised each other that we will not change. It would be too much work to cut you down.” Katsura tried to looked annoyed.

Gintoki laughed. “Says that terrorist, that started to work with the police.”

“Rebel fighter. And former police. Get you vocabulary checked.” Katsura said, but he could not stop the smile appearing on his face. This is how it should be.

I am already Engaged [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was drinking at the Otose snack, and there were a couple of guests there. It was overall a quiet evening so far. Gintoki came to the counter and took another Yakult and the chocolate nmaibo. Otose just gave him without any question or usual nagging about payment.

That is when Hijikata and Sougo entered the bar. They looked around and they noticed Gintoki sitting at the table in the back. They made their way there.

Gintoki looked up to them, when they sat down. “I really hope to drink in peace tonight.”

“Drinking?” Sougo commented, as he looked at the Yakult in Gintoki’s hand. “You won’t get drink with this.”

“We did not came to discuss drinking.” Hijikata said, as looked annoyed. “It was about the recent accident.”

“I won’t apologise.” said Gintoki, as he took another bite. It was not as good as parfait, but he guessed it is more practical.

“You really should!” said Hijikata, but then he calmed down. “But that is not why we are here.” He put a couple of folders on the table. “The higher ups are asking about you, and Matsudaira came with the idea, that if we marry you to the higher class, they will stop.”

“No.” Gintoki said, as he looked at the Yakult bottles. Why do them only make them is such small bottles? He put the bottle down and sighed.

“But the government will continue to investigate you, if you don’t give them something. You know what will happen, if they find out about the White demon?” Sougo said.

Gintoki leaned back. So much about peace. “The answer is still no.”

“Why?” Hijikata said. “We are giving you a way out. Just take it already.”

Gintoki was thinking for a couple of seconds then grinned. “I don’t know. My two fiances might cook an even bigger problems.”

Both Hijikata and Sougo blinked. Gintoki looked satisfied with himself, to manage to put a wrench in their ‘brilliant’ plan.

“Wait, plural?” Hijikata demanded, he leaned forward. “How can you have more than one?”

Gintoki shrugged. “We figured that after the Joui war the laws will change anyway.”

Sougo leaned forward as well. “So the lazy samurai is just a front. In reality you are having a really hot sex all the time, right?”

“I am not.” Gintoki said indifferently. “So that plan of yours will not work. Can I now continue to drink in peace?”

The two of them did not move, so Gintoki narrowed is eyes. Sougo started to grin, but Hijikata grabbed him for a forearm. “We are leaving.” he said, as he dragged Sougo away.

Gintoki looked after them for a while, then he complemented if he should get another serving or not. On the end he decided not to, and left the bar.

The next day he was laying the bed, when Shinpachi run into his room. Just because he was not drunk for a change does not mean he liked an early wake up call.

“What is it?” Gintoki said, as he yawned. Shinpachi just put a piece of paper in his hands, just as Kagura entered the room as well.

Gintoki had to blink a couple of times, before he comprehended what was written there. Shinsengumi were asking for the fiance of Sakata Gintoki to come forward.

Gintoki offered the piece of paper back. “They are not going to like the results.”

“Wait.” Shinpachi started, as Kagura started to read the paper. “You mean you actually have fiance?”

“It was a long time ago. Most likely I am the only one that remembers.” Gintoki said, as he decided to get dressed anyway. There is most likely going to be quite a rucks.

“That is all? No comment?” Shinpachi asked.

Kagura pocked him in the ribs. “He is just embarrassed that he is actually a damsel in distress.”

With this the person appeared from the roof. Ayame jumped down in front of Gintoki. “Obviously I am that fiance.” said Ayame, as gripped Gintoki’s arm. “I can still remember the promise that we made under that tree.”

“It was obviously not you.” Gintoki said, as he started to prepare breakfast. He needed something sweet, so rice with red beans seemed perfect.

Ayame become red. “I know, you just want to hurt me by saying that.”

“Then who was it?” Shinpachi asked.

Gintoki ignored them, as he prepared his food and started to eat it. They all looked at each other.

“But if we wait by the Shinsengumi, we will be able to see, right?” Kagura said, as she took the food as well.

The three of them took their way, Kagura having the food in both her hands. Gintoki sighed, putting his head down.. “I would never told them, if I knew what would happen.”

“Gintoki?” came the voice from the entry. “Are you here?”

Katsura entered the room and he noticed Gintoki looking all depressed. He sat on the other couch. “You will end up getting diabetes.”

“Don’t care.” Gintoki said, his head still down.

Katsura looked at Gintoki. It was not frequently that Gintoki looked defeated. He moved next to him, and he pushed Gintoki down, so his head ended up in his lap. “Well, I do.”

Gintoki glanced up, then he looked at the other couch. This was nice. If only they could stay like that. But they can’t. “Why are you here, Zura?”

“How many times od I have to tell you it is Katsura?” Kastura asked, as he started to pet Gintoki’s hair. There was no anger in his voice. “I came to lecture you, but you seems to down for it.”

“Lecture me?” Gintoki asked, his voice without any energy.

Katsura closed his eyes. “You know that you need to break one engagement first, right?”

Gintoki closed his eyes as well. “I don’t want to.” His hand curled into fists. “But we also can not just go back.”

Katsura hand stilled in the hair for a moment, and Gintoki tensed. But then he continued to pet his hair. “You never said anything.”

“What was there to say?” Gintoki said. “After the…” Gintoki’s voice broke, and he started again. “Everything changed.”

Katsura decided not to comment. Who was he to contradict Gintoki. What happened back there, what they did afterwards, it did change everything. “I apologize.”

“Why are you the one apologizing?” Gintoki asked.

For not realizing sooner why you did that. For leaving you alone afterwords. For not being able to stop Takasugi,… But on the end Katsura did not answer.

They spend some times like that, until Gintoki stood up, back to his normal attitude. He turned on the television.

“The headquarters of the Shinsengumi were bombed not too long ago. Thankfully there were not casualties. According to our inforamtion, the bomb came with the message 'Don’t do things you will regret’. We have yet to confirm what it was about.”

Gintoki looked at Katsura, who shook his head. “It was not me.”

Gintoki growled. “So that means…” He looked at Katsura. “I am screwed, right?”

Katsura just smiled. “I don’t know. But Takasugi is possessive, so most likely yes.”

First Visit in the Red Light District [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was waiting for them at the table in the front, eating something that Katsura had yet to ever see. It was in the cup, dark and looked creamy like.

He sat next to Gintoki. “I am surprised you finished so quickly.”

Gintoki took another spoon of his food, then passed the spoon to Katsura. “The woman was not a very good conversationalist. And then she showed me this, so I left to enjoy it in peace.”

Katsura took a spoon of it, and tasted it. It was way too sweet, but it also had bitter and nutty understate as well. The after taste told him that there was milk in it as well. “What is this?”

“They call it chocolate ice-cream.” Gintoki as he took the spoon back and took another mouthful. “It is officially my new favorite food.”

Katsura rolled his eyes. Gintoki’s obsession with sweets was somehow cute, if impractical. “You really just left?”

Gintoki looked at Katsura. “Was that not the point of sneaking out of school? To get drunk and have a good time.” He then looked at his ice-cream. “But this is better than alcohol.”

“Gintoki,” Katsura started, “We are in the red district.”

Gintoki looked at him with. “Red district? Is there something special about it?”

Katsura stared st Gintoki. He was joking, right? I mean… maybe he was not. He really did not want to be the one that needs to give that conversation. “Gintoki, did you ever have the feeling like you want to touch the girls? Like an urge to touch?”

“Touch? Like in a fight?” Gintoki asked. The ice-cream was melted enough, so he was able to mix it. Now it seems like it was even better than before.

“No. I mean in a more… friendly sense.” Katsura said, as he tired to put it down diplomatically. It was one thing to do it in a private place, it was quite another to talk about it is a public place.

Gintoki was thinking for a while. “No, I don’t remember any such urges with girls.”

“But did you have them with men?” Katsura asked. He was clearly convinced that Gintoki was making fun of it.

Gintoki took another spoonful. “I would not call it an urge, but it is something that I would like.”

“See, that is what you were supposed to do with that woman.” Katsura said. At the same time he cursed himself. If he would realize it before, he could make sure…

“So she should pet my hair?” Gintoki asked quizzically. “None of the other people did that.”

Katsura blinked again. Where did that question come from. He asked carefully: “Gintoki, what kind of touch do you want?”

“Well,” Gintoki started, waiving his spoon at the same time. “I like when I can fall asleep propped on teacher’s back. And I like when he ruffles my hair. And I like listening to his heartbeat. And also yours and Takasugi’s. I like playing with your hair. I sometimes do, when you are sleeping. I like sleeping on Takasugi’s stomach as well.” Gintoki was looking up, trying to come up with something else.

“That is all?” Katsura asked, as he looked at him is disbelief. “Nothing more intimate?”

“Seems intimate enough for me?” Gintoki said, as he looked at Katsura. “What else did you have in mind?” Gintoki tired to take another spoonful, but the cup was empty.

Katsura took the cup. “I will get you another one.” He said, as he left the table, leaving behind the confused Gintoki.

When Takasugi came, he found Gintoki finishing his ice-cream, waiving him over, and Katsura hiding his face in the table. He sat next to them. “What is wrong with Zura?”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.” said Katsura, but it was muffled, as he still did not look up. He did picked up.

Takasugi turned to Gintoki, but he only got a shrug on return. “He was talking about touching people, and then decided he prefer to have the earth swallow him.”

Takasugi pocked Katsura. “Was it so bad?” he asked.

Katsura then stood up. He looked at Gintoki: “You finished, right?”

Gintoki nodded, and Katsura started to walk away. Takasugi and Gintoki looked at each other, and then followed him.

“Why the hurry?” asked Takasugi, as they reached Katsura. “It is not like they will be worried at the school.”

“I am not explaining that.” Katsura said, with the red face. “I am not explaining the meaning of red light district at all, you got that?” At the last words he turned to both of them, pointing at Takasugi. He then huhed and continued walking.

Takasugi looked at Gintoki, who seems without the care in the world. He sighed. “I see.” He decided not to comment further.

Katsura Goes in the Past [Gintama Fanfiction]

“We should have been in class.” Katsura whispered, as he walked after Gintoki and Takasugi. He could just imagine Gintoki and Takasugi simply rolling his eyes. He figured that simply going with them was answer enough.

They came to the room, that was now dubbed as the medical room. They looked around, and the village doctor was just outside, so they came inside. All three of them looked at the person sleeping on the futon.

“He almost looks like your father, Zura.” Takasugi said.

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.” Katsura replied. “And it can not be. Both my parents died years ago.”

“Maybe you have some relatives, you did not know about.” Gintoki said, as he looked at the face, picking his nose.

Katsura glared at him, but then they all heard the voices coming down the hallway. The doctor was returning, and they all hid inside the closet. It took them a couple of seconds, since Gintoki’s sword was in the way.

It was hard being in the closet, but at least they were able to see something through the crack. The doctor checked the patient’s temperature and heart beat, then he went back to writing.

They spend the next hour or two holed like that, and Katsura really started to wonder, why does he always goes along with these two idiots. He would be a lot more comfortable in the classroom, where he would actually be doing something productive.

Getting a knee or arm in his body was not comfortable at all.

But then he could feel tension next to him. Not that he was not tense himself. The person seems to be stirring. The doctor seemed to also notice that, and he put away his writings and leaned over.

The person looked at the doctor. “Where am I?” he asked, but his voice was husky.

“In the school.” was the doctor’s reply, as he took the glass and offered some water by the straw. “The students fished you out of the river. You would have died otherwise.”

The patient stopped drinking, looking at the ceiling. “I see.” He then tired to get up.

The doctor waited for a couple of seconds, then he sighed. “You are one of the rebels, right?” he asked.

“I have been called that before.” the patient asked, as he managed to sit up.

The doctor put hand on his shoulder. “You need to rest. You body is in quite a bad state.”

“I am fine. Had worse.” He said.

“Well…” the doctor started, but he paused as he did not know how to call him.

“Katsura. Katsura Kotarou.” the patient replied.

Katsura could feel his jaw relax, and he also noticed some movement and one inhale of air. Just a coincidence?

“Well, Katsura. You have damaged stomach and some ugly cuts on the back. I doubt you can join the fighting for a while.”

Katsura looked at him, and then relaxed. “I won’t overexert myself.”

Doctor looked at him, then stood up. “Good. I will just go tell the teacher that you are awake, and seemingly conscious.”

Doctor left the room. Katsura stood up, and went directly to the closet where these three were hiding. He opened the doors, and all three of them fell out.

Takasugi looked at him in defiance, Gintoki in interest and Katsura in apology. They waited for what this new Katsura will do.

But what he did was grab his nose and sighed. “Gintoki, you could have just said it.”

Both Takasugi and younger Katsura looked at Gintoki, who shrugged. It was the first time he even saw that person. “I did not say anything yet.”

“Not you. At least not yet.” the older Katsura replied. “I was talking about my Gintoki.”

“Your Gintoki?” Takasugi asked with a disbelief in his voice. “You are saying like you came from the different dimension.”

“More like the future.” Katsura replied, as he sat down in front of the kids. “I once saw my future self, so it is possible.”

All three of them looked at them in interest, but also a little disbelief. “So you won’t not mind if I test you if you are really me, right?” asked younger the older.

He got a nod in reply and they looked at each other. How to actually test this. “What were my grandmother’s favourite rice balls?”

“Tuna with the mayonnaise.”

“What did we have on the back wall of the first school?”

“The text presenting the important of the caste system.”

“When did we fist meet Gintoki?” Takasugi butted in.

“At the local temple. He interrupted the fight between you and the rest of school boys.”

They looked again at each other, grinning. “They you can tell us all about our futures, right?” Takasugi asked.

The older Katsura looked away at the garden. It seems like the future is not that good.

“We are all alive, right?” The younger Katsura asked.

“Yes.” Katsura said.

“That is good to hear.” came the voice from the other part of the room. They all looked there, and professor Shoyou was standing there with his smile. He then came closer, still smiling. “But you three are still 100 years too early to snick out of class.”

The teacher then turned to older Katsura, but he was already braced to a hit. Shoyou blinked. But he did not let that derail him. “So you are actually Kotarou from the future?”

“It seems so.” Katsura said. He looked at his teacher.

How Kurokone was ‘Recruited‘ [Gintama Fanfiction]

Kurokono was sitting at the wall of the temple. He was looking at sky, remembering all the people that he used to fight with, most of them gone now. When the reinforcement for the south came, it was already too late for most of them. He sighed.

“You don’t look like somebody that wants to be here.” he heard the voice came from above him.

He looked up into the face of a silver haired person. Must be one of the people from the other squad. He blinked. “Does anybody here looks like they want to be here?”

The silver haired man looked at the camp, thinking. “I would imagine that there are other alternatives than being here.”

Kurokono agreed with him. They were, but now for them, that were branded enemy, is there really anything else? He looked down.

He could heard the man sitting next to him, and when he glanced at his left, he noticed that the man was simply lying back, looking at the sky. There was a sort of relaxed face there. Kurokono did not imagine anybody being able to reach that state in a war.

“I am Kurokono Tasuke.” he said, looking at the silver haired person.

“Gintoki.” the person next to him said, not bothering to look at him at all. He was a little rude, but he guessed that it was not that bad.

There sat there for a couple of minutes, Kurokono allowing his mind to wander. Then he heard the stomach growled. He gripped his stomach, hopping it will go away. The food was quite scarce recently.

“Here.” Gintoki said.

He looked up and noticed Gintoki having two rice balls in his hand. His face was still looking at the sky.

He took one and started to eat it. It was quite fresh and it even had filling in it. Just a plum, but it tasted a lot better than what ever the stuff the people were cooking was called. They even had problem coming across the rice recently.

When he finished one, he noticed that Gintoki simply placed the second one on the ground, not carrying at all. He slowly took it, but then he couldn’t stop himself and asked. “But where do you get the food? Our squad could not get anything recently.”

“It is rice balls.” said Gintoki. Which did not explain anything. “Zura always have the ingredients for the rice balls.”

“That does not makes sense.” Kurokono said, then he bit into the rice ball. There is no way he is going to let it go to waste.

“Right?” Gintoki said, turning his head at him. “It would be a lot better, if he could make something sweeter, like parfait. His obsession with rice balls don’t make sense.”

Kurokono decided not to comment. Parfait in the war times? Is he one of the new recruits, that he has yet to know what it is like?

Kurokono finished the rice ball in silence. That was more food that he got for a meal in a long time. “Why did you join the war, Gintoki?”

Gintoki did not reply for a couple of seconds. “I did not want at first.” he started. “Joining war seems to be like the worst way to…” his voice trailed. “Well anyway, then insisted on going, and I am not about to let these two idiots go to war alone.”

Kurokono smiled. He was aware that most people were spouting ideals before joining, but they stayed because of either duty or people.

“I was one of the idealistic ones. If I could help at least a little, I would be satisfied.” Kurokono said. “But seeing people you work with killed every day make you wonder if your contributions are worth anything.”

Gintoki did not comment on it. When Kurokono looked at him a minute or two later, he was sleeping.

Kurokono smiled, as he looked back in the sky. Maybe being in a company and not talking about anything was also good.

Some time later he noticed a man with a short black hear walking towards him. He did not recognize him, so he figured that he was here for Gintoki. He looked annoyed. He came there, ignoring Kurokono and punched Gintoki on the head.

Gintoki yelped as he gripped his head and looked up. “What was that for?”

The man, crossed his arms. “You missed the meeting.”

Gintoki looked away. “It is boring listening to a bunch of fools arguing.”

The man just looked down at him. It looked like he agreed with Gintoki, but did not want to admit it.

“So, they are going through the mountains right?” Gintoki asked, looking at him with one eye. “Not that it will do them any good.”

“Most of them are.” was his reply. That apparently got Gintoki’s attention. “We are going to the lake. Without Zura.”

“I am surprised they went along with it.” Gintoki said, as he leaned back. “Or are these types of people?”

He signed, but did not reply. Kurokono realized that he misjudged. They seems to be in the war for quite a while. “We leave in two days. And Zura is looking for you. You still haven’t checked your wounds.”

“He worries too much.” Gintoki said. “They are nothing serious.”

The man chuckled. He than turned to the person next to Gintoki. “And you are?”

“Ah, Kurokono Tasuke. Nice to meet you.” Kurokono said.

“Hm.” Takasugi said. “Takasugi Shinsuke.” He turned and left, not spearing them another word.

Which was just good with Kurokono. Takasugi Shinsuke was a name most rebels knew by now. The leader of a Kihentai, one of the three samurais that kept the rebellion on the south line alive. But that would make the person next to him…

The said person was right now picking his nose. He then stood up. He really looked like he did not want to.

Kurokono chuckled. Gintoki looked at him is surprise. “What’s funny?”

“Nothing.” Kurokono said. “It is just, that based on the rumors, I imagined something completely different.”

He could see Gintoki close himself a little. That was not his intention. “In a bad way.”

“No.” Kurokono shook his head. “In a good way.” He stood up as well. “I better check is anybody needs anything. See you around, Gintoki?”

He looked at Gintoki in expectation, but he saw surprise on his face. He then surprise turned into smile. “If you don’t die before.”

Gintoki made his way to the medical part of the camp, and Kurokono looked at him for a couple of seconds, then turned and left for the sleeping place.

By the River [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was lazing at the river. Again. He seems to be sleeping, as his eyes were closed, so he simply dropped his textbook on his head.

Gintoki yelped and he sat up, but the the textbook had fallen on his lap, and he looked up directly in the Katsura’s face. “Jeez, Zura, don’t scare me like that.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura. It is your fault for missing the classes again.” Katsura said, as he sat down to the grass next to Gintoki. “They are over for today. The harvest is coming.”

“I see.” Gintoki said, as he grabbed Katsura for his arm, and leaned back, pulling Katsura with him. Zura glared at him, but Gintoki just grinned back. “Learn to enjoy life more, Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.” Katsura said, as he sighed. “When will you stop using that ridiculous nickname.”

“Probably never.” Gintoki replied as he looked up in the sky.

Katsura looked at the Gintoki’s peaceful face for a while, then looked at the sky as well. There was nothing wrong with enjoying the moment from time to time.

They were like that for a while, when Katsura heard somebody coming. He sat up and looked, directly into Takasugi’s face. “Takasugi?”

Takasugi needed a couple of seconds to reply, and even Gintoki looked up. “I was just worried if anything happened to you two. Teacher would worry.”

Gintoki grinned at Takasugi. “Or were you just jealous?”

“Why would I be jealous fo your two?” Takasugi said, his hands crossed. “Just make sure nothing happens to you two.”

Takasugi turned, but Gintoki glanced at Katsura. He then stood up, and tackled Takasugi on the ground. “You are soooo…” Gintoki said with a singing voice.

“Let me go, Gintoki.” Takasugi said, his face red, as he tired to hit Gintoki’s head, but that did not have any effect.

Katsura was looking at them and he started laughing. They were just so funny. They both looked at him, and they they joined the laughing, Gintoki rolling of Takasugi. But unlike before, Takasugi did not left.

Katsura joined them, both of them lying on the ground and simply enjoying the quiet. Not that it will last long. It never did with these two.

“So, just admit that you were jealous of me.” Gintoki started, turning his face to Takasugi.

“I can’t admit something that is not the truth.” Takasugi replied.

Gintoki put his face over Takasugi’s, as he looked at him with mischief. Takasugi got red in the face, and he tried to back away. “Gintoki, too close.”

“Too close?” Gintoki said, putting himself even closer to Takasugi. “Feeling uncomfortable?”

Takasugi pushed Gintoki away, and Gintoki had fallen on the side in the undignified manner. “Why would you make me feel uncomfortable?”

Katsura was observing this interaction, and a weird idea pooped into his head. “It wasn’t Gintoki you were jealous of, it was me, right?”

Both Takasugi and Gintoki looked at him, blinking. Katsura was feeling accomplished. It was not easy to surprise both of them.

Takasugi looked away. “Don’t be ridiculous, Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

Gintoki looked at him with a serious face, then put one of his hands on Takasugi’s shoulder. “I am sorry Takasugi, but you will never be as smart as Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

Gintoki and Takasugi both ignored Katsura’s jab. “I prefer to have my common sense than Zura’s smartness.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

“His smartness seems to be more useful that your common sense.” Gintoki said back.

Takasugi said: “Tell me just one example…”

“Takasugi is in love with Gintoki.” Katsura suddenly said.

Takasugi shut up, not finishing his sentence. He looked at Katsura in horror and fear. He then tried to stood up. “I have no idea what you are saying.”

Katsura now looked at Gintoki, and they both grabbed Takasugi for one arm, dragging him down. The both grinned at each other over Takasugi’s face.

Takasugi looked at both of them, but then he relaxed. Katsura congratulated himself for that. It was quite nice, looking at the clouds with these two.

They were there until the sunset, when the teacher called them back.

Wrong Person to Ask for a Date [Gintama Fanfiction]

Ginko and Tenko both glared at each other. There is no way that she is going to lose to that Shinsengumi pig. And it seems like Tenko was looking a fairly similar thought. Even if all the men in the city were former women, there is no way that they would not be able to sway at least some of them. Plus, there is always hope that some only came in the Kabuki after the virus stroke.

Tenko seems to have noticed the man in a purple kimono coming down the street. She run towards him, trying to act girly.

But there was something disturbingly familiar about that figure, but Ginko could not exactly point what. Still, intuition told her to pass on this on.

Tenko arrived, she touched the person on his shoulder and asked: “Do you want to get some tea with me?”

When the man turned, and they both recognized Takasugi’s face, Ginko decided that intuition, however crappy at gambling, was still worth keeping. There is no way she wanted Takasugi to see her approaching random guys and asking them for a drink.

Tenko’s reaction was not as mild. “You,” she groveled, as she tried to grab the sword that was usually located at her hip, but her hands came up empty. She looked at that place in surprise, as she was just remembering in what situation she was currently in.

“Why would I want to do that?” Takasugi asked, as she looked her from her feet to her face. He then narrowed his eyes, like trying to pierce together something.

Ginko came there and she grabbed Tenko’s hand. “Sorry for bothering you. We were just fighting which is more popular out of two of us, and she just… ” She tried to smile, but it came across as a nervous smile.

Having Takasugi’s eyes evaluate her were more scary that she remembered. She hoped that the effect was only as strong, because she was in the woman’s body. She knew Takasugi could be scary, but she never felt it on her skin.

She started to slowly back away, making Tenko come with her. As long as Takasugi doesn’t recognize either of them, they should be fine. And it is not likely that it was easy to notice that Tenko is actually Hijikata Toushirou.

Tenko glared at her, but she went along with it. She had also probably realized, that they can’t beat Takasugi in the current bodies. Though, if Takasugi was also turned…

Takasugi chuckled, and his eyes relaxed. Gintoki was certain he would not like the joke. “I did not know you like piggy women, Gintoki. It is because they adhere to your unique sexual preference?”

They both tensed, but Gintoki remembered to grip Tenko’s biceps. They really should not engage him in a fight. That is the most horrible conclusion possible. They should just ignore his jabs.

“But I guess these days you are only able to attract dogs.” Takasugi remarked. He then glanced at Tenko. “Than again, at least you would be a better choice than piggy vice-chief of Shinsengumi there.”

“What are you saying?” Tenko screamed at him, but when she tried to attack him, he was stopped by Ginko’s grip. “Let me go, Ginko.”

Takasugi looked at both of them in amusement. “Even I expected more from the Edo police. But I guess they really are good for nothing. You should rethink your choices, Gintoki.”

“I am right here, you know!” said Tenko. Ginko would not be able to hold him for much longer.

Takasugi turned. “Their base is located in the underground. I suggest taking the entrance at the Kabuki’s 3th street, in the alley near the gay club.” he said, as he started to walk away. “There would be no fun killing you like that, Gintoki.”

Ginko waited until Takasugi completely disappeared, before releasing Tenko. Tenko just glared at him, but at least she did not follow him. She did turn to Ginko. “What do you have with that terrorist?”

“White demon, remember?” Ginko said, as she started to pout. But at least now they had a lead, so something good had come out of it, right? He just hoped Hijikata will drop that line of investigation.

Unexpected Nightly Visitor [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was glad that Kagura decided to spend the night at Shinpachi’s place, when he noticed who was leaning on his wall. Gintoki pinched himself to the arm, thinking that he was dreaming the person in the blood drenched purple kimono.

But even then the person did not disappear, and the haze of the alcohol was lifted from Gintoki’s head, as he moved insistently, checking for the breathing. It was there, but it was quicker than normal. What was even more worrying was that Takasugi was not reacting to his presence at all and was burning.

One positive thing in all of that was that at least most of the blood appeared to be from somebody else. Only now did he noticed the blooded sword that was located on the other side.

Gintoki carried his to his room, and put him into his own futon. One trip in the kitchen, and he came back with two buckets with water and towels. The first towel was wet and put on the Takasugi’s forehead, to lower his temperature.

Then he started to clean the blood from Takasugi. He started with the face, gentle wipes removing the blood. He removed the bandages, the look of his crushed eye reminding Gintoki about that day. He quickly moved on. There is no way to change the past.

He than removed the purple kimono, removing the blood from his torso, his hand tracing the scars that he did not know, and the ones that he did.

After finishing, he looked around for any fresh clothes, but there was nothing appropriate. On the end he dressed him in one of his spare kimonos.

He changed the towel on the forehead, cleaning the things that he did not need anymore. As he put everything away, he grabbed the edge of the sink. What was he even doing?

He then went and cleaned the sword as well. There would be questions if somebody came and saw it. Especially the Shinsengumi.

He then returned to his room, sitting next to Takasugi, changing the towel again. He looked at his face, relived that his breathing seems to slow down a little. He then signed and leaned back to the wall. Before he realized, he was already sleeping.

As soon as Takasugi woke up, he realized that he was in the unknown place. He pretended to be still sleeping, but it did not look like there was anybody close by. Not only that, for some reason there was a familiar smell around him.

He opened his eyes, scanning the place. He noticed Gintoki leaning on the wall, sleeping. Takasugi blinked. What happened? He then stood up, noticing that he was dressed in what appeared to be Gintoki’s kimono.

He noticed that he was a little unsettled on his feet, but he still walked to the wall, kneeling in front of Gintoki and smacking him on the head.

Gintoki turned his head. “Kagura. Gin has a hangover, so be nice.”

“Do you get waken by princess Kagura these days, Gintoki?” Takasugi asked. But as soon as he did the dizziness started. He gripped his nose.

“Takasugi?” Gintoki asked. “So yesterday was not a dream.”

Takasugi looked at him, and noticed that Gintoki’s hand was positioned like he wanted to steady him, but he did not. Even after all this time…

“So what happened yesterday?” Takasugi asked, returning to the more pressing matters. He did not seems to remember much after the meeting with the another freedom fraction.

“That is my question.” Gintoki said, some anger in his voice. But the anger was not pointed at Takasugi. “I found you here all blooded and unresponsive.”

“Ah.” Takasugi said, checking the state of his body. There did not seems to be anything unusual with it. He grinned. “Suits them right.”

Gintoki looked at him, then stood up, as he scratched his head. “Your sword and kimono are there,” he pointed at the corner. “Make sure you return the kimono.”

Gintoki was about the leave the room, when Takasugi said. “And Gintoki.” Takasugi waited for Gintoki to stop and start listening. “Thank you.”

Takasugi looked after him, until he heard the heaving from what he assumed was the bathroom. He looked at his kimono. It would attract too much attention. There was way too much blood on it. He put the bandage up and he left the house.

About four days latter, all three, Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi were lazing around the house, when the door ringed for delivery. Shinpachi signed and he brought it inside, seeing it was for Gintoki.

When he opened it, there was Gintoki’s kimono with a variety of premium chocolate there. There was also an unsigned note, with words: ‘Don’t think that changes anything.’

No matter how much Kagura and Shinpachi were pestering him, he did not tell them who the sender was.

Even Terrorists Have Free Days [Gintama Fanfiction]

Yamazaki and Hijikata were slowly advancing in the house. There was a rumour that The Nobleman of Fury, Katsura Kotarou was hiding here. They made their way through the rooms, all of them unoccupied. Not only that, most of them, while clean, looked unlived in.

There were only a couple of rooms in the end of the corridor. Yamazaki and Hijikata nodded to each other, before Yamazaki opened the door and Hijikata entered in it.

But after that Hijikata stopped on his tracks, Yamazaki could not help himself so he looked at the room.

He understood why Hijikata stopped. There is no way that he could be seeing right. There was Yorozuya’s boss, sleeping on the stomach of the terrorist that they were looking for.

Katsura looked at them with the bleary eyes, but they cleared as soon as he saw them. He tried to stand up, but for some reason he stopped and glared at Gintoki. “Gintoki.”

“Hmmm.” could be heard from the sleeping man. Then he turned and looked at Yamazaki and Hijikata. “It’s your free day. Tell them to come back later.”

“What do you mean come back later. Are you belittling the police force, you freeloader!” said Hijikata. “And what do you mean free days?! Terrorists don’t get free days.” He then griped his face. “I am getting sidetracked.”

Katsura stood up, putting the sword in his belt. “It is not the terrorist. It is the freedom fighter.”

“They get when I threatened the lot of them.” Gintoki said, signing, as he slowly started to stood up. “But it is just a day every two weeks, so you just just leave us alone?”

“If you would just join us, we could spend a lot more time together.” Katsura said, seeming satisfied with his conclusion.

“When will you stop. I already told you that I have no interest in fighting a losing battle.”

“And you call yourself a samurai?”

Hijikata looked from one the another and sighed. “There is something clearly wrong with this picture.”

Gintoki looked around the room. “There are no picture here.”

“Gintoki, you idiot.” said Katsura. “He was obliviously referring to the the gallery that opened around here. There is something clearly wrong with it.”

Gintoki looked at him, then slapped the back of his head. Katsura gripped that place and glared at Gintoki.

Hijikata then shook his head, as he charged. “I am still arresting you, Katsura.”

Katsura laughs as he puts the sweets from his sleave and and throw it. The red smokescreen appears and when it dissipates, Katsura is no longer there.

Gintoki smells the air. “Strawberry. Such a waste.”

He started to walk away, but Hijikata put the sword on his neck. “I can just take you as an accomplice.”

Gintoki looked up at the ceiling, ans sighed. He looked like he was rethinking his life choices, but Yamazaki would not bet even the Shinsengumi’s sausage for it.

There was another smokescreen, this time yellow and Yamazaki even started to cough. That one was a lot stronger than before. But in that smokescreen, Gintoki seems to disappear.

They left the house, and Hijikata lighted his cigarette. “I almost had them.”

He looked furious, so Yamazaki decided not to comment no how surprised was he by the development and how easy was he swayed by them. Hijikata started to walk back, so he hurried after him.

By chance, he looked at one of the smaller allies, and he could see them walking away shoulder by shoulder. They seems quite a pair.

And he was lucky to not have to mention it, as Hijikata made him promise not to mention this fiasco to anybody.