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Even in War there is Time for Sleep [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki finally found Takasugi, and he was just in the middle of explaining something to the Kiheitai. He sat himself close-by, and he noticed Takasugi glancing at him. It was just a short look though.

Takasugi looked something between focus and peace, when he listened to the people he commanded. He did not talk a lot, just a comment from time to time.

Gintoki looked at his with a fond face. Recently there was not a lot of times that Takasugi looked like that. It reminded him of the past times.

Not only that, Takasugi was good at redirecting the focus of his people on himself. Most people treated Gintoki with either awe or fear, but people in the Kiheitai usually did not paid him much mind. Which was frankly refreshing.

Gintoki decided that he had saw enough and he left the place. He checked at the Kurokono, who just was correcting the swings of some of the newer people. Kurokono noticed him, and he waived him over. “Gintoki, do you want to help?”

Gintoki smiled, as he came closer. Kurokono was a great teacher, even if he was only an average fighter. There was not a lot that he could help with. Plus, his presence seems to make the new guy more nervous, so he excused himself. Kurokono shrugged in apology, but he was used to it. It was not Kurokono’s fault.

He noticed that they have brought the new supplies. When Sakamoto was organizing logistics it was one of the only times that he looked in his element. Gintoki was still not aware of how Sakamoto even managed to get to war. Even if he was grateful for him. The morale was a lot higher since he came.

He got reminded from one of the guys to check to the infirmary. It is not like the wound needs a lot of checking. Still, he made his way there.

He should have known he will be there. Katsura was one of the people bandaging the people there. Out of the three of them, he was the only one that actually remembered all the lessons on the healing. It made his an indispensable for the troop, which is also good. He did not want them to belittle Katsura again.

They seems to be having a lot of things to do, so he decided to come later. He did not want to come in the first place.

He ended up on the roof of the room, that they used as a place of injured. The high places were still the best. The sun and the wind could be felt and Gintoki had the feeling like he could see the world there. Just like when he was a child.

Gintoki must have fallen asleep, because the next thing he notice was the weight on his head. Gintoki looked up. Takasugi’s face, surrounded by the stary sky was beautiful.

“Oh, it is night already.” Gintoki said. He was a lot more awake now.

Takasugi looked annoyed. “Only you would not notice that.” He stood up. “Come on already.”

Gintoki looked at Takasugi getting down the roof, then followed his example. Not that he needed Takasugi’s guidance. He was making their way to their sleeping place. None of them were on the guarding duty tonight.

“I brought an idiot.” Takasugi said, as he sat on the ground. Gintoki heart that, but he only glared and did not answer.

Katsura was already sitting there. He looked up with a suffering air in his face. “Gintoki, why did you not come to change your bandages?”

Gintoki shrugged. “You do it every evening anyway.” And it is true. Why bother with remembering to come there.

Katsura sighed. Gintoki knew he annoyed him with that, but he really did not see, why did Katsura found it so annoying. He still removed the upper part and the protective west. He then sat down.

Katsura started to remove the rest of the clothing and then the bandages. He made sure that each part was removed with care, and Gintoki simply relaxed , not thinking about anything.

Slowly the creme was applied and the new bandages were wrapped around his torso. Gintoki was still thinking that was overkill, but he was also too tired to fight about it. Which means that Katsura was most likely right.

He felt the top part covering his body and then the pair of hands pushed his head to the Katsura’s lap. He then felt Takasugi making himself comfortable at his backside. Katsura’s hands started to play with his hair. “Just sleep, Gintoki.”

Gintoki’s one hand grabbed Katsura’s ankle, and the other one found Takasugi’s left hand.

Takasugi gripped back. “We are not going anywhere, so just sleep already before you drop from exhaustion, idiot.”

“You are an idiot, Bakasugi.” Gintoki mumbled, before he let the sleep take him once again.

Where Did Gintoki Get Dekoboko Information [Gintama Fanfiction]

There was a shadow walking slowly to the terminal. It looked like it belonged there, being all confident and certain in her actions. It looked at the terminal and started to type something there. There was a curse heard, when the terminal did not do everything as expected.

There were a soft steps heard from the corridor, and the shadow hid next to the doors. One of the guards walked in and he looked around the room. His look ended up on the screen, which was not revealing some sort of map. The guard gripped the spear, and turned around.

But he only felt the end of the spear hitting him on the chin. He lost his steps, and he pushed the spear down, bringing the blade up. The attacker dogged to the left, but it pushed the hood down, and the guard hesitated, seeing the sliver haired woman face, looking at him with intention.

That one moment of indecision was enough and Ginko put the rag in front of guard’s face. The ether hit the nose, and the man quickly fell down. Ginko then immediately went through the man’s pockets, until he got the pocketbook. She leafed through it, then made his way to the terminal. She corrected her hood, and input the password there.

It did not take long for Ginko to find the Dekoboko folder. Just as she was about to start skimming, she noticed the presence behind him, and just in time she turned around, using her wooden sword to block the incoming attack. But she also had to quickly sidestepped to the side, as to not be hit with the Takasugi’s kick, changing the angle on her sword, to not make Takasugi’s job of cutting her easier.

“Shinsuke? Are you here?” said the woman’s voice.

Ginko reacted quickly, and he grabbed Takasugi’s sword hand, one of the legs stepped between his, and the other hand was used to grab the back of Takasugi’s head. He then kissed him.

Ginko felt Takasugi’s hand on this head, and the next moment she was flying back. She managed to land on his feet. She lost her balance for a moment, which made her dodge the first two rounds that were send her way.

“What do you think you are doing to Shinsuke?” Matako said, as she pointed her guns to Ginko. “Who are you?”

Ginko grabbed her sword. This was getting bed fast. Nobody was supposed to notice that he was here. There is no way, that she could fight both of them in this body.

Matako took that as a threat, as she fired a couple of more bullets in her direction. There were not that hard to dodge, but then she noticed Takasugi behind him, and she jumped away. But it still cut through her robe, revealing her normal grab underneath it.

“Matako, wait.” Takasugi said, and there was actually something akin to amusement there. Matako stopped, her guns still ready.

Ginko glanced at Matako, then looked at Takasugi. “You are making a mistake.”

Takasugi smiled, as he sheathed his sword. “Not really. You can’t really win right now, Gintoki.”

Ginko looked at Takasugi for a second, and it looked like she will deny. Then she sighed and lowered her sword. “You are saying that like I want to fight you.”

“Gintoki? As in White Demon? This woman?” Matako asked in surprise. “But wasn’t the White Demon male? Shinsuke?” She was looking at Takasugi.

“That one.” Takasugi answered, “Matako, check if there is any other rat on this ship.”

“Right away, Shinsuke.” She still looked worriedly from Takasugi to Ginko, but then she turned around and left the room.

Ginko took her sword and put it back to her hip. That was not a good result at all. Takasugi was one person she wanted to avoid at any cost. She was still not sure how to act around him. “There is nobody else.”

Takasugi ignored his comment. “So, Gintoki, what do we own this visit?” he said. There was still that threat in the air.

“Dekoboko.” Ginko said, looking at her body. “Zura had no information about them, so I just thought that you might have.”

Takasugi took the pipe and lighted it. “By snicking in?”

“It is not like I could just ask you.” Ginko said, an annoyance on her face. “It is still easier than trying to figure out if Sakamoto knows anything.”

Takasugi agreed. It is why it was mostly Katsura that did it during the war. That person had a patience of a saint. He was looking at Ginko for a minute, then turned to the terminal. “What are you interested in?” Takasugi asked.

“What, you will help? Just like that?” Ginko asked.

“You don’t want me?” Takasugi asked, as he looked at Ginko with a questioning look.

Ginko glared. But she did not reply, so Takasugi chuckled and turned back to the terminal. “So?”

“I want to know where their next target is going to be.” Ginko said, looking now at the screen as well.

Harusame’s databases did not have that information, but between them they were able to quickly figure our their next target. Checking just a couple of things confirmed the date as well. Still a little more than a week away. More than enough time to prepare everything.

Takasugi log out from the terminal and turned around. “You got the information.” It was just a statement.

Ginko nodded and she started to walk away. These minutes were almost like the past time, but she should have known that they are not coming back. “Thank you, Takasugi.”

“It would be embarrassing if you died as a woman.” Takasugi said from behind him.

“Says a man with Yakult obsession.”

“Says a woman that can’t survive peaceful times without sugar.”

“Don’t belittle sugar. Especially strawberry milk.”

“I am sure it is great for diabetes.”

At these words Bansai entered the room. He looked from one to another.

“Great, Bansai. You can accompany Gintoki here outside. Make sure he stays outside.” he said, as he walked right pass them. He did not turned back once.

Ginko turned to Bansai. “I think I can find the way back by myself.” She started to walk towards the exit.

Bansai quickly matched her pace. “Shinsuke said to accompany you.”

Ginko looked like he wanted to say something, but he changed his mind. They walked most of the way in silence.

Before they reached the doors, Bansai started to talk. “Did something interesting happen. You song is a lot more harmonical than usual.”

Ginko looked forward, and was acting nonchalant, but Bansai noticed that the song went into more sadly jazz now. “Nothing really.”

Bansai narrowed his eyes, but he decided not to comment on it. Not that they had a lot of time life, since they reached the exit.

Ginko turned around and looked Bansai up and down. “Bansai, right? Can I…” she started to say something, but then change her mind. “Never mind. Wouldn’t matter.”

“What wouldn’t?” Bansai said.

Ginko smiled at him, but then simply turned and left outside. Her job here was done, and the past is most likely not coming back. So the only thing left is to move forward. With this life, that their teacher protected. And only hope that the other two are moving forward as well.

The First Kiss [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was sleeping on the tree at the riverbank, his back being propped by the log, and teacher’s sword in his hands.

Which proved to make Katsura’s job harder. Why did Takasugi have to be so insistent to that bet? He could be reading the book right now, not climbing the tree for something so stupid.

He started to climb the tree. The branches were quite far apart. How did Gintoki ever managed to climb there? No, more importantly, why would he always bother to climb that high up?

He was on the last branch, when he looked down. He was quite high up. He looked up, about to grasp the last branch, when he noticed Gintoki looking at him, still leaning back on the tree. It surprised him so much, that he missed the grip and he felt his legs lose the support under him.

He prepared to crash to one of the branches below, when he felt the pain on his left wrist. He opened his eyes and looked up, seeing how Gintoki was dangling from the brach with his legs, and was grabbing his hand with both hands.

“Can you get some grip?” Gintoki said, the tension seen on his face.

Katsura felt around with his legs, hitting the branch and managed to stand there. Only then did he felt Gintoki release his grip. Katsura took hold of his branch. This really was not a good idea. “Why do you always climb to such places?”

“It feels safe.” Gintoki answered. He had already managed to get to the branch next to the one Katsura was on. He than asked: “What are you doing here, Katsura?”

Katsura averted his eyes. Then he looked straight at Gintoki. “Will you kiss me?”

“What are you saying now?” Gintoki said.

“Don’t misunderstand it. Takasugi dared me that you won’t do it.” Katsura said, looking away. “I just don’t want to lose to him.”


As Katsura looked at Gintoki, he felt something wet on his lips. It stayed there for a couple of seconds. Then it disappeared. Katsura put his finger on his lips.

“This is fine, right?” Gintoki asked, as he leaned back to the tree.

言語には単語は必要だ / Words are an important part of languages / Pri jezikih so pomembne besede






Words are an important part of languages

When learning languages, the words are important part of it. If the words are unknowns, nothing can be understood, nothing said, nothing written, nothing heard and nothing read. After all, language is the use of words.

They are like the pieces of the puzzle. If one piece is missing, it is not a problem. No matter what kind of picture, it can still be seen. But when there are a lot of pieces missing, it is hard to know, what is draw on it.

The languages are the same. If there is one or two words that are unknown, the meaning can still be understood. But when half of the words are unknown, then the message can not longer be understood.

That is why the words are extremely important when learning languages.

Pri jezikih so pomembne besede

Ko se učimo tujih jezikov, so besede pomemben del tega. Če ne poznamo besed, potem ne razumemo ničesar, ne moremo ničesar povedati, ničesar napisati, ničesar poslušati in ničesar prebrati. Jezik je navsezadnje uporaba besed.

Besede so kot kosi sestavljanke. Če manjka en kos sestavljanke, to še ni problem. Klub manjkajočemu kosu je še vedno mogoče videti, kakšna slika je gor. Ampak če je takih manjkajočih kosov veliko, potem se slike ne prepozna več.

Jezik deluje na podoben način. Če je par besed, ki jih ne vemo, potem lahko še vedno razumemo sporočilo. Ampak če ne razumemo polovice besed, potem tudi ne moremo razumeti sporočila.

Zato se besede pomemben del pri učenju tujih jezikov.

終始は進化する為の一番必要な物だ / The consistency is important for improvement / Za napredek je najpomembnejši korak stalna vaja








The consistency is important for improvement

The first step to improving something is to do it every day. Since, if nothing is every done, nothing can improve. If you want to run, run every day. If you want to use a foreign language, use it every day.

If you only read books or watch other people, than nothing will change. This can only help after you are already doing the action every day.

I am the member of the Toastmasters group. When we have a meeting, nobody wants to go to the stage. They are afraid of it.

But the fear will not go away, until they are regularly standing on the stage. No matter how many books do they read, no matter how many people they see, without going on the stage, they will forever be afraid of it.

But when I tell them that, they are not that interested in it. They want some more advance tactics.

But I am different. I want to try something and they I can change something. That way I can always reach my goal.

Za napredek je najpomembnejši korak stalna vaja

Če se želiš v nečemu izboljšati je prvi potrebni pogoj, da to delaš vsak dan. Konec koncev, je nemogoče izboljšati nečesa, kjer se ne vloži nobene energije. Če želiš teči, potem teči vsak dan. Če želiš govoriti tuji jezik, potem ga govori vsak dan.

Samo branje knjig in opazovanje drugih ljudi ne bo prineslo nobene spremembe. To je dobra strategija, potem ko se navade že vzpostavljene.

Sama sem članica Toastmasters kluba. Ko imamo srečanje, nihče ne želi priti na oder, ker imajo tremo.

Ampak brez prihoda na oder, se treme ne bodo znebili. Tudi če preberejo nešteto knjig, in opazujejo nešteto ljudi, samo z časom na odru se je treme mogoče znebiti.

Ampak ko jim to povem, ne naletim na veliko navdušenja. Verjetno bi radi bolj napredne metode.

Sama jih ne želim. Vedno lahko kaj poskusim, in nato spremenim stvari. Na tak način lahko vedno dosežem svoje cilje.

銀時と高杉の話 [Gintama Fanfiction]

土方と総悟は店に座った。山崎の情報は正しいなら、今日あの高杉晋助はここに来る。どうしてそんな所に来るとはまだ分からなかった。 店に入ったのは万事屋の旦那。銀時は何も見てなかった、隣の机に座った。土方は何か言いたかった、でも止まった。高杉は真選組がここにいるだと築くなら、現れない。多分… 銀時はパフェに食べて始めた。総悟は土方に突いた、そしてドアに指さした。あそこは高杉に来ました。変装まで無かった。土方は彼の手で箸を壊した。真選組を舐められた… 高杉は店に見た、それとも彼らに所で行った。土方と総悟は刀に持ってたですけど、彼らに関係なく歩く。止まるのは隣の机。 「相変わらず甘いものばかり食べる。ねえ、銀時?」と高杉が言った、銀時の側に座った。 「美味しいよ。食べてみる?」と銀時は言った。 「結構だ。」と高杉が言った。「ここに呼んだのは食べる為じゃなくて。」 銀時はスプーンを離した。「紅桜でしょう?」 高杉が含み笑った。「ならば話が早い。紅桜に負ける。」 「ああ?バカなのか?」と銀時は言った。「冗談だけを話すなら帰れ。」 「神威がいないなら、勝てるだと思う?あいつらに?」と高杉が言った。「私達は負けたら、まあ、結果はもう知っているでしょう。でも春雨に協力のは君と桂を疑えるだけだ。神威の協力のは春雨以外の方法がない。」 銀時はあそこで静に座った。考えてみたいな顔をした。 「あの二人なら、私の船に乗ってなた、何とか生きられる。約束だ。」と高杉は言った。 土方はその話は止める為に動く始めた、でも総悟が彼に止まった。真剣に彼らを見た。普通の総悟の顔じゃないだから、動けなかった。 「まあ、いいか。最初は負ける、後で勝てるはいいんだ。」と銀時は言った。「でも新八と神楽を手を出すな。お前の船まで乗っててなら。」 「はいはい。」と高杉が言った。そして含み笑った。「まあ、私達は最初からそんな者なのか?」 「今何を考える、高杉。お前らしくない言葉だ。」と銀時は言った。「先生は今見てなら、どう思ってなのか?」 「多分笑ってたね?」と高杉は言った。高杉が立てた。「忘れてた。真選組を頼む。」 「真選組?」と銀時は言った。 「ああ。あいつらはここであの小さな反乱に壊した困る。新しい将軍の時に使うできるだから。」と高杉が言った。「あんたの仲間でしょう?だからちゃんと守るよ。」 「余計なものするな。あいつらはそんな事で倒さね。」と銀時は言った。そしてパフェを食べる戻った。 「そらは本当にそうならそれでいい。あばよ、銀時。」 銀時は見てなかった、手を振った。 総悟は笑った顔で土方に回った。「それは面白いですね?」 「ああ。」と土方が言った。

銀時の絆 第一 銀時の昔の病気 [Gintama Fanfiction]

新八は万屋に入った時でもう昼だ。珍しくけど、昨日の戦いは何時もっと長くなった。 神楽と銀時はまだ眠った。彼は始めて神楽を叩き起こした。銀時は昨日ちょっと熱があった、長い眠りは直すかも。彼らは医者の金が無かったから。 「腹が減った。」と神楽は言った。「朝ご飯は?」 「今のはもう昼ご飯の時間だ。」と新八が答えた。「銀時は?」 「昨日熱が止まらなかった、早く寝よと言った。」と神楽が言った。「明日は直すと銀時が言った。」 神楽は酢昆布を食べた。新八は銀時の部屋に入った。やっぱり銀時はまだ寝た。新八は彼のそばで言った。「銀さん、起き…」 銀時の手は新八の喉を捕まえた。新八は息を引けなかった。 「君、だれ?」と銀時は聞いた。彼の目は真剣に見える。普通の優しさはあそこが無かった。彼は新八に見た、それとも離れた。 新八はあそこで残った、息は元に戻ると待っていた。後で銀時の顔で見た。でもまだあそこにいる。銀時の見てない顔。「銀さん?」と聞いた。「覚えてないのか?」 銀時の目が細くした。 「旦那?いるなのか?」と総悟の声が入口からきた。「チャイナか?旦那がいるか?」 新八は彼らの話を聞いてなかった。銀時が聞いたで、目が部屋に映った、木刀を取った、立ってた。彼の体はまるで戦いの前だ。でもなぜ?何があった?どうして銀さんはこんな感じで… 銀時は隣に部屋に 入った。 「旦那、ここにいるなのか。」と総悟が言った、定春は今総悟の頭に付いた。神楽は側に笑った。銀時は皆の顔を見た、何も言ってなかった。 総悟と神楽の顔は変わった。神楽は心配な顔で銀時の側に来た、でも一瞬で二つの剣が動いた。銀時の木刀は神楽の首で、それとも総悟の剣はこれで止まった。 神楽は怖い顔で銀時を見た。「銀ちゃん?」と言った。動いていなかった。 総悟は本気になった。「旦那。冗談を止めて。じゃないと…」 「なに?私を斬る?」と銀時は言った。「無理だ。」 「それは見たいですけど。」と玄関から言葉が来た。「でも彼らは貴方と殺したくない。」 玄関に立ってたのは高杉だ。彼の後ろはまた子が銃を彼らに見当した。 また子と違って、高杉は冷静にパイプで吸った。 銀時は侵入者に見た。「高杉?本当に高杉?」後でちょっとだけ緩んだ。木刀は神楽の首から取り除いた。「いったい何があった?」 「こっちが聞きたかったけど、もう必要ない。」と高杉が言った、近づいていた。高杉が含み笑った。「もう気づいていた?」 刀、傘と木刀は高杉に止まった、また子は高杉の前に行った、彼らに銃を頭に狙った。 銀時は目を覚めた、何か考えるとみていた。 高杉は三人で言った「私達はここで戦いなら、銀時は元に戻らない。」 「銀時を元に戻れるできる?」と神楽が言った。 「どうして私達はあんたに信じなきゃいけない?」と新八が聞いた。 「テロリストで信じない。」と総悟が言った、バズーカで高杉が狙う。「逮捕の後で楽しみだ。」 「晋助様に手を出すな。」とまた子が言った。 銀時は目を覚めた。自分の体を見た。右の肩に赤い分がある。その赤いの隣に変な文字があった。銀時はため息をついた。「その毒が嫌いだ。」 皆はあれを見た。高杉だけが笑った。 銀時情報を見た。高杉の顔を見た。「やれ。」他の人と見た「邪魔をするな。」 高杉が一瞬で刀を抜いた、銀時の右の肩を切った、それとも銀時の喉を掴んだ。 「銀さん!」「銀ちゃん!」と二つの声が聞いた。 銀時は高杉の肩を捕まった、離せなかった。彼の体は身震いた。長い十秒後で、銀時の体が垂れた。 高杉は離れる始めたでも、銀時の腕は止まった。 高杉は動いてなかった、待った。 「どうして?」と銀時は聞いた。彼の顔は誰も見せてできなかった。 「眠るできなかっただけだ。」と高杉は言った。銀時は上に見た、皆は彼の顔でパニックでみてできた。 一瞬の後で消えた、銀時の普通の顔で見た。「すみません。」 「また子、帰るぞ。」と高杉が言った、歩く始めた。 「はい、晋助様。」 「また子ですね?」と銀時は聞いた。 高杉とまた子が止まった。また子が彼に見た、それとも彼の顔を見た。「そう言われなくても…」とまた子が言った。 「銀さん?」 「何新八?私の事を心配したのか?」と銀時が言った。 神楽は銀時に抱きしめた。 高杉とまた子は言った、でも総悟は彼らを斬るとと動いた。でもその剣は届く前に銀時は彼らの間に立った。総悟の剣は彼の左手に捕まえた、そして高杉の剣は木刀で止まった。 「ここで戦いなら、自分でお掃除だけ。」と銀時は言った。高杉は自分の刀に鞘に収めた。 総悟は知らない理由で体が動く無かった。 「それとも高杉?今回で有難う。」 高杉とまた子は何も言ってなかった、出てきた。 銀時は総悟の刀に離れた。総悟は今で動けるできると気付いた、高杉の後に辿った。 「銀ちゃん?何があった?」と神楽が聞いた。 「毒のせいで私はちょっとの記憶で失った。でももう戻った。」 彼らに笑顔で見た。銀時は戻った。

John’s Skyfall [BBC Sherlock / James Bond (Skyfall) Fanfiction]

John entered the room, that he was currently living in. He wished that he would have remembered to to put the gun closer to the doors, not in the box under the bed. He walked closer, listening to the breading of the person there.

“I noticed that you noticed me already, John.” said the male voice.

John’s body sagged in relief and he had to lean on the wall. He turned on the light and he saw the face of his brother. The same brother that had left them grieving for his death again.

That same brother brother had a photo in his hand, the one with him and Mary, that was usually placed in the living room.

John also noticed the bottle in James hand, the wet clothes that he had on himself and sighed. He was tipsy after drinking out with Lestrade, so he was not sure he is really sober enough to be the voice of reason. He hoped he could be.

“Take a shower, already.” said John as he took his way to the kitchen. “Unless you came back from the dead just to die of pneumonia or something worse.”

John was preparing two cups of hot cacao. Both of them needed something their system, plus it gave his hands something to do. He then took the cover and a pillow from the drawer and put it on the sofa. He also brought one of his pyjamas. He than sat down, starting to drink his cacao.

James came back, draped in one of John’s bathrobes, that were too small on him, but James did not seems to mind. John could see the remainder of the shoot wound on James’ collar. He guessed that it was not the only wound that was not sufficiently healed. The wound got hidden when James sat down.

John pushed one of the cups into his hands, and glared at him. James looked at the cup in his had in distrust.


John nodded, as he looked like he tried to make holes in James’ head with his look.

“Really, cacao?” James asked again.

“Something wrong with cacao?” John asked.

“It’s cacao.” James said, as he pointed to the cup. “Don’t you usually make tea?”

John blinked. “I don’t make tea that frequently.”

Now James looked at him in disbelief. “You need reality check.”

“And you need sugar.” John said, as he continued looking at him. He nodded with satisfaction, as James started to slowly sip the cacao in his hand.

James did not seems to be hurt, nor sick, just tired. He noticed that he is favouring his nondominant hand, because of the old wounds that he saw just before. But there is nothing that he could help with, especially tipsy.

“Your girlfriend?” asked James, as he looked at the picture that he had in his hands before.

John took the picture in his hands, a small smile in his face. “Yes. We work together.”

“A doctor?” James asked.

“A nurse, actually.” John said, as he put the picture back. “She is great.”

“I see she is good for you.” James said, taking another sip of his cacao. “You look great together.”

John narrowed his eyes. He glanced back at the picture, and then concentrated on the James’ face. “She is not a terrorist, right?”

“She is not a terrorist.” James said with a depan face. “Nor she ever was.”

John relaxed again. “I would hate repeating that experience.”

“Why don’t you have our picture anywhere?” James asked, as he looked around.

“And you would be all right with it?” John asked with surprise.

James shuggered. But John knew that he would mind. Too risky.

John yawned. He really was sleepy. “Need anything else?” asked John, as he looked at James.

He was looking at him with interest, but his eyes were soft, unusual for him. He then grinned. “Do you have any pyjamas in my size?”

“Why would I have them?” asked John, as he drunk the rest of his cacao. Then he took both of their cups and the bottle of whiskey that James had been drinking. “Get some sleep, James.” he said as he left the room.

But he could still hear a muffled reply from the living room: “Yeah, yeah, doctor.”

The next morning, John looked at sleeping James’ face. He paused as he went and make breakfast. He was joined just as he was finishing making the meal. He put the plate in front of James and started nibbling on his own toast, as he sat down. He also took a sip from his cup of coffee.

There were eating like that is silence for a while. John finished first, as he took his plate to clean it. “You still need to get the shrapnel out.” he said. “Whoever gave you medical help, was not very skilful.”

John turned around just as James was rolling his eyes, as he took another bit of the bacon. “Not every one of us can be a medical doctor.”

John continued to look at him, his hands crossed in front of him now. He could see James becoming just a tiny but uncomfortable, but it would be hard to see for anybody but his brothers. James looked away.

“Any plans for today?” asked John, as he went from the room and brought back the first aid kit, that he was having in his bathroom. He looked at James in expectancy, as James removed the upper part and John started to work on removing the shrapnel.

“I have meeting with M. She needs to clear me for active duty, before allowing me back on the field.”

They discussed the pros and cons of different scenarios, and John volunteered to get some clothes for James, but was refused.

James took the shrapnel parts that John got from him. He was preparing to leave. James turned back to John, and wanted to say something, and he started: “About your new girlfriend… never mind. Doesn’t matter.” John looked at him in a weird way, but when no answer was forthcoming, he waived him away, as he left the house. Then he hurried through the house. He was already late for his work.

Later that day, he was talking to Mary, when he got a message on his phone. He laughed at the joke that she had just told him.

The message was from a unknown number and it said: “Cleared for duty.”. He raised his eyebrows in surprise, but also smiled at the text.

“Should I be jealous?” asked Mary, but she was saying that is a joking way. “It seems like you are cheating on me.”

“Not a fan of incest.” said John, as he pocket his phone. “Just a good news.”

“I am glad.” she said, as she put him down for a kiss. He gladly joined her. If James was cleared for duty, than he could stop worrying about him.

The Scientist with a Gun [Detective Conan / BBC Sherlock Fanfiction]

“Hakuba.” she was confused as to why he corrected her. “Why do you need John?”

Hakuba sighed as he put the file he had under his hand down on the table. He looked at it for a couple of seconds then looked at Sally. “He is still the best biological anthropologist that I know.”

“He is a doctor, which for your information is not the same as biological antropolgist.” Sherlock said, but there was still interest and some small part of suspicion on his face. “Get your facts strength first.”

“But before he become a doctor, he came from the biological anthropology.” Hakuba said. Then he murdered to himself. “Not that he likes to talk about that period of his time.”

All of them look interestingly at Hakuba. There was a time of John’s life that he did not like to talk about? But the superintendent Hakuba knew about it. Or at least he seems to know something that they did not.

“But I will came at other time.” Hakuba said as he left the room. leaving the file with him.

The APTX Murder Investigation [BBC Sherlock / Detective Conan Fanfiction]

“Mike, Molly.” he said, as he entered the pathology laboratory. “Molly, I know it is a weird request, but could you bring somebody out for me?” he asked, as he turned to her.

“Bring somebody out? As in a corpse?” she asked. “Did Sherlock asked you to do this.”

“A superintendent that I know.” said John. “He wants to test a theory and for some reason don’t want his forensic team to do it.”

“I guess he is finally starting to rub on you as well.” Mike said, as he stood up. “I will let you with it.” he make his goodbyes and left the room.

Molly brought the last victim from the cold storage, and she watched as John was getting the same intense look, that Sherlock usually got during investigating. He looked over the bruisings and the point of injection. Nothing unusual.

“You think I could take some of the blood?” asked John, as he looked at Molly.

She nodded and brought him all necessary equipment, making sure to also note everything that he was doing, in case there is going to be additional enquiries in this course. Plus, it was one she had yet to start working one.

John thanked her, and she willed it back. Then she followed him, interested in what is he going to do.

She was surprised that he first diluted some of the sample in water, then started to do chemical tests on it. They were all normal. He narrowed his eyes, but then he pulled the blood testing kit. The person had a 0 blood type.

John looked up. “Would you mind checking on file what blood type was the victim?” he asked.

“Why?” Molly asked, but she went and found the file. She leafed through it and stared. According to the file, the person was AB blood type. She came and looked again at the test that John preformed. “That was his blood?”

“So it changed.” said John. He than took another test and checked the acid in the blood, and then he used another one to check for the blood sugar. The acid level was normal, but there was a lack of blood sugar.

John took the phone from his pocket and texted Sagaru about the recent development. He then sat back, as he thought about it.

“But how is this possible? People don’t change their blood type upon dying.” Molly looked surprised. “And no people would survive with so little blood sugar in their blood.”

“You are right.” John said. “There are a couple of explanation, but I have eliminated all but one.” He looked frustrated, as he tapped with his fingers to the table. He did not look at her.

Molly put the file down. “You don’t like the results.” she said. She sat down next to him. “They scare you.”

John stood up and started to walk around. He then leaned on the table, taking deep breaths.

Then the doors open, Lestrade and Sherlock coming the the scene in front of them. John turned to them and smiled. “I knew you will want to see the body.” said John.

Sherlock narrowed his eyes, but then he seems to have forgotten about it. “Hardly hard deduction, John.”

“Never said it was.” he countered, the depression that was visible just a couple of seconds ago was not there anymore.

Sherlock looked at the body, trying to see anything, but not seeing anything. He then waived to John, that looked around. “The bruises were from falling, and there is most probably the injection point.” He looked around, trying to see something more.

Molly looked from Sherlock to John. Lestrade noticed John slowly shaking his head, and Molly looking down. He noted that down. This case seems to be more something John is going to get involve than Sherlock, But John is not really connected to solving crimes the same way Sherlock is.

“Nothing makes sense.” Sherlock said, as he looked at the body again. “The injection has to cause heart attack, but there is nothing indicating that it does.”

“I will send you an autopsy report when I finish.” said Moly and rolled back the body. “Hopefully there is going to be something useful.”

Sherlock was desperate and he left the room. Lestrade tried to follow, but then he noticed Molly coming closer to John.

“Why don’t you want Sherlock to find out?” Molly said, as she grabbed his arm.

John was quiet for a couple of seconds. Then he looked at her. “I don’t care what he finds out from your tests. Show him whatever you want.” he then asked her arm from his. “It is just…” he shook his head, trying to concentrate. “It is nothing. Just forget what you saw.”

He then left the room, Lestrade pretending to have not heard anything, as they went after Sherlock to see what to do now.

Lestrade got a call, and he excused himself, and Sherlock and John were left with flagging the cab down.

They were driving in silence, when Sherlock suddenly said, still looking outside: “You know something about the case you are not sharing.”

John looked at Sherlock, but was quiet. Sherlock looked at him in interest and surprise. “You are. But you still won’t tell me. Why?”

“Because if I am right, there are only two possible culprits. One of the is me.” John said, as he looked back out. “I refuse to believe that she would do that.”

“Mary?” Sherlock asked, just to be sure.

John laughed. He really laughed at the question. “Thank got, no. Nobody I had seen in years.” but there was a small smile on his face.