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School Grade [Fiction]

The class was leaving, but the girl stayed behind. She smiled as she leaned on teacher's table. "I want to negotiate my grade."

The teacher calmly looked at her. "No."

She smiled as leaned down. "I guess I can then just tell the school, how you stole from them?"

He didn't answer as she stood up. "You know what to do."

As she left the pencil broke in the teacher's hand.

Reunion [Fiction]

There was the woman on the cliff, looking at the distance, not really noticing the cloudless sky or the sound of the sea. The wind was playing with her black hair, as she was keeping her hat up with her hand.

The man hugged her from behind. She didn't turn, just grabbed his hand.

"They told me you are dead."

She could feel his breath on her.

"Did you really believe them?"

She turned and hugged him, crying on his shoulder.

"I missed you, brother."

Poisoned Lunch [Fiction]

Minna put the soup on the middle, taking some and started eating.

Greg followed suit, tasting it. It tasted weird. He ate another spoon.

Tingling in the neck. Problems breathing. Losing vision, he looked up. Minna was smiling.


His voice was raw, nearly unhearable. She walked to him and pet his hair.

"You should have not left my sister alone on that Mars expedition."

Greg lost his battle to his allergy in the hospital.

Coffee over Terrorists [Fiction]

"Not yet."

The prime minister stopped, his eyes wide open. "We are not taking any action against terrorists? The threat to the national security..."

"Not until my coffee is made to the specifications. I passed the bill, yet even my minions cannot uphold it."

The man looked with disgust to the cup on the table, still half full of dark brown liquid.

"Your coffee?" The voice of the prime minister sounded confused.

"Coffee is an important part of my life. Anything else?" His voice was dismissive, waving him away.

"But..." One glare and the prime minister nodded and walked away.

Helmet can be Used as Medical Device [X-Men Fanfiction]

1. Hank McCoy

Erik exited the Charles' room, the door closing themselves. He walked down the hall, his pose more relaxed than before. When he was tackled to the ground.

He extended his arm, the metal hook morphing into the dagger, which was pushed down to the ground by the blue paw.

Erik glared, but Hank did not move, pinning Erik down to the ground, so he couldn't move. Erik forced his muscles to relax.

Hank lowered his head next to Erik's. "Whatever you are planing, it is not going to work."

"I am not planning anything." The pressure on Erik's torso increased. Erik tried to hit Hank in the balls, but he only got a wince in return.

Hank then tried to take the helmet off, but it would not budge at all.

Erik used his magnetism to make it stick to his head. But the movement put pressure on the neck, making Erik wince.

"Get it off."


They both stared at each other, none of them wanted to lose out.

"I don't trust you." Hank then stood up, his blue form looming above Erik.

He leaned on his hands. "You made that point crystal clear."

The moment passed. Erik looked at Hank warily, as he slowly stood up. But Hank only looked at him, not stopping him and not helping him either.

Hank slowly changed back, his blue fur retreating to make place for the white skin and dark hair. "If anything happens to the professor, I know all the people that are still trying to capture you."

2. Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Ororo Monroe

Erik's first class as the teacher in Charles' school ended up without any mishaps. He dismissed the class, as he sat down, relaxing. That ended up a lot better than he imagined.

He could hear most of the students leaving the class. He smiled a little at that, then he realized that three of them stayed behind.

Charles might have talked a lot about them and they did have a self-introduction session in the beginning of the class, but he still struggled to put the names to their faces.

The red haired one looked at him with a lot of intention, like trying to make him guess what she wanted. There was also the brown-haired boy with sunglasses and the white haired girl behind her.

He remembered the boy, Scott, as he was introduced as Alex's brother. The girls were a little harder to place, but he put the names on the faces, Ororo and Jean.

He kneeled down, to be at the same level as them. "Is there something you wanted, Jean?"

Her head tilted, she looked at him some more. "You can't hear me, can you?"

"Hear you?" Erik was confused, until he remembered that she is also a telepath. "Telepathically? No, I can't."

"Why not?" the boy asked, as he stepped forward. Erik noticed that he positioned himself so he could quickly move between him and Jean.

Erik pointed to his helmet. "This thing blocks my mind. Nothing can go in or out."

"So even professor never read your mind?" Ororo was a lot more polite than Scott. But she looked worried.

"Not true." He flinched at the memory of the beach in Cuba. "He had been in my mind many times. Most recently today."

"Then why?"

"It is to protect us, right professor?"

"Don't be ridiculous." Scott's tone was dismissive.

"Don't you remember what the professor said. He experienced a lot of bad things in his life." Ororo's tone was patient, assertive, but also a little bored.

"Like he cares. He also used to be terrorist."

"For mutant cause. Since his mind would bring pain to empaths and telepaths, he shields it."

The argument continued, as Jean came closer. "I trust you. Like profess trust you as well."

Then she turned to both her friends, who shut up and looked at her. They both smiled, as they followed her out of the classroom.

3. Pietro and Wanda Maximoff

The blaring lights and music made his ears hurt and his brain spin around. To help him ground, Erik touched the helmet on his head and closed his eyes.

After a minute, he opened them again, trying to ignore the masses of young people that were all round him. He cursed under his breath. He did not want to be here. What was Charles thinking?

As he made his way around the place, looking for that one face, but he did not see that distinctive silver hair.

"I would expect that a president's assassin would be better at hiding."

Erik turned around, where he saw Peter, standing there relaxed, while looking at him with raised eyebrows.

"You need to rethink your fashion."

"Fashion?" Erik asked, his nose wrinkling.

"Helmet. Makes you look ridiculous."

Erik quickly touched this helmet, to make sure it is still there. Then blinked. "Charles wants to..." He realized that there is nobody in front of him, and turned around to find him.

Peter already moved to the nearby tables, talking with the red haired girl about his age. The girl turned to him, tried to stifle a laugh, and waved.

Erik walked to their table, nodding to the girl. "Wanda, I believe?"

"Yes." She turned to Peter and started to laugh. "I am sorry." She turned back to Erik. "But you look weird."

Erik sighed, as he sat down. "Charles wants to speak with both of you."

4. Raven Darkhölme

Erik leaned on the table, sipping his diluted spinach juice, as he was looking at the sunrise. He was trying to enjoy the morning, when there was still peaceful inside the Xavier school. He needed peace.

Raven came in the kitchen, looking at Erik. She then turned without saying anything, getting a banana from the fruit bowl.

Erik put his glass down, and stared at Raven. They were like that for a couple of minutes, Raven eating the fruit and Erik looking at her.

"What are you doing here, Erik?" Raven finally turned to Erik, honestly baffled.

"I came to make amends."

"Seriously?" Raven shook her head, as she stopped eating a peach. She started to slowly move inside Erik's personal space, so they were face to face, be able to feel each other breaths. "I find it hard to believe."

"I still have no intention of lying to you." Erik did not lean back, but met her head on. They were at the stalemate.

"I find that hard to believe.."

"You do not believe, that I am capable of changing?"

Raven's eyes narrowed. "You act like it."

Erik titled her head, waiting for an explanation.

"You still don't trust anybody, do you?"

"I trust you. And Charles." He smiled in her face. "As surprising as it is."

"No, you don't."

Erik averted his eyes, took his glass and moved away from her. He took a swallow from it, looking down.

Raven turned back, taking the half-eaten peach and another banana, moving towards the door.

"I am truly sorry." Erik looked now at Raven's back, his face solemn. She turned around to look at him. "I never should have tried to kill you."

Raven laughed. She came closer. "I already forgive you for that."

"Then what?"

"That is what I am talking about." She knocked on the helmet that Erik was wearing.

She shook her head as she left the kitchen, leaning confused Erik behind.

5. James "Logan" Howlett

Erik was doing push up, when he noticed somebody else entered the room. He looked up, looking at Logan, standing near him, standing near the wall. He sat down, and looked up at him.

He started to stand up, when he saw the claws came out of Logan's hands. He did not move, as he raised his hands, relaxing his stance, looking in question.

"Who are you?" Logan asked, not moving from his position.


"The metal bender?" Logan retracted his claws. He leaned back, but his stance was still of somebody that was prepared for every attack.

"That one." Erik now stood up, feeling more in his element.

"Nice tactic." Logan said as he looked up into the window.

"What?" Erik was confused. Wasn't Logan usually more straightforward.

Logan shuddered. "The metal helmet. So you always have metal to control."


Logan took a cigar, and started to chew on it. It was probably Charles that annoyed him in not lighting it.

"What to spare?" Erik said, as he lowered his center of gravity, putting his arms up. He could use some exercise.

Logan grinned, as he punched with his left arm.

+1. Charles Xavier

"Can I try something?"

Erik turned around, noticing Charles at the doors of his room. Charles wiggled his fingers next to his temple.

He turned back to look at the skyline, his pose not changing at all, as he continued sitting on the chair. He made three metal balls circle above his hand, that was above the table in front of him. The other was supporting his head.

Charles wheeled himself to the other side of the table. There was a disordered chess set, that he started to prepare for the new game. Black for him and white for Erik.

Erik glanced at the board. "Are we capable of having a conversation without chess?" He let the balls above his hand fall on the windowsill.

"Probably." Charles finished setting the board. "First move is yours."

They took a couple of moves in silence. Pawn to c4, Knight to f6, pawn to g3, pawn to g6 and so on.

"Decided that I am a danger to the school as well?" said Erik, as he watched Charles knight take his pawn.

Charles looked up at his face, as Erik moved his knight with his finger. He waited until Erik looked at him, then he took his knight and took his.

"That is not what I meant..."

"Then what?"

Erik glared at Charles, his eyes narrowing, as he was standing up, looming over him. The metal balls started to circle around him.

"I was trying to diminish the simulation to your trigeminal nerve nuclei." Charles glanced at the balls, that started to circle around his head with the smile.

"So you could control me? Made me one of your puppets?"


"What?" Erik stepped back at this word, looking taken aback. He sat back, when Charles waved his hand back to the chair. The metal balls fell to the ground.

"You always start wearing the helmet, when you migraines are starting." He shuddered. "Why do you think I let you have it in the first place?"

Erik looked out of the window, thinking. Then he took the helmet with his hand, removing it from his head. He flinched, shutting his eyes and gripping his head of the nose.

Charles moved behind him, placing his hands on both of his temples, closing his eyes.

Erik's face started to relax, and after a couple of minutes, there was no pain in his head anymore. He opened his eyes and looked behind him. "Thank you."

Colours of Languages [Fiction]

The colours that came from her voice were the really nice colours of blue variety. Like the sea, calm, but precise. Nice and welcoming, but potentially dangerous.

He realized that the colour disappeared and the woman was looking at him in question. He was so distracted that he didn't listen.

"I am sorry; I don't understand your language."

She laughed at my comment. She tapped to her head.

"You are the first one to admit that. Or even notice."

The normal colour of gold came back. Not enough to distract him, even if there was no remains of the previous blue colour.


Her question was unusual. Why people wouldn't realize that they do not speak the language?

The woman had put her hand on his shoulder.

"You have a great gift. Do not lose it. Ever."

Without explaining anything, she turned and left.

As he looked after her he realized ... He did not ask her for the name of the sea like language.

Cigarete But [Fiction]

The still fired but of a cigarette was producing smoke. Smoke, that eventually got covered by the train.

He looked at it, but not really seeing it. Thinking of ending it there, but still, he didn't move.

The people getting on and off the train were numerous. Men and women of different ages, different colours, different shapes, different movement. The rainbows of them moved around. In and out.

But the sole person, standing there. He could feel the people bumping into him. He didn't mind. He didn't even care for their apologies.

The train left and the people stopped moving like ants. They were waiting, looking along the tracks.

He looked up, and saw the tiny wisp of smoke raising from the tracks. He shuddered, as he turned to left. Maybe tomorrow.

The wisp of smoke continued, until eventually dying out.

Fairy Stage [Fiction]

She was standing on the podium, her hands sweating, her legs shaking, her ears ringing.

It felt like an hour, but the clock told her, it was but 5 seconds since the announcement of her speech.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She imagined herself back at the cellar, knowing nobody will come. No one anybody else would believe in as well.

But she could see them, even now, when she closed her eyes. The fairies. They were all there. Renni, Mesechy, Sveti, Luna and Matena.

She forgot about everything around her. She started telling her fairies a story. So many times rehearsed before.

"I want to tell you a story, of how I was confined in the cellar, and came back...".

I Am Unable to Stop it [Fiction]

I was sitting in the back of a tram. I know that what am I about to do, there is no apology. I know I should have done something to stop it. But I guess I was never good at listening to other people. Or to society, for that matter.

The tram stops on the next station. I leave the tram, not looking back. It is not unusual for me to leave the tram early and walk the rest of the way. But today I was late. I don't normally do that, when I am late.

She was already there waiting. But she didn't wait for me. She was there, trying to help the people in the exploded tram.

But I knew, that no matter how much I know, I will not be able to stop it. Never and ever.

I Am Who I Am [Fiction]

The boy leaned forward, putting the hand on Jane's leg and went to kiss her.

She tensed, and did not move, until the kiss stopped. But the hand remained, making small movements to make her relax.

"Relax, everything is going to be fine."

Jake's voice sounded nice, but Jane did not feel pray to it. She took his hand, that was on her leg, and put it away. She glared at him.

"I did not agree with that."

Her voice was calm, cold even.

"I thought you wanted that."

He sounded dejected. But Jane just stood up and took her jacked.

"If you would have thought to ask, I would have told you that I am asexual. Do not assume things like that."

Jake's eyes narrowed. He moved quickly as he pushed her to the wall.

"Do not act like you are on a high horse."

She hit him on his balls with her knee, as used her elbow to hit him in the face as well. He collared together. She looked at him, pitying him. Then she left, leaving the most popular guy on the school to spend the evening alone.