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The Phone Line [BBC Sherlock / MCU Fanfiction]

As Sherlock was picking up the jacket to go, Lestrade looked at John, who was sitting in his chair, twilling the USB key in his hand. He looked at Sherlock in question, but he just shuddered in return.

Lestrade looks back to John, but then leaves after Sherlock, leaving John to be alone with his thoughts.

John looked after them, as they left the Baker Street. He sighed as he took another sip of his tea. He looked at it with a wrinkled nose, as he realized that it is already too cold for his taste.

As he is emptying the cup in the drain, he looks at it for a second, as he realizes that he could have sold his problem in a lot easier way. He will not personally read the content, but he will know if there still is anything he should be worried about.

He started to make a new cup of tea, as he started to phone, the phone on the table.

"Agent Coulson."

"Hi Phil." John smiled as he heard his voice, and he took the phone in his hand. "How are you?"

"John?" Phil's voice looked surprised over the line. Then there was a scuffle heard, and the sound of Lola could be heard from the line.

"John? You never call. How cold of you." Clint voice was heard from the line. But it was the teasing voice and not the one that would have minded.

John turned his eyes, as he checked the water. It was of a good temperature for a white tea. "You never call either, Clint."

"Do you know how much of a paper work would I need to do, to make sure the British government would find out about the call."

"The paper work that would end up being done by Phil anyway." John ended up pouring the water over the leaves. "Plus, would it be so bad for Mycroft to find out."

"Yes!" said Phil and John stilled for a moment by the force of it. "It could potentially nullify the tentative agreement between SHIELD and the British nation."

John shook his head, as he took the phone and the cup back to his chair. It was better not to ask.

"So I hope you have a good reason."

"I need you to look into a USB for me." John said, as he smelled the tea fragrance.

"USB? Must have some hell of encryption for you to be asking Phil." Clint said after a moment.

"Actually... I haven't checked yet."

John looked like a little child getting his parents disappointed. He could imagine Phil right now grabbing the pot of a nose, and having this insufferable air around him.

"What is supposed to be on that USB?" His voice was calm, no sigh of any offense.

"My wife's history."

"What are we talking about? Child pictures? School records? An embarrassing poetry to a bunny?" John relaxed at Clint's words. Trust him to know how to break any uncomfortable fields between people.

"Her history as an assassin. At least according to her."

"Well, you always were attracted to the dangerous people." Clint sounded unsurprised.

"Do you include yourself in this definition?"

"Also an assassin. Or is your memory getting sloppy?"

John wanted to reply to that, but then he turned around. He heard something at the doorway, but then he realized it was just Mrs. Hudston going out somewhere. He relaxed more, when he heard the doors close.

"I am more worried how we did not pick that up." Phil way of talking always made everybody else become more serious. John wanted to see somebody, that would not be intimidated by him - even subconsciously. "I will need that USB. Think you can send it to my New York address?"

"You are in New York? What I am missing?" John said intrigued. He just finished the cup of the tea.


"We just saw King Arthur with a hammer. But he was an alien."

"Now I am sorry that I was not there." John decided that it was a lost cause, and took his cup in the kitchen. "Tell me all about it, next time I see you?"

"You could stop being stubborn and just join SHIELD."

They could all hear a beep from Coulson's car. "Hear you soon?" John said. "And Phil, thank you."

"Don't mention it." were the last words from Phil, before the line was cut.

He looked at the drive, that was on the table. He picked it up. After some time, he pocket it, his body and face now more relaxed.

What Are You Doing Here? [Fiction]

Koji was looking at the person on the screen. Deep inside, he was panicking, but he didn't show any reaction on the outside. That would be too dangerous. For him and for the person on the screen.

"Mary, who is she?"

The woman next to him continued typing. Not once did her eyes moved away from the screen.

"She was seen littering around."

Koji turned to her, narrowing his eyes. She didn't spoke a lot. If he got her to say more than 3 sentence, it was a surprise. But she had never been vague on purpose before. Actually, usually she was abnormally precise.

Mary pressed enter and looked at the screen as the bar got closer to competition. Then she entered a couple of additional commands, as waived him away.

Koji left the control room, and made his way to the interrogation room. He looked calm on the outside, but on the inside, he was panicking. Why is she here? She was not supposed to be here.

But eventually, he made reached his destination and there was no more staling. No more time for panicking. He allowed himself a second to compose himself, before entering the room.

The four other officers were already inside. He walked next to them, looking down on his little sister.

That was the worst shape, he had ever seen her in. He could see the bruises forming, from the questioning, that she had already gone through. The cuts marring her skin. One of her arms had a dislocated shoulder. She was slowly bleeding from her abdomen.

She slowly looked up and her eyes looked up at Koji. His hearth constructed. If that would happen in any other place, he would be already at her side, finding out who did it, planing their demise. But now... How he wished to do anything.

"She was found breaking in on one of our 3-level research facilities."

Koji nodded at the words of one of his co-officers. She looked down, bitting her lips, looking sideways. He glanced at the others and they looked at him now.

"You know, that nobody can know about us. Even our families?"

One of them took a gun and offered it to Koji. He took it, slowly and checked it over. He then felt the gun, pressing to his back.

"You know what you need to do."

Koji looked back to his sister, and she looked at him with wide eyes, shaking her head through the gag. She was silently begging.

Before his brain figured out what the body was doing, he pointed the gun and shot. It was a perfect shot, directly in the middle of the forehead. She was dead in less than the second.

The others left the room, while Koji remained standing there, the denial in his head. He did not want to think about what he just did. He didn't know how much time had passed until somebody removed the gun from his arm and the smell of the tea reached his nose.

Mary waived the cup in front of him. He tried to smile as he took the cup and started to drink from it. He could start to feel the effects on his body.

He was already dead by the time Mary left the room.

Sorry, but the Law [Fiction]

The young family was sitting in the waiting room. The doctor came closer, as they stood up and looked at his grim face. He shook his head ah he removed his gloves.

"I am sorry. There is nothing we can do."

The mother of the family stepped forward, the tears still flowing freely on her face.

"Is there really nothing you can do?"

The doctor looked away uncomfortably. He didn't answer for a couple of seconds.

"You know the risks involved with the treatment of the ado-food consumption. The rules do not allow it."

The mother wanted to go on her knees and beg, but she was stopped when her husband punched the doctor to the nose. The doctor was so surprised that he fell backwards on his ass, and he used his hand to try to stop his bleeding nose.

"Screw the rules. There is a person's life at stake here. How would you feel, if your child would have accidentally ate ado-food?"

The doctor slowly stood up and look at the father of the family. Their five years old daughter was standing next to her mother.

"I let her die."

The eyes of the doctors were hard and he was looking at the whole family.

"These rules exist for the reason, even if none of us understands it. I let her die, so people will understand that they can't run away from the rules."

The father wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by the doctor.

"You know what will happen if I allow you to see him. Do you want to?"

When the family did not say anything for a second he just turned around and left the room.

He arrived at the room, where their seven year old son was waiting. He was sitting down and he looked at the doctor. His face was without feeling, but the doctor knew why.

"They will not come?"

The doctor just prepared the injection and he sighed.

"I think they will. You ready?"

The boy nodded as he let the sedative take control of him. The doctor made him lie more comfortably, looked at him one more time as he sighed.

"I really wish that would not be necessary."

He turned the lights off, when he left the room and he passed the army officer on the way. The life of that boy is just about to turn upside down.

Just a Job [Fiction]

He looked her in the eyes, as the light was leaving them. He was smiling, knowing there was no other way. No other solution.

For the first time in years I felt something, when the body had hit the floor. He was my schoolmate, my best friend, my first love.

But that was years ago. In what feels like another life.

He was a treat to the national security. Sold the country's design if a new cyber weapons. Didn't even knew to whom.

He knew it will end like that. Said that he was happy it was me.

I cleaned the place, got rid of the body. I sat in the car and didn't feel anything anymore.

That was the path that I had chosen. To be a national weapon.

On the end, that was all he was. Just another job. Just another clean up.

The God's Request [Fiction]

They stared at each other. None of them wanted to back out, but at least they stopped arguing. The line behind the younger one sighed in relief.

The older one narrowed his eyes. He then smiled and took a step back. He took the book from behind him. It weighed a lot, and he almost dropped it on his feet.

The younger one titled his head, but otherwise did not knowledge it.

"Here is your proof."

The person took the book, and opened it.

"It doesn't matter what a book says."

He started reading it. After a couple of pages he closed it and gently put it down.

"I will believe anything, even that you are a god, but do not sell this mind reading technology to the government."

The older man sighed. This is going to be a long case, and they don't have the time.

"Then are you willing to help me?"

The younger one narrowed his eyes, but then he nodded.

"But when I find out, you are not trustworthy, at the first doubt, I will turn against you."

The older one smiled.

"If, young one. If."

The people in line behind them dropped on the clouds in relief.

Midnight Date [Fiction]

The boy was sitting there. She did not want to move, as she pushed her knees a little closer to herself.

He could hear the person climbing to tree. There was a snap of one of the big brunches, and the person uttered one of the words her mother is always scolding her older sister for.

The mumbling can be heard, followed by the soft knocking on the glass.

"Julia?" the voice of the teenage boy was heard.

The boy looked up. That was his sister name. Did the intruder wanted to do something to her? He slowly stood up, knowing he has a water gun stashed not far from him. He has to protect her.

"Julia?" the teenager was louder now. The knocking came back.

The boy had reached the gun and pointed it at the window. But even he was aware, that the water would only hit the glass at this point. He hoped that he will not enter.

"Julia, are you here?" The teenager was now speaking in the normal loudness and was sounding irritated now.

He tried the windows, but they were unlocked. He slowly pried it open and entered the room. He looked around, looking confused.

At that moment he got a water in his face and a scream of a child. He wiped his face off, and realized that the child is still standing there, point a water gun at him.

He grabbed a child and took the gun from his hands. The boy screamed.

The three pair of steppes could be heard, hurrying into the room. The doors were opened and three people entered the room.

"Julia? I -"

"Unhand him." the youngest of the group said, as he walked to them and pulled the boy from his grasp, hugging him.

"Are you all right, Eric?" she asked him, as he looked at him, petting his head.

"I though he was a intruder." the boy said, as he almost started to cry.

The shorter woman came closer and she took the boy to her. He quickly hugged her and bury his head in her clothes.

Julia turned to the intruder. "Get out." she said, as she pointed to the door.

"Julia, bun, don't be unreasonable." he said, his hands up.

"I said get out, Mark."

"But -"

"You heard the lady, young boy." the other woman still standing in the doorway said. "I suggest you find your way out."

He looked from one to another. Then he did the smart thing and get out of there as soon as possible.

"I will make sure he gets out." she, as he left the room.

Julia turned to Eric and her mother. He was already explaining to her, how he wanted to protect her sister. She smiled. Nobody hurts her family.

Correspondence Chess [X-Men Fanfiction]

As Angel came into the room, raven looked over her book and smiled at her. Angel nodded back, and removed her coat. There was a piece of paper in her hands. Raven closed the book and looked to see what kind of paper it was.

Erik was thinking in the chair, twilling the pen above his hand with what appeared to be no effort. He had the other arm in from of his face, in a loose fist. He was looking at the wall, but he did not concentrate on it.

"Magneto?" Angel said, as she came closer.

Erik looked at her, and he noticed the postcard in her hands. He looked at her in question, but then took it before waiting for the reply.

On the front side of the postcard, there was a church in portrait mode, that did not look anything special. The words on the bottom told him that it came from North Salem, New York.

On the back of the postcard there was their current address and the name of the recipient was Erik Lehnsherr. The message read Queen b6, and the chess board in the middle of the game.

Erik recognized the game, even though it had been weeks since the game was played. And the board on the postcard was replica of the last board on the game they played that night.

Raven looked on the front side of the postcard now, that Erik was holding it up. "I remember that church. It was near the place where me and Charles lived."

"Magneto?" asked Angel. "What does it means?"

"I don't know." Erik said as he let Raven took the postcard from his hands. "But it is from Charles."

Raven looked at him with hope and then started to look at the postcard. She had a small smile on her face.

"How can you know?"

"The game, it is the one me and Charles didn't get to finish." He saw the question in Angel's face. He shuddered. "Cuba."

"Does this means that our place is compromised?"

Raven looked from one to another. She was biting her lip.

"No." Erik said, but he did not look at them. "We stick to the plan."

Raven looked at him, then went back to the sofa, no longer smiling. There were lines on her forehead and her grip on the book was stronger than before.

Erik looked at Angel for explanation, but she just shook her head, so he decided to ignore it.

As they were preparing to leave, Raven came to Erik and pushed the postcard in his hand. Erik looked at it. There was a butterfly on the front and on the back there was already addressed to Charles. But there was nothing on the message part of the postcards.

Erik put it to the side, as he went back to make sure they took everything, but Raven pushed it back into his hands.

"Just write back the next move. I know you have been thinking about it." She offered him a pen and glared at him, daring him to refuse her.

"Why should I?"

"At least he still writes to you." Raven said, and she looked down. She rocked on her legs. She then looked up, still determined.

Erik took the pen and wrote Queen - f7 on the postcard and gave it back to Raven, turning away. She took it and left the room, going to post it. Erik decided to just forget about it.

Erik and Janos were in the room in Paris, when they heard the knock on the door. They looked at each other. There was nobody that knew they were there, but they had been here waiting for the last couple of days. Erik stood up and went to see who it was.

On the other side there was a young boy, with the post office bag on his shoulder. He looked at Erik and then on the postcard in his hand. "Erik Lehnsherr?"

"Who wants to know?"

The boy ignored the question and just waited for Erik to take the postcard from his hand. Before Erik even looked to see the New York Central Building on the front, the boy already turned to walk away.

"Who was it?" Janos said.

"Just a postman." Erik said, as he was already looking at the chess move on the back: Rook c2.

Janos did not say anything, but Erik could still feel the look on the back of his head. "Mystique made me play chess with Charles."

"And you just went along?"

Erik decided to not answer that, as he started to think about his next move. Not like they were doing anything else but waiting.

Next day, when they were walking away from the scene of the crime, when the police noticed them and started to pursue them. Erik and Jason mixed themselves with the tourists, and they entered the souvenir shop with them. Police noticed somebody similar looking and they arrested them, while they complained in French.

"Magneto, what about this?" There was a postcard with Louvre on the front. "For reply."

"Why would I reply?"

"How else will you find out why?"

Erik took it and then looked at all the other postcards there. On the end he choose one with the Eiffel tower on the front.

When he came back, he wrote his next move, which was Rook d7, and wrote the word why under it.

More than a week later, Emma entered the room, with the postcard in her hand. She waved it around, as she looked at Erik, enjoying his midnight glass of water.

"You are back early." Erik remarked, as he ignored her knowing look. She was unable to read his mind, since even now he was wearing his helmet. "What did Rose said?"

"I will tell you, when you explain that." She turned the postcard. "Knight c6. Rational therapy. Ellis hypothesis might help me deal with the feeling of betrayal."

Erik saw the New York skyline that was on the front of the postcard. He tried to take it from her hands, but he moved it away. "It was Mystique's idea to write back."

Emma looked again at the postcard. "Charles?" she asked, as he offered the postcard to Erik, who took it, but then put it on the table immediately.

"Rose confirmed my theory. He is a mutant. Telepathic persuasion." She walked around and took a glass, pouring herself some sherry. "She is working on the project WideAwake. CIA covert task force."

"I don't trust them." Erik said, his hand in front of him, gripped in a fist. He was thinking. Emma just put the glass in the sink, leaving him alone in a kitchen.

When Raven came in early morning, she noticed the postcard that was left lying on the counter. She picked it up, tracing the words with her finger.

"You miss him, don't you?"

Raven turned and came face to face with Azazel. His tail was swinging behind him in a slow manner.

"He was the first person who was not afraid of me." She had put the postcard down and started to prepare breakfast, joking with Azazel the whole time.

Tempest came before the breakfast was finished, taking the apple and bit in it, taking the postcard in his hands. "Wouldn't that compromise our secrets?"

"It is with my brother." Raven said, as she juiced the lemons.

Tempest looked up, then let the postcard fall back on the table. "I just never expected Magneto to be in correspondence chess."

Erik came into the room, nodding, but ignoring the words that were just said. He turned to Raven. "I borrowed one of yours. Make sure it gets posted."

Raven stopped cutting the food, wiping her hands in the cloth that was lying there. She took the postcard, the path among the trees in the front. On the back there was the chess move up: this time it was Queen - e6. Below it was written: 'You are not the only one that feels betrayed.'

"Chess is good at all, but with constantly changing locations, how does he find you?"

At these words, Erik took the postcard from Raven's hands, and wrote below it: 'How do you keep finding us?' He then returned the postcard to Raven.

"I can deliver it to his house." Azazel volunteered, and took the postcard, disappearing for a minute.

Emma, Janos and Angel came to the kitchen, just as Azazel returned, the cut vegetables, fruit and cheese on the table. Erik looked at them.

"Emma found some interesting information, so we are going to divide and pursue different lines at the same time."

Dividing the team meant that Erik was currently alone, scouting the place around. He had been looking for hours, but he still did not find him. So he returned to his room.

As he passed the reception, he heard. "Erik Lehnsherr? From room 305? There is a postcard for you."

Erik turned and accepted the postcard, nodding to the person. "Do you have any postcards, to write a reply?"

As he returned to his room, he looked over the postcard. There was Brooklyn bridge on the front. On the back there was a message. As always the move: King h2. Plus the words: 'Cerebro. I take a glimpse while looking for students. Have to make sure you are keeping Raven safe.'

Erik started thinking about his next move. He needed some distraction, and that one was welcome.

Some time later he took the Dallas postcard that he bought at the reception. It was nothing special, but it will do.

He wrote: 'Rook - d4. We all make our own choices and have to live with them. Mystique included.'

Next time they encounter the CIA agents, they need to regroup. They were a lot better prepared for them than they imagined. It was like they knew all of their abilities and made adaptations to them: plastic guns, passphrases between them, and equipment that stood against both Janos' wind and Angel's acid.

But as they came to their hideout, there was a postcard on the ground. The picture of American troops was on the front. On the back there was a message: 'Queen a7. Sometimes other people need to live with these choices as well.' Below was written in a different ink: 'Major Stryker knows about this place.'

Erik looked at them, as he read the postcard out loud. They all looked at each other, and Azazel quickly got them out of there.

Couple of hours later, Azazel came there, looking solemn. "There were troops in front of our hideout. They told the neighbours that they suspect communist spies are living there."

Raven looked at the postcard in her hands, where the warning was written. "We could ask him for help."

"No." Erik turned around, his eyes determined.

"He did just warned us."

Erik turned around and looked at all his team, sans Emma, glaring at him. Emma was looking at her nails.

"I guess I could thank him." Erik said, as he realized that none of them will stand down. "But on a postcard."

Raven immediately offered him a postcard and Tempus gave him a pen.

Erik thought for a couple of minutes, and then wrote: 'King h6. Thank you for the warning. Even if you only did it for Mystique.'

They spend the next couple of weeks separated, never more than a day or two apart. Until they realized that Emma disappeared. They all gathered in one place, but none of them were be able to find any trace of her.

After spending two days there, Angel realized that there was a post in their mailbox. She opened it and realized that there was another postcard with the chess move on it.

"Knight f3. You are welcome." Tempest said, as he read the postcard with a smirk.

"Why not?" Mystique asked. "You know he could find her for us."

"He was the one that didn't want to work with us." The metal around them shook a bit, but stopped a moment later. Erik slowly exhaled.

"It doesn't mean that we need to stop looking for her. Just that we are using all available resources." said Janos.

"What if he can find her, Magneto?" said Raven. "Could you live with knowing you didn't do everything you could?"

Erik left the room, taking a small walk to calm his mind.

Next morning there was a postcard on the counter, Erik nowhere to be found. The message on the postcard was: 'Queen - e3. We lost Emma. Will you help us find her?'

Erik was losing hope, when he heard the knock on the door. He opened it, and saw the young boy, holding the postcard up. Erik turned around and looked at the other side. 'Queen f7. Fort Uncompahgre. N 38.7495 W 108.0736. She is a hard person to find.'

He immediately went to the phone, dialling Tempest in their other hideout.

He and Angel were waiting together, as Raven went to see if Emma really was there. Erik was nervously tapping his finger, then he took one of the postcards that Raven left behind. He simply wrote: 'Rook d2. Wish us luck.'

When Angel saw the finished postcard, she offered to drop it by the post office. By the time she returned, Raven was already explaining where they moved her in the last couple of days.

Erik was still sapped even after sleeping at least a day if not more. His head was throbbing and he could stand, but he could not concentrate. He stood up and wished for his helmet to relieve his headache.

He took a glass of water and a painkiller that he happened to find. He looked around as he could not remember where he was. The house was unfamiliar.

He looked around and noticed a postcard at the front doors. He picked it up. 'Rook 2d. What happened Erik? I couldn't find you, Raven or anybody else from your group for months.'

The date on the postcard was 19th of November. Erik found the telly and realized that today is already the 21th. He knew he did not have a lot of time.

The next day, as he was making his way to the grass field in Dallas, where he knew the assassination is going to happen. He just deposited the Dallas postcard with the following words: 'Queen d2. I am sorry Charles.'

It was almost a month after New Year, when he had gotten a reply. He poured himself some of the whisky, that he had found inside the summer house he was currently living. He was twirling the Christmas themed postcard in his hands.

Unlike the previous ones, this one did not hold his name, just his current address.

'King h3. What happened? What have you done?'

He let the postcard slide on the table, as he took another sip.

He posted the postcard in the post office. 'Queen f2. I wish you could be here helping us.' He had chosen the Empire state building as the front.

He walked into the FBI offices, the officers pointing the guns at him as they recognized him. He just raised his arms, not once using his powers.

The trial was a mockery. But Erik was used to it, and just calculated where he would be able to get out of it.

It was in the middle of the trial, when Erik realized that the supposed evidence they were holding was a postcard. He looked at the front, but it was nothing he saw before. From the memory, he could recognize the Golden Gate bridge.

"A couple of days ago this arrived. A postcard containing the chess move and the following sentence: 'Knight d2. You are always welcome back home. You just need to say a word.' Which means he has an accomplice. Or more of them."

He came closer, intruding into Erik's personal space. "You can always write back."

"I am not planing to make your hunt for mutant any easier." Erik said, as he came closer, making the other person back off.

Here, where they can track any post he sends, he can't risk sending anything. It would only endanger the recipient. He did not want Charles to pay again for his decisions.

The chess game used in the story is between the City of Edinburgh and London Chess Club correspondence match played in 1824. The story starts with 52th move.

The Mistake he did not Regret [Fiction]

He looked at the photo. It was the one mistake, he could never forgive himself for.

She looked so content on the picture. She was sitting on the beach, looking in the distance. She had a small smile on her face, her hand in her brown, long hair.

He sighed as he put the picture down, locking it inside. He turned around, took the stars up.

She was still there, smiling when she played with her toys. Her knowledge, her life up to that point erased.

They had to leave, change their identity, move to different country. Start a new life.

He should have never made that deal with the devil.

But each time he looked at the child's face, he saw his wife. On the end, he felt not regret for his mistake.

At least they were together. For now.

The Questions is Why [Fiction]

Have you ever had the same experience as me?

Did you ever walked into a bar, and order yourself a drink? Were you alone? Pushed into loneliness by feeling inferior? Did you spend the day before alone on the swing, because everybody was avoiding you?

Then you know a feeling, of complete helpless? I thought so.

You probably spent all that time inside your head. Living lives that were unattainable. Saving the princesses, turning back the time, slaying kings and all the other quests, that you could think of.

You enjoyed there, so I am asking you... Why did you came back?

The Two Angels [Fiction]

The woman with white wings was looking down, at the ash-like remains of the old house. There was a satisfying smile on her face, as she listened to the pairs last breaths.

She could feel the fluttering near her and she saw one of black winged people. The blacked winged one took a small child from the remains. Somehow it survived.

The black winged one took the child in her arms, as she sang him a lullaby. The child had fallen asleep.

The white-winged one joined the black winged one, but not looking at them.

"I won't apologize."

The black winged nodded, and stood up, stretching the wings.

"I know."

She flown into the sky with the baby, and the white-winged one soon followed.