Should you decide to take my offer [Star Trek Fanfiction]

Scott was working on replicator. After the day that he had he wanted to relax a little. And this old machine that used to be used for making waffles, was kept for just an occasion like that.

He was working on trying to adapt the energy from the phaser battery to the alternating current. The job was made a little harder, as alternating current was unforgiving to the most modern day instruments, but that just made it more of a sweet challenge.

One of tries had friend a couple of wires, and he pushed the small amount of black smoke away from his face. That is when he noticed a Vulcan standing on the doorway of the room. He also noticed the commander insignia on his shoulders.

“Can I help you, sir?” Scott asked. These rooms were the property of academy, so anybody could use them. But usually only engineering folks came here, and he was not engineering.

“You are Montgomery Scott.” the Vulcan said.

“The one and only.” Scott said, as waited for the Vulcan to actually say something that will make his presence here explainable.

“My name is Spock.” The Vulcan said. “I came here because I have overheard the argument during the graduate lecture of the relativistic physics.”

“Look, mate.” Scott said, as he waived his tricorder around. “If you came here to tell me that it is impossible, you already got beat by quite a lot of faculty.”

The Vulcan, Spock or whatever, was now looking at him. Scott started back as he wanted to know if he is really going to get another copy of a lecture.

“You don’t believe that.” Spock said.

“Doesn’t matter what I believe in.” Scott said, as he now turned back to his machine. Maybe he should try a lower freqency for a current. “Federation needs proof to believe something, and so far there is none. No there is every going to by any if they have something to say about it.”

“That would be illogical.” said Spock.

Scott did not even bother to glance in his direction, but instead gave most of his attention to the machine in front if him.

“What if I told you that it is possible to beam to the ship while at warp, or that a person could beam from Earth to Kronos.”

Scott looked at him. “Look, mate.” He said. “If that would have been possible, I would have heard about it.”

“Maybe the equation simply has not been discovered yet.” said Spock.

Scott was no looking at Spock, and he put the tools of his trade down. “Let me get this straight. Are you calming you are from the future?”

“I am not claiming that.” said Spock.

“But it is true?” asked Scott.

Spock decided to refrain from giving an answer.

Scott now leaned forward and gave Spock his undivided attention. “Alright, I will bite. Why are you here?”

“I would like to request your help in adapting the transwarp equation, so it will work with the dispersed field as well.”

“Look here.” Scott said. “Transwarp beaming is like an archer is the moving train, shooting at the bird flying outside in the opposite direction. Just getting a specific object for pad-to-pad beaming is hard.” He then lean backward. “Not to mention that I don’t know the equation for a transwarp beaming.”

“You invented it.” Spock said, like that would explain everything. “So technically I am not breaking the temporal prime directive by showing it to you. Should you choose to help me.”

Spock took a piece of paper and wrote a couple of words on it. He gave it to Scott, who read the rank, name, room number and a PADD address on it. He looked at him in question.

“Should you decide to take my offer.” Spock said, as he turned and left the room.

Scott looked after him, then shrugged, pocketed the paper and returned to his waffle machine. But while he was working he was thinking about his unfinished transwarp equation. How could it work?

Marginality of the Expressions of Love

Most people would probably not mix economics and love. But when I look at it, it is not that different. Economics deal with dealing how people, or even more abstract entities, act in relation to each other. Love simply describes the feeling that is present in at least some, if not most relationships that a person experience. Both help us understand the action of people.

And boy, do I need the help. I still remember the worst advice that I have ever gotten in relation to the social skills. It was to do to people what I would want that other people would have done to me. I am sure that for some people this works, but for me it was horrible. Most people don't want criticism, nor do they want to hear the truth, or be told when they are boring or they are whining. Something I prefer to experience. And since people don't do it, I am constantly worrying if they think it or not.

One of the interesting models that helps explain the people's relationships is the five languages of love. What this model says is, that there exist five modes of showing love: giving people time, giving them gifts, doing something for them, showing appreciation through words and physical touch. And each person has a preferred mode of receiving love.

Things are great, as long as the channels align. It becomes the problem when they don't. I usually prefer to give by giving them time, doing something for them and some physical touch. I am not well suited for people that prefer gifts or people that want encouragement. I am not even a good match for somebody with a high need for physical touch, because while I don't mind it, it is not automatic.

This is where the economics comes forth. There are concepts in microeconomics called marginal cost and marginal utility.

Marginal utility means how much does something mean to somebody. For a person that is lost in the sand desert, the bottle of water means a lot more than for somebody that is in the vacation in Budapest, with various selection of drinking beverages. What that means is that a person in the desert will have a higher marginal utility, because it means so much more to him.

The same is true, if we compare one person eating ice cream. The first scoop of ice cream is delicious. But if the person continue, by the time a person starts eating the twentieth ice cream scoop, this one is not anything special. Not only that, it some cases eating it is a chore or it can even makes a person sick. So the first one has a higher marginal utility, because there is more enjoyment to be taken from this scoop of ice cream than the later ones.

Marginal cost is similar. Let us take the hugs. When looking through the stereotypes, there are some nations that are much more likely to hug (Italians, Americans), and then there are some where this is less likely (Germany, England). So for somebody that is Italian, there is a lot less marginal cost of giving another hug, since they are so used to it already. Not some much for some people from England, where the idea itself it not that comfortable.

The same principle can also be applied to other aspects. For example, a person might not mind cooking for friends once every month and would even find it enjoyable. But try to convince them that they need to do it every day, and most people would find that a much more unpleasant to do it. Especially considering the time cooking takes.

So I think we should not let these economical concepts elope with the languages of love. I think each person has a different marginal values or curves for each of the five languages. I had put myself before as an example, my marginal cost for giving hugs is much lower than for giving gifts. And my marginal utility for getting encouragement. is much lower than marginal utility for acts of service.

Then it becomes the optimization problem. The goal is to try and find the lowest cost of doing something that will give another person a highest utility. The ideal would be that the channel that is the easiest for a person would also bring the nighest value to another.

But since people are different, it is much more likely that their preference are also different. In this case, the best course of action is to concentrate on the actions that have low marginal cost or high marginal utility. The best way would be to discuss this with a person is a relationship, but for some reason people don't want to do this.

So there is where the detective work comes into play. Observing the person and their reactions can quickly give an idea into their marginal utility for each action. Each person should know their marginal costs for their actions. Then try to balance it to get the most value for the buck, as some people like to say.

And maybe think about actually communicating what is the channel though which people can express love to give you most utility. Be the change you want to see in the world.

My First Apple Pie

Apple Pie

We have an apple tree on the backyard. As the fall is starting, the apples had started to fall down. Some of them are rotten, but some of them as still alright. What none of them are yet is in the ripened state, so I could just eat them raw.

I hate throwing the food away, so I have adapted a recipe to suit my needs better. Alright, I will admit it, I did not want to use eggs, happy?


  • flour
  • salt
  • butter
  • milk
  • apples
  • cinnamon
  • sour cream
  • sugar


  • Melt the butter
  • Mix flour, salt, butter and milk to make a dough
  • Grate apples
  • Add sugar, cinnamon and sour cream to the apples
  • Put dough, apples and dough again in the pan
  • Bake on 180°C for 60 minutes

Suggestions: - If there is too wet filling, I have heard that putting flour can help. But I like the wet filling - This recipe ended up with too hard dough. Next time I should be careful to use enough butter

When the pie was still warm, it was delicious. I don’t really like the changes that happened when it got cold. Overall, it was a nice first try.

Mellon Ice Cream

Mellon Ice Cream Ingredients

There are probably two deserts that I have a weakness for, one of them is chocolate, and the other is ice cream. But since I eventually I want to try a sugar-free diet, I am already looking for a sugar free alternatives to this two deserts. Here is what I believe a good alternative for store brought ice cream.


  • coconut milk
  • melon
  • bananas


  • Mix coconut milk, melons and bananas until there is a no pieces left in the mixture
  • Freeze and mix every 15 minutes for the next 3 hours


  • I used frozen melons and bananas, so the time needed to keep mixing the ice cream might end up being longer

Do you have to take everything I said as lewd? [Star Trek Fanfiction]

Uhura looked around the classroom. She was early, so the lecture hall was still half empty. Most people were either looking at their PADDs or talking with their neighbour.

Then the familiar face caught her attention. She narrowed her eyes, as he made her way to the blond-head sitting in one of the middle rows. He was typing something on his PADD.

"What do you think you are doing here?" Uhura asked.

Jim looked up, as he smiled. "Uhura, fancy meeting you here." He swiped down his PADD, closing whatever he was doing here.

Uhura glared at him, but otherwise did not move.

"Can a guy just take an easy class for a change?" Jim looked at her PADD with a pointed look.

Uhura took the PADD, and opened the enrolled students list. She looked over it, and there is really was, James Tiberius Kirk. She looked him up and down. "Easy class, for a science student?"

"You forgot my command classes." Jim said, pretending to be hurt by her declarations. "Plus, I heard that the assistant here has a great aural sensitivity."

That earned his a smack to he head with Uhura's PADD. Jim grabbed his head, and looked at her, glaring, but there was no heat in it.

Uhura titled her head and pointedly looked at him.

Jim rolled his eyes. "Do you have to take everything I said as lewd?"

The teacher came to the class. Uhura smirked. "Your words not mine." She then turned around and made here way to the front of the class.

The class started 10 minutes latter. The teacher first explained the structure of the class. It was a module, so it will not take the whole semester, but the classes will be held every day for three hours in the morning.

After the administration part of the class were finished, the teacher wanted them to each introduce themselves in Klingon. Which would have been easier he would have said it in standard and not in Klingon.

Uhura looked at faces of students. Most of them were looking disbelieving, or in some cases panicking. But there were five exceptions. Jim Kirk actually looked relaxed. Another male sitting on the other side of the room was looking at Kirk. Kirk nodded back at him and the person grinned. Then there was a blond haired nurse that looked excited. There was also a Tellarite that leaned forward, looking ready for anything and an Orion woman that was sitting back, looking at the teacher and twirling a pen in her hand.

The Tellarite one, named Gal talked with no pauses, but his grammar could use work. Next was Christine Chapel, the blond nurse, who was better. Miran, the Orion was quite fluent, and so far she was the only xenolinguist introduced.

The next was a male, that was grinning at Kirk. His name was Gary Mitchel and he managed to introduce himself in perfect Klingon. But when he was asked additional questions, he looked a little confused. He glanced at Kirk, and Uhura followed his look, seeing that Kirk was waiving something to Gary. But it did not help him.

Uhura was surprised that Kirk did not volunteer next. But there were a couple of other people that started to. Some, mostly command, security, pilots and tactical people pointed at themselves and said their name. Most science, medical, engineering and xenolinguists started to flip through their books to try and string together a couple of sentence.

On the end Kirk was the only one left that did not introduce himself. Uhura stared as he introduce himself in the perfect Klingon. Not only that, he had no problem with the questions that were thrown his way.

The professor divided them in the groups of six, and Uhura was in charge of one of the middle group. She could see Kirk listening and paying attention to the assistant responsible for his group.

The class ended and she was excused, so she walked to the Kirk, who had Gary Mitchel as a company.

Before she could announce herself, Gary turned around as looked at her. Then he grinned at Kirk. "Good luck with that one. You will need it."

Kirk rolled his eyes. "You need to keep practising, if that is the best you can do."

Gary grabbed Kirk's shoulder, and walked toward the mess hall. Kirk turned to Uhura, waiting in expectation.

"Where did you learn to speak Klingon?" Uhura asked.

"I had a friend who was giving me lessons in our free time." He shrugged. "But I am far from fluent."

"Let me guess, you slept with her and she will no longer help you?" Uhura asked.

Kirk looked at her in surprise and disbelief. "No! That would be..." he let his voice trail, like looking for a right word. "Em... She had a really strong boyfriend?"

Uhura noticed the question mark on the end. But she had a feeling that she is not going to get an answer from Kirk today. "Don't think I will let you slack off in class." she said, as she made here was to her dorms.

But she still heard Kirk say: "I wouldn't dream about it."

Was Starfleet trying to kill him!? [Star Trek Fanfiction]

Puri was quite excited about what was coming next. The ushered his class in the next ward. The groups of medical students stopped in front of the unconscious humanoid with half white skin on one half of the body and half black skin on the other half.

"You next job is to diagnose this patient." Puri nodded toward the black-and-white humanoid.

The andorian woman raised her hand. "What type of humanoid is this?"

"In space, a lot of times you are going to be faced with unknown humanoid. I believe that none of you had the chance to try and study this one." Puri said, as he moved toward the wall. "Think of it as a test run for similar situations in the future."

Some of the students were looking lost. But some of them came closer, starting to check over the vital signs on the diagnostic table. One orion woman even tried smelling the patient, and Puri let out a smile and a small chuckle.

He then looked at the only student that was still standing at the doorway. He noticed that the cadet was looking at him. Puri was trying to remember his name. "Is there something the matter, cadet..."

"Doctor McCoy." the cadet answered.

Puri looked over his cadet uniform with an raised eyebrow. "I see." He looked at his back at the face. "Then why..."

"Professor Puri?" asked a human brown head.

Puri turned to her. "What is it?"

The cadet was jumping up and down on her feet. "Is it the toxicity of the liver, sir?"

Puri wanted to answer, when he heard a snort next to him. He looked up and saw cadet McCoy looking at he patient. Puri could hear him muttering. "They don't even have a liver."

The girl cadet also seems to heard him, and he looked at the Puri. He shook his head. "If toxicity would be a problem, it would show on the toxin panel."

The girl deflated, as she joined the rest of the classmates, that were still trying to figure out what is wrong whit him.

Puri noticed that McCoy was now looking at one of the smaller PADD. They were connected to the main monitor, so all the information wan available to him. Most doctors that Puri knew preferred the table simply because all information were available with just one look.

He saw most of the students discussing different hypothesis. The hypothesis. that they came up with were ranging from insightful to downright humorous. But none of them were new. All of them had been though up before by the best doctors in Starfleet and they could still not figure out what is wrong with the patient in front of them.

There was a protest heard among one group of students. The alarm start beeping. Puri looked around and saw that McCoy disconnected the IV from the patient's hand. He came closer.

"What do you think you are doing?" he asked, when he came closer.

McCoy did not even bother to turn to him, and he was checking the pupils reaction. "I am saving your patient."

"Look, I have no idea what do you think you are..."

McCoy now turned to Puri. "You are apparently incompetent! Tell me, was Starfleet trying to kill him!?" He turned back now, checking the pulse. "Somebody bring my 1mg of coritine and 2mg of adrenaline."

Most of the students looked around, but a male vulcan walked to the cabinet and retrieved the asked chemical.

McCoy was palpating the body of the patient. He then turned to a vulcan, that had already the hyposprays prepared. "Put the adrenaline at the same place vulcans have livers, and coritine to the neck artery." he said.

Puri stepped back. This could prove to be interesting. He looked as both hyposprays were applied to the intended places. He then watched, as the blood pressure and hearth beats started to lower, until they eventually stabilized. These vital would have killed most of the federation species, but Puri could see the tension leeching away from the patient.

McCoy was starring at the vitals for some time, and they he check the pupils again. He let his body relax. He looked at the vulcan that helped him. "Thank you."

"It is only logical for a healer to try and do what is necessary." The vulcan said. "May I ask what was wrong with the patient?"

McCoy stared for a second, then started to shake him head. "Calcium. Their body has no way to metabolize or use it. For them it is poison."

"As the normal brands of IV have magnesium in it, it was slowly poisoning him." he said, as he nodded to himself.

"How did you know that they can not metabolize the calcium?" Puri asked.

Puri was looking at the McCoy, so he noticed the that the question took him by surprise. McCoy looked around the rest of them. "I must have read it somewhere."

Puri continued to look at him, but McCoy was not forthcoming with the details. "I don't think so."

McCoy shrugged. "I maybe I heard something. I don't know."

Puri allowed a silence to stretch for a couple of seconds. "The only problem with this is, that so far federation has only one record of meeting this race."

McCoy looked at the patient. "The balance was all wrong. Biology between humanoid might be different, but the physics is not. The electrical instability could mean the electrolyte imbalance. Their bones are made from magnesium and iron mixture, without calcium, unlike most of the humanoid life forms. Also, in past data one could see calcium building in the blood."

Puri took his our PADD. How could they not notice that before? But everything was just as cadet McCoy said. Which provides a new problem. Who is cadet McCoy.

"You are right." said Puri, as he smiled. "I want all of you to study the vitals of this patient and try to find out for yourself all the different ways you could have figured this case out. The class is dismissed."

Puri looked as students downloaded the data and started to move our of the room. Cadet McCoy was looking at him for a couple of seconds, and then started to follow the example of his classmates.

Puri looked at the PADD, his personal one, and noticed that Pike was asking him if he wants to eat lunch with him. Puri remembered that Pike was the one that recruited McCoy, so maybe he is going to have some more answers.

The Most Disgusting Cake I Have Ever Baked

In my family, I am usually the one that buys the food. Most of the member of my family hate going to the store. And then there is my mother, who likes bringing back food that we have no idea how to use.

One of the things that she brought like that was cheddar cheese. I know that there are a lot of people that swear by it, but we never eat it. Give me grande padano instead any day.

So I was looking around for how to use it, and I saw a recipe. Since I was not sure if I would like it, I decided to make it more like a marble cake. But the result was basically the most disgusting cake that I have ever eaten. Not even a pile of whipped cream could save it.


  • milk
  • cheddar cheese
  • butter
  • eggs
  • flour
  • sugar
  • cacao


  • Heat milk, cheddar cheese and butter until it melts
  • Mix together egg yolks and flour
  • Make snow from egg whites
  • Mix sugar, milk mixture, egg mixture and egg snow
  • Put cacao in half of the mixture
  • Put both mixtures in the pan
  • Bake for 45 minutes at 170°C

As this cake was not a successful result, I have no idea how to make it better. Maybe next time I should not put any cheese in it at all? Than again, that would defeat the purpose of this recipe.

Marble Cake Recipe

Marble Cake

For some reason, my parents always considered this one of the Slovenian dishes, but we basically never made it at home. We almost never had it either, as it was always considered the alternative to potica. Since my grandmother made it for every holidays, that meant that alternative was never even a valid option.

I have tired a store brought ones a couple of times, but for some reason, most state bought cakes and biscuits (and cookies for that matter, or muffins,...) leave something to be desired. So I decided to try and make my own.


  • 6 eggs
  • 10 spoons of white flour
  • baking powder
  • white sugar
  • vanilla sugar
  • 9 spoons of sunflower oil
  • 9 spoons of milk
  • 2 spoons fo powdered cacao
  • small piece of butter


  • Put yolks and the whites of the eggs apart
  • Sift flour and baking powder to the bowl
  • Mix together yolks, 5 spoons of sugar, vanilla sugar, oil and milk
  • Mix together egg whites and sugar
  • Mix flour mixture, yolks mixture and white mixture together
  • Put fat (like oil or butter) on the pan
  • Put the mixture in half and put cacao in one half of it
  • Put first mixture with cacao in the pan and the rest of it on top
  • Bake on 200°C for 20 minutes


  • One way of putting the whites and the yolk apart is to use two half of the egg shell. The easier way that I used this time is to catch the yolk on the fingers and let the whites wash down.
  • Putting cacao in most mixtures makes the mixture more compact, heavier and harder. Don't let that alarm, it is completly normal. But this is also a reason why the part with cacao goes first, as it is the only way to have it equally distributed. If the cacao is added later, it will simply sunk to the ground. Even so, I do sometimes put cacao mixture later, simply to not dirty that many bowls.
  • Don't forget to overheat the oven for around 10°C, because it starts to cool as soon as it is open. Also, I am using a oven with ventilation, which means that you might need to use around 20°C higher temperature, depending on the type of oven you use.


  • The cake was too dry -> so use more fat than me
  • The cake had too little sugar -> use more sugar
  • The cake had too much cacao -> use less cacao

Even with these complains from other people, there was still none of it left the next day.

Thinker and Feeler vs. The Goal of Feeling Good

Do you want to feel happy? Do you want to constantly feel the contentment at your current life situation? Do you want every decision that came your way to be full of opportunities with none of the risk? Let us throw some positive thinking in the mix as well.

If you started to feel suspicious at the upper description, don't worry, I am not trying to sell anything to you, except maybe the validity of my ideas. But if you ask me, the upper paragraph is the essence of what most, but thankfully not all, personal development material is trying to sell to the people that it is a valid goal.

Me, being the person that I am, if somebody in person is trying to sell me this idea, I do start to question it. I usually try to point out that happiness is just a feeling and chasing a fleeting feeling around it not the most productive way of using their time. Or if they even knew how to achieve that happiness, to which I hope I never again hear the answer connected with the positive thinking and law of attraction. I have heard too many permutation of this.

I generally get two of the different responses: either they are trying to convince me that happiness is valid goal, or they confess that they are also having doubts about this, some in the more direct way than others.

The more interesting thing is, that most of the people that are in the first camp are feelers. They believe that the feeling and meaning of life is the most important. On the other camp they are thinkers. They tended to disapprove this, and were more concerned with the pragmatism or usefulness of the situation.

It is not always a homogeneous group, but it always came back to the more or less the same foundation. For example, I once talked to a woman, that I consider feeler type. But she started in a way that I though it is going to invalidate my theory, as she confined in me that she did not believe that search for self-happiness is the way to live our life. But then, during the same conversation she was explaining to me a way for her to help people feel better when going through a certain traumatic experience.

Most of the feelers were a lot more direct. I know someone that is planing to have a conference about finding the life meaning. I listening to some of the material, and I have to say, the feeling were quite important. She had a bit of trouble understanding why feeling meaningful is not the most important goal in life.

Thinkers are different. I know once when I got an idea and wanted to try it. I was discussing it with another thinker, and we were hashing it out. On the end, he looked at me and said: "But I still don't see what is the use of it." Or at least it was something like that, it happened some time ago and I have to translate it as well.

Thinkers are usually the ones, when faced with new idea, they will not usually try to validate it. They will simply run with it and tried to help with it in some way, if they like the idea. If they don't like it, they they usually shrug and let others go in their way.

This interesting contrast happened in my Toastmasters club. At one point, I find out about the Competent Leadership program and I decided that I wanted to bring that to my club. So I came there, presented it to some people and started to work on my. The feelers in the club usually commented in whenever they liked it or not, they gave me a lot of encouragement to go forward with it and had been very supportive. They also managed to get this idea talked about more often that I was capable of. Three thinkers (not 100% sure about one, one based more on how he describes himself his past self than now) took these manuals and started to do them as well. About a year later another one decided we need to improve it and now it is a integral part of the club.

I am a thinker myself, so I have to say that I appreciated the work my fellow thinkers did over the work feelers did. To me it was the work of these four people that I appreciate a lot more than anything that the feelers did for that.

But after watching people I do realize that some people find feelers type of support not only easier to recognize but also more valuable. Some people seem to start to glow under all the feelers rain. And as long as they don't become radioactive, I am find with it.

What was my point though this blog? I was trying to show the difference in how different personality types offer different inputs for a smooth working of the society. It is the thinkers that make sure it is improving, but it is the feelers that make sure the society is pleasant to live in. We need both, but we are better of letting people express their natural tendencies, which they usually do. The alternative is to make the person express both, which it like putting ice and fire together. On the end, we are ended up with water.

So simply be who you are and let other people be who they are. Even if they are not like you wanted them to be.

The Nagonal Planet [Star Trek Fanfiction]

Leonard decided that the idiot that decided that CMO is the best person to beam down with the landing party is going to get a hypo with some nasty STD in their neck.

Jim and Spock jumped up. Jim turned to the Nagonal leader. "What is the meaning of this?"

The leader titled his head and looked at him in interest. "Is that not what you desire, captain?"

"No. Release him right now." Kirk said, his eyes becoming cold like the Neptune night.

Leonard really wished that his conversation would not happen while he was forced to kneel, with his hands forced behind him. He was feeling very annoyed. "Maybe somebody could explain what is going on here?"

This comment made the guards apply pressure on his arms and Leonard had no choice but the bend forward. That hurt.

The Nagonal leader did not put any attention on what was happening. Kirk looked at Leonard and his eyes darkened.

The leader waved his hand. "Take him away."

Jim moved in for a punch, but it was stopped by Spock's hand. He moved next to Jim and turned stiffly to the leader. "This is an attack on the Starfleet officer. May I ask for your reasons?"

Leonard wanted to know the reason as well, but before he could hear the explanation, he was dragged away.

He like the new place even less than the previous one. It was dark, and the ropes around his his body and neck were cutting into is skin. He did not want to think about their unhygienic nature, but since they were bounded in a way that did not allow for escape, his thought eventually wondered there. But the worst part of it was, that he was suspended alone in the darkness for hours, with no information. Hard to plan an escape in these situations.

He must have doused off, as he woke up when the doors opened. The light then came up. The leader and Jim came inside. Jim walked slower, his legs avoiding the mess on the floor. The Nagonal leader closed the door and followed Jim.

Jim came closer and looked Leonard up and down. He was biting his lips, but did not came closer.

"Please tell me that you managed to clear this misunderstanding?" Leonard said. The relief that he felt when seeing Jim was giving space to the apprehension. He trusted Jim, yes, but he also knew that space is not a safe place.

"He is all yours, captain." the Nagonal leader said, as he leaned back on his red tail.

Jim glanced back at the leader, then his straightened out. He took a step closer and put his hand in the ropes bounding Leonard together.

"Jim?" asked Leonard. He was glad that the ropes were no longer scuffing his neck, but he was not sure what to think about this Jim.

The next moment he noticed Jim stepped on his toes, his face coming closer. He felt his eyes widened in surprise. But that did not stop Jim for kissing him.

First couple of them were just pecks, meeting the skin with a skin. Jim moved back, his mouth tense and his eyes were averted. The next moment he came closer, his mouth now demanding.

Leonard was freaking out when Jim's mount continues its relentless attack. He felt somebody grab his ass, and he gasped, allowing Jim to push his tongue into his mouth. He wanted to push Jim away but could not.

Jim moved away from the lack of air. Leonard was shell-shocked, which it why it probably took Jim leading his away to notice that he was standing on his legs now. He allowed Jim to arrange him on the dry wheat-like plant that was lying in piles.

Jim put one of the hands through Leonard's hands. "I am sorry." he said. He then nuzzled his head in Leonard's neck. The Nagonal leader was standing in Leonard's sight line looking smug.

Suddenly, Leonard could feel the ropes loosening. Kirk broke them and threw them away. The Nagonal leader's face fell, Kirk took the communicator and flipped it over. As Nagonal leader was taking the knife out, Leonard could feel the transporter taking hold of them.

They ended up on the Enterprise. Jim jumped away from Leonard.

Spock, manning the transporter station, was looking at them in interest. "I see the plan worked, captain."

Jim glared at him, as he brushed away the dry grass. He then shook his head. "I need to go to the bridge." he said, but he was not looking at none of them. He then quickly walked out.

Leonard looked after him. He turned to Spock. "What happened?" he asked. He was really grumpy about being left out of the loop.

Spock nodded. "I suggest I tell you in the way to the Med-bay."

Leonard knew that bio-filters on transporters made routine after planet-side mission obsolete. But he also knew that if any member, not just a certain always-getting-in-trouble-captain, would be kidnapped and hold captive, he would have ordered an examination. So they made their way to the sickbay together.

When hearing the explanation, Leonard decided that the person that really needs that STD hypo is whoever made a report about this planet. Maybe having just a note about their sexual structure would be great, considering that if somebody is superior position wanted to have sex with you, you have to obey or face punishment: gang rape of anybody who wanted a piece of you. Leonard groaned.

Spock stopped and looked at the doctor. "Doctor, did the Nagonal people did anything to you?"

"You mean beside kidnapped, bounded and hanged? Not really." Leonard said with annoyance.

Spock turned and they made their way to the Sickbay. There Spock left him in M'Benga's care and made his leave.

Jim did not came around the whole day, so after his shift ended, Leonard made his way to Jim's rooms. He did not bothered knocking, but simply pushed the code and entered.

Jim was sitting on the sofa. He looked at the door and when he recognized the person there, he stood up from it. He nodded.

Leonard took that as a sign to came inside and sat down on the bed. "How are the negotiations going?"

Jim sighed, as he sat back down on the sofa. "The only way we could get this agreement signed is if the admiral came here and sends me back to the academy."

Bones nodded. "This isn't Nibiri, so I think we are safe."

Jim looked away at his PADD. "Would have been worth it."

"And having sex with me wouldn't?" Jim turned his head around to look at him. "Spock explained it."

"So now you know it was my fault." Jim said.

"You can't help it if you find me attractive." Leonard said. "I also know you."

"Yes, I am a slut." Jim said, looking down.

Leonard could recognize the self-depreciation and quiet acceptance in Jim's voice. He wanted to reach to Jim's hands, but something stopped him mid-move. He realized that some part of him is dreading the results.

Jim laughed a hollow laugh. "You are afraid to even touch me."

Leonard stood up, took two steps so he was behind Jim, and gave him a head knuckle. Jim turned around and was no glaring at him.

"Who is the doctor here?" Leonard asked, as he looked at Jim with the raised eyebrow.

Jim looked away.

"Jim." Leonard said, as he leaned on the sofa behind his head. "You found the way for me out of this planet that did not involve me having some unwanted sex. I can't complain."

Jim glanced up at him. He than leaned back on Leonard's hands. "Unwanted? I am hurt."

"Too messy." Leonard agreed. "The potential to get some weird alien sexual illness is too great. Plus, there are the whole romantic commitment issues that this subject has. Not to mention the attitude."

Jim rolled his eyes. "It is not messy if there is no commitment involved."

"Keep telling yourself that." Leonard said. They are going to be alright.

The inspiration for this work came from the picture found on . But since I don't read Korean at all, I have no idea who the author is.