Engagment [Gintama Fanfiction]

Both Takasugi and Gintoki were staring at each other. None of them wanted to back out.

Sakamoto laughed at the side. “You two fight like an old married couple. Ever thought about marrying?”

Both Takasugi and Gintoki turned to Sakamoto, and just looked at him. They did not reject the idea, or made fun of them. Gintoki actually looked thoughtful, while Takasugi looked like a storm. He was unable to explain it.

Sakamoto tried to break the silence with the laughter, as he scratched his back of the head. “Well…”

“Why did you get that idea?” Takasugi asked, as he came closer. He was intimidating, when he entered other people’s personal space.

“It was just a joke.” Sakamoto said, as he backed a step, putting his hands out. “I did not mean anything with that.”

“You realize it is against the law?” Katsura now said, his arms crossed.

Sakamoto looked from one to another. He did not imagine that a innocent comment like that would affect them like that.

“Actually, some aliens allow the marriage between two people with the same sex.” Kurokono said. “Some support the marriage to more people as well.”

Sakamoto now looked at Kurokono. “Thank you, but…”

“That could work.” said Gintoki, still thinking.

Now all of them looked at Gintoki, who shrugged. “Either we win and we get to make rules, or aliens win and we have to adopt their rules. It works then either way.”

Sakamoto now looked confused between them. What were they talking about?

Takasugi and Katsura, on the other hand, glared at Gintoki. Like the last sentence angered them.

Kurokono grabbed Sakamoto for the biceps and dragged his away. “Let the three lover birds deal with that revelation.” he said.

“Oh.” Sakamoto only said, and his eyes softened. That explained quite a lot.

Gintoki sighed. “Look, even I don’t know…”

“Will you marry me?” both Katsura and Takasugi said at the same time. Then they glared at each other.

“I think it is not needed.” said Gintoki, as he put his arm on each of them, bringing them closer. “But I will. If you two want it.”

Takasugi looked away, while Katsura’s eyes softened.

“It is needed.” Takasugi said, still looking away. “What do you think marriage is anyway?”

“A family.” Gintoki said. “The one you choose yourself. Isn’t it?”

“A family, right?” Takasugi said. “And you are just alright with it?”

“Why would I not be?” Gintoki asked.

“Gintoki, your love…” Katsura started, but then he stopped himself. He promised himself that he will not mentioned it anymore.

Gintoki looked a little sadder. “You guys know what I can and can’t give.” he said. “That is why I can say it. Because you know what I mean by that.”

“We should do this properly.” Katsura said. “We need to ask families for permission and so on.”

“Well, the rich brat here is the only one that still have a family beside teacher to ask.” said Gintoki, grinning.

“I was disowned.” Takasugi said in their face. “Is your brain really that leaky that you can’t remember something I already told you million times before?”

“We should still ask teacher.” said Katsura. He voice was stern, as a warning to the other two.

“It means that we won’t be able to do it during the war.” Takasugi said.

Gintoki said: “It is something to look forward to, once we all get out of it.”

“That is true.” said Katsura. “So once we all get out of this war, let’s get married. Legally or illegally.”

“Like the people rebelling against the government care about legality.” said Takasugi.

Gintoki looked at both of them. He was happy that he was able to find his place among this two.

Winter Night on the Battlefield [Gintama Fanfiction]

Takasugi checked the situation outside. There might be more governmental solders around here and they could not count on being safe yet. But since Gintoki was shot in the leg, they were not in a position to move much.

Katsura tired to treat the wound on the Gintoki’s leg with whatever they had available. Instead of creme he used the leaves with juices that were supposed to help with the healing. Instead of septic he only used water, hoping it will be enough. Instead of a bandages he used the shirt of another solder. Since he was already dead, it did not look like he will still need it.

Takasugi came back, and sat down. They were at the cave, and it was not easily seen from the path. So it should provide at least some protection. And if Takasugi is back, than there does not seems to be any trace of the enemy around. He also brought some wood.

“How is he?” Takasugi asked, as he looked at sleeping Gintoki. He was already up for at least five days, so it was not surprising.

Katsura finished with the last one, and checked Gintoki’s temperature. It was still somehow high, but it did not look like it increased with their moving. “I think he will be alright.”

Katsura then took the wood, starting to make a fire. It was getting cold, and not only it would not be good for Gintoki’s fever, he and Takasugi would have frozen as well.

Takasugi went and got some more wood, so ti will last them through the night.

In about half and hour he managed to make a fire going. The cave was quite spacious, so he did not think that the smoke will kill them. Also, it was covered from the front as well, so they were not likely to see the fire. It is also why they had put it more inside of the cave, then on the opening of the cave.

When he looked at Gintoki, he noticed that Takasugi was already back. He belittled himself for not noticing. The lack of sleeping was already getting to him. How was Gintoki managing, he will never understand.

Takasugi was trying to rose up Gintoki, and he was rewarded with sleepy Gintoki. In this situation, for Gintoki to not react at all, it drove home how seriously must have the wound affected him.

Katsura came there, and they both helped him move closer to the fire. They ended up with both of them on one side of Gintoki. They could feel his hands finding them, as he went back to sleep.

Takasugi looked as Katsura. “I will take the watch today.” he said. “You need to rest.”

Katsura could not complain about it, even if Takasugi also looked like he needed a rest. But Takasugi always had a better stamina than him, so he did not say anything. “Wake me up, if you are too sleepy to continue.”

Takasugi nodded, and Katsura relaxed. For some reason, with these two, he always felt like he is safe.

Lazy Day at Yorozuya [Gintama Fanfiction]

It was just a lazy day at Odd Jobs. Katsura was reading reports that his underlings, yes Gintoki decided that he is going to call underlings, have prepared. Katsura usually did not share his findings. It was a kind of agreement they had.

Gintoki was leaning on his side, reading Jump. Jump was just so much more interesting thing than whatever crazy idea Katsura was reading. It must have been crazy.

Katsura moved a little, what Gintoki could felt in his back. It seems like just that he gripped his chin, thinking about something. Gintoki glanced at him. Looking his all serious like that, while being safe, seemed like a good deal.

“I am back.” they could hear the woman’s voice from the doorway. Kagura and Sadaharu came inside, seeing the picture in front of them.

Katsura looked up. “Kagura, nice of you to come back.” He then put away the papers that he had just been reading. “Was the weather nice.”

“Sure. The sun was up and there was no police anywhere.” Kagura replied, and she plopped herself to the opposite sofa. “You are here again?”

“If I am a bother I can go.” Katsura volunteered, and he tired to stood up, but Gintoki just let himself fall to Katsura’s lap, making him an obstacle to his moving, while still reading Jump. “You are comfortable.” he offered as an explanation.

Katsura looked at him in surprise, but then Kagura started to laugh. He then shrugged. “I guess I am supposed to stay here.”

“Stay as long as you want.” Kagura said, as he went and got a package of sea weed. “If the police comes, we will protect you.”

Katsura looked down on Gintoki, who seems to be quite engrossed in the whatever was happening in this week Jump. There was no embarrassment on his face, no any other indicator that would explain this to Katsura.

Katsura started to play with Gintoki’s hair. They were still like that, when Kagura returned and started to watch something on the television. But when he could hear the television, he made a small sign and took the papers back up.

“If you want her to quiet it, you should just say it.” said Gintoki, putting the Jump away.

Katsura closed his eyes for a moment. “It is not appropriate. I am a guest here.”

Gintoki did not say anything, as he looked at Katsura, how he first returned the look, then put it back to the paper.

They were like that for the duration of the television episode. Then they could hear the somebody else coming through the door.

Shinpachi came there and said hello. He then asked: “Katsura, did you come here again?”

“I am just visiting.” he said. He looked at Gintoki, but he was sleeping peacefully on his lap. When did this happen?

“If you say so.” Shinpachi said, as he sat down. “Gintoki always says that it would be a lot easier if you just moved here.”

Katsura stilled. Move here? Gintoki wants that? But he also knew that he did not want to bother Gintoki with just that question. So he shook his head. “I am a wanted criminal.”

“It is not like you could not hide when the Shinsengumi comes to visit.” Shinpachi said. “But I get it. Hiding in own home would be quite weird.”

‘I have done weirder.’ thought Katsura, but he did not say anything. He put the papers away, and leaned back. Maybe a little sleep would not have hurt him. Before he knew it, he was already out.

The Rent, Otose, the Rent [Gintama Fanfiction]

It was late at night, and Otose was just getting ready to close the shop. It is unlikely that there are going to be other guests tonight.

She just wanted to get outside, to take the banner in, when the doors opened and a man stood there. He stopped when he saw her in front of her, but he did not sidestepped to get out of the way. She was unable to see his face, since the hat was obstructing it.

“We were just closing you know?” she said, as he sidestepped him. She expected him, to leave, but he did not follow her out. When she brought the banner in, he was sitting at the counter.

She could see his face now, as he put the hat down. He was turned to her, and she could see the bandages around his left eyes, and the short black hair. He was looking at her with intention, his other eye narrowed, like trying to figure something out.

Otose sighed. She went behind the counter. She could feel his eyes on her. “Can I offer you something to drink?”

“A green tea will do.” he said, as he finally looked away. He seems to have made is decision.

Otose prepared him a green tea, and she noticed how he closed his eyes, as he made the first sip.

He then put the cup back on the counter. “You have a new tenant upstairs.” he said.

“So?” Otose asked. She hoped that the her new tenant will not be bringing too much trouble.

“I am just surprised that a person whose husband died in a anti-foreign war would accept a war… hero, I guess.”

Otose now narrowed her eyes. For a person that had never before been here he knew an awful a lot about her and Gintoki.

“But I guess you are that kind of person.” He chuckled. “I am relieved.”

She crossed her hands in front of her. “What did you came here for?”

“How much will you charge him for rent?” he asked instead.

Otose still did not decide. She was quite content letting him get some sort of business first. “Haven’t decided yet.”

“I see.” the man said. “I am offering to pay ¾ of the average rent around here instead of Gintoki.” The man was expectantly looking at her, expecting answer.

“Quite an unusual preposition.” she said.

The man smiled, as he leaned back. “Than it is a deal. You will get a monthly transfer to your account.” he than took the cup again end finished it.

“Don’t you need my information for that?” she asked, but she already knew the answer. He did not need them.

The man stood up and put some money on the counter. “Thank you for a tea.” He then stood up to leave.

“Can I at least get your name?” Otose asked. She only looked at him from the side, as she took the cup to clean it.

He stooped on the doorway. He paused before saying: “Takasugi Shinsuke.” and left into the early morning.

Where I Came From [Gintama Fanfiction]

Katsura woke up. He could feel his stomach where he was cut, and he grimaced. He looked around. He saw Takasugi lying next to him, still breathing, in some sort of barracks. He looked at his other side, and he saw the blood stained Gintoki lying propped to the wall, the sword hold reminiscent of how he always hold it during classes.

Katsura tried to get up, but the pain was quite strong. This will take a while to heal. He could feel the hand on his shoulder.

“You should rest.” said Gintoki, as he slowly pushed him down. Even thought his grip was firm, there was not a lot of pressure applied, but it was still enough that Katsura was not be able to resist. He must have been hurt more than he imagined.

“This blood…” Katsura started.

“Is not mine.” Gintoki said.

Katsura looked around now. They were in what looked like a barn. “Where are we?”

“Barn. The farm and the village nearby were all burned down.” Gintoki said, as he stood up, and went to pick up the bucket. He came closer and Katsura noticed that it was full of water. He took some of it, and helped Katsura get up a little, so he could drink it, before playing him back down.

Gintoki looked at Takasugi, who had yet to wake up.

“Is he alright?” Katsura asked. “What about the rest?”

“I would say a couple of broken ribs, two back slashes and a dart in the left leg. But he will live. Probably.” he said. “He was still conscious when I came.”

Katsura noticed that he refused to say anything about the rest of the people there, so he could already imagined what happened. He hoped that Takasugi will also pulled through.

Katsura’s stomach growled, and Katsura grabbed it. Sure, he might have been stabbed in there, but he guessed that it does not negate the effects of hunger.

Gintoki looked at him, then took the sword. “I will go check if there is something eatable around.”

Before he gave Katsura any time to protest, he already left. Katsura looked up. Not like his protests could achieve anything now.

He did not know how long was he lying there, until he noticed a subtle moving next to him. He turned and noticed Takasugi opening his eyes and looking around. He tried to get up, but he could not.

“Takasugi.” Katsura called, and Takasugi turned his head to the side, their eyes meeting.

“Katsura, you are alive.” Takasugi said. “What about Gintoki?”

“Went to get something to eat.” Katsura said.

“I see.” Takasugi said. He put one hand up, and covered his face. “Katsura, do you ever wonder why he continue to stay in the war?”

“For teacher?” Katsura replied, but he knew that this is the wrong answer. “I never know what is going it that head of him.”

“He should not have come.” Takasugi said. “But he did.”

Katsura started to wonder what Takasugi was talking about. Did something happened on the battlefield that he does not know about? “But that is who Gintoki is.”

“Yes.” Takasugi said. “I guess you are right.”

They were in silence for a couple of minutes, when Gintoki came back. As soon as he came, hands full of plants and rabbit, he noticed Takasugi. “You awake?”

Takasugi rolled his eyes, but he was quiet. He noticed the blood on Gintoki’s clothes. His eyes narrowed, but he had not said anything.

Gintoki came closer, and he put his hand on Takasugi’s forehead. “It seems like the fever went completely away.”

“Fever? What fever?” Katsura asked. He now did sit up, no matter the pain.

“What does it matter now. It is gone, right?” Takasugi replied. Katsura would be the one being hurt the most by that truth, and he did not want to tell him now.

Katsura looked at Gintoki, who just shrugged and went to make a fire.

He then found another mental bucket, and preparing the fired rabbit and what looked like some sort of vegetable soup. He ended up putting the rabbit in the soup anyway.

They were both watching Gintoki at his work. Since they started the war Gintoki always surprised them with the practical knowledge. Where to find food. What to use instead of a more traditional medical practices. Where to hide. How to quickly kill people.

Gintoki eventually took the three bowls from the ‘pile of stuff’ in the corner, and three spoons. He filled two bowls, put the spoons in them, and then helped Katsura and Takasugi sit up, making them lean on the wall. He then put the bowl in each of their hands, before making taking his portion as well.

They were all eating in silence. As always, Gintoki’s cooking wasn’t bad. Even with the lack of ingredients.

They were all on their third bowl, when Katsura smiled at him. “We are quite like to have somebody like you, Gintoki.” he said.

Gintoki looked down at his bowl, taking another spoonful.

Katsura and Takasugi both looked at each other. It was quite unusual for Gintoki to not have a comeback for things like that. Then Takasugi asked: “Where did you learn all of that?”

Gintoki stopped eating, and he seems to be just looking at the bowl in his lap now. They spend more than a minute in a tense silence like that.

“You don’t have to tell us.” said Katsura, as he tried to laugh. But the pain was not conductive to that. “As long as you know it now.” He looked at Takasugi, but he just looked at him, since he did not know what to do.

“The first memory that I have is of me killing people.” Gintoki started. He still did not look up, but that does not mean that the two pairs of eyes were not putting on their intention in him. “I don’t even remember why. Could be because they wanted to take my food away. Or because they thought I was a amanto spy. Or a human one, it did not really matter.”

Gintoki talked in a nonchalant voice, but his body was tense. Both Katsura and Takasugi knew that he will stop talking as soon as he was interrupted. But it also seems like he need to tell it, so they stayed quiet.

“You quickly learn stuff like that.” Gintoki said. “What you can eat. What you can drink. How to stop others.” Gintoki now laughed, but there was no happiness in the laughter. “I met Shouyou when he went and checked the rumors about a flesh eating demon. I still don’t know why he offered me to come with him.”

“Gintoki then looked up. "But that is the past, so why be bothered by it.”

“Gintoki.” Takasugi said.

Gintoki looked at him, but Takasugi only indicated with his head to the left.

Gintoki came closer. “What do you want now, midget.” He keeled down, looking down, but then he could fell two heads on his shoulders.

“This is no way to talk the the patient, Gintoki.” Takasugi said. “It can slow my recovery.”

“I am tired.” said Katsura, and he tired to act as a drama queen. “I am quite unsatisfied that I need to continue sitting.”

Gintoki glanced at both of them and he sighed. “You two are way too much work, you know that?” he said.

He helped them both lye down, but then he went to clean the dishes, when the two pairs of arms pulled him down. They both put their head on Gintoki’s shoulder, and they looked up at him.

“You two realize that there is still fire burning, right?” Gintoki asked.

“It is not like it will kill us.” Katsura said. “We have battled a lot stronger amantos, there is no way a fire will defeat us.”

“It is that attitude that will get you kill by something weird.” said Gintoki. “You will see, one day you will be killed by a huge white penguin-like monster.”

“Something like that doesn’t exist, Gintoki.” said Takasugi. “And it is not like we plan to fall asleep.”

Gintoki relaxed, as he figured out he can’t will. They were all asleep in the next couple of minutes.

“The Talk” as Children have it [Gintama Fanfiction]

Kotarou and Gintoki were sitting in the yard. Gintoki was looking at the sky, and Kotarou was reading a history book. Shinsuke came there, and he had a stack of magazines under his arms. He was grinning, and Kotarou was starting to have a bad feeling about it.

“I finally found a good explanation.” he offered, as he sat down and deposited the magazines next to him.

Kotarou was glanced at the magazines, and then decided to take a closer look. Just seeing the cover he become a little red. “What are you thinking, Takasugi?”

“Don’t worry.” Shinsuke replied. “Everybody went home for lunch, and teacher accepted the Yamada’s invitation.”

“That is not what I meant!” said Kotarou.

At the same time Gintoki took one of the magazines and started to flip through it. He looked bored.

Shinsuke turned to Gintoki, still a smile on his face. “What do you think?”

“Boring.” Gintoki said, as he put the magazine back. He looked surprised at the two faces that looked at him. “What?”

“Boring?” They both asked, as they continued to look at him.

“Get a matching dresses as well. You idiot faces match already anyway.” Gintoki said. What the hell had gotten into them?

Kotarou put a hand on Gintoki. He looked serious. “Gintoki. I think it is time that we have the talk.”

“The talk?” he asked. He was starting to get weary.

Shinsuke crossed his hands in front of him. “Zura is right.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

Gintoki rolled his eyes. “That reply just destroyed the effect, Zura.”

“It is not Zura, it is Katsura.”

“Fine, they let’s have the talk or the lecture.” Gintoki said, as he lay down. “If it will make you feel better.”

“So.” Kotarou started, red in the face. “There is some thing called gender.”

Gintoki actually looked up in disbelief. Did they really think…

“So when they get older…”

“If that is the conversation about sex and pregnancy, I already had that with teacher.” Gintoki interrupted him.

“Really?” Shinsuke asked. He was looking at him a challenging way. “Why don’t you explain it to us than?”

“Well, when two people like each other, they can decide to have sex. That includes a lot of kissing, licking, caresses, and putting penis somewhere, like in vagina. If it is between man and woman, then when the penis is in the vagina and man achieves orgasm, then the baby might start growing. And in nine months it gets born from mothers stomach.”

Gintoki looked bored at talking about it. On the other hand Shinsuke and Kotarou were getting redder and redder. Which is why when Gintoki looked at them, he stopped. “Are you guys alright?” He went and put the hand on both of their faces. “It does not look like a fiver.”

Shinsuke stood up, took the magazines, and strode off, not looking back.

Gintoki looked at Kotarou. “Zura?”

“It is Katsura.” Kotarou said, as he tried to burry himself in his history book. Gintoki decided that they were both weird.

The Tension and The Conversation [Gintama Fanfiction]

Shinuske and Bansai were chilling on the ship. They were both playing on their samisen. Bansai stopped and observed Shinsuke. Not only was his song a little heretic, and quite tense, his whole body seems to be in the tense move. Something that Bansai did not see frequently.

Bansai put the instrument down and stood up. He stood up behind Shinsuke and grabbed his shoulders. He could feel Shinsuke tense even more and stopping his music, but he ignored it, as she started to massage it.

Shinsuke turned his head around, glaring at Bansai. “What do you think you are doing?”

“It is called massage.” Bansai replied, trying to ignore the glare. But it was hard. Shinsuke was scare, and Bansai did not harbour any delusions that the position of his second in command is protecting him now.

Shinsuke then turned around and resumed playing the song. He did not move in any way that would either help or hinder what Bansai was doing.

Bansai blinked, but then smiled. He continued on the neck, and then went down lower. He could feel Shinsuke’s muscles relaxing under his hands, but he was still careful so he did not hurt him.

It was at Shinsuke’s seventh song, that he stopped, satisfied with his work. He leaned on the Shinsuke, lightly hugging his stomach, as he kissed Shinsuke’s neck, and then leaned his cheek there.

Shinsuke finished the song, before he also put the instrument aside. He waited and did not move at all, like waiting for Bansai to do something.

“Shinsuke.” Bansai said, but the only reaction he got a small movement with the head, to indicate that he was listening. But Bansai did not know how to put it to words, so he simply slide his hands to Shinsuke’s kimono, feeling the abdomen muscles.

“Bansai.” Shinsuke said. “Just to make it clear, I don’t love you.”

That was rejection, right? He slowly started to remove his hands.

“So, even if we do this, know that I also won’t fall in love with you.”

Bansai stilled. He then started to giggle, as he put most of his weight on Shinsuke. He could feel him buckle a little, so he eased the burden a little. “That is a quite interesting statement, Shinsuke.”

“Well, my first boyfriend was unique.” said Shinsuke. “Plus, it helps filter all the women that think they will get something through sex.”

“I take it you think I am just like a woman?” Bansai said to Shinsuke’s ear.

Shinsuke turned his head and kissed Bansai. It was a short kiss. “Are you?”

Bansai was quite content afterwards, when Shinsuke was leaning on him, and he could draw senseless shapes on it. Not to mention is has been a while since the sex was that good. Shinsuke’s song was a little more harmonical now, more in line with Shinsuke’s normal one.

“So, what are you planing to do with me now?” asked Shinsuke, as he looked up at Bansai. His tone was a lot more playful than normal.

“I really wonder where you got that obsession of talking things through?” Bansai said. “Most people just go with the flow.”

Shinsuke looked at the wall, thinking. “Were you ever in the relationship, where they wanted more than you could give. Or were you wanted more than they could give?”

Bansai thought about it. People always wanted some completely irrational things from relationships. It was quite a relief when he realized that Shinsuke’s words were a clarification. “I have experienced that.”

He saw Shinsuke look at the clock. He checked as well. In about 15 minute Shinsuke had a meeting with the Harusame. Shinsuke sighed, as he stood up. He started to dress in his kimono. “Then, Bansai, what do you want?” Shinsuke asked.

Bansai wanted to say to devourer him, but he stopped himself as Shinsuke turned, dressed and waited for his reply. “I haven’t expected this to happen either.”

“I see.” Shinsuke said. “Well, I am in love with somebody else, have been for a long time, and that will never change.” Shinsuke said. “So all the romantic stuff is out of the picture.” He paused, as he thought about it. “But the sex was good, so I don’t mind repeating it.”

Bansai gaped. That was not what he was expecting that all.

Shinsuke heard the knock on the door. “I am coming.” he said, as he turned to Bansai. “Think about what you want.” he said, as then left to room, closing the doors behind him.

Bansai lye back and he let one of his arms cover his head. He then grinned. “Now I am really interested in who his first boyfriend was.”

How they Found a Cat [Gintama Fanfiction]

Shinsuke, Gintoki and Kotarou were walking down the street. As per usual, Shinsuke and Gintoki were arguing.

Gintoki was telling something to Shinsuke. “Don’t you agree with me, Zura?” He turned around, but Kotarou was nowhere to be found. They looked at each other, and started to walk back.

Shinuske was annoyed. “He really needs to get some common sense!”

Gintoki just rolled his eyes. He was too used to Shinsuke’s complaining, to take it to his heart.

They found it three streets back, as he was covering for something, while the people were trowing stones at it.

Gintoki quickly moved to catch the stone that was going to hit Kotarou’s head.

Shinsuke had instead kicked one person that was about to throw the stone in a knee, and punched another one in a place where even sun doesn’t shine. The three people stopped throwing stones, and they glared at Shinsuke. “Get out of the way.”

“What are you doing?” Gintoki said to Kotarou. He looked behind him, and he saw an old cat lying there, looking like he was about to die. The blood that was stuck to the fur did not help as well.

“No way.” said Shinsuke, and he wished he would have his sword with him. He knew that Gintoki is not going to led him his.

“What did the cat ever did to you?” Gintoki asked. He put his hands down, not that he realized that they are talking.

“It is a demon!” The woman that was just watching so far screamed. “Get it out.”

Takasugi was stopping himself for stomping on the woman’s foot. Oh, but it was so tempting.

Gintoki turned and picked the cat up, and deposited it in Kotarou’s, arms. “We will make sure the cat never comes back.” Gintoki said glaring at the people there. They were all taken aback at the intensity, so they did not move. After a couple of seconds he started to walk away.

Kotarou looked at the cat in his lap, and then at Shinsuke. He only got a shrug in return as they both followed Gintoki away.

“And what are you going to do with this cat?” Shinsuke asked, as they all started to walk together. “It looks like it is about to die anyway.”

“Everybody deserves to live, Takasugi.” said Kotarou.

“But will teacher even allow the cat?” Shinsuke asked. “I imagine it would be a nuisance to the school.”

“Then we will not tell him.” Gintoki said.

Takasugi wanted to say something, but then he changed his mind. Gintoki was acting weird, since they left that place. “It is on you two then.”

Kotarou beamed and he was starting to think what he is going to do, so there was a spring in his steps.

Because they had a cat, they returned to school, Kotarou finding a place in his room for a cat place. He then went to get some water and started to clean it.

Takasugi decided that this was a waste of time, so he left. Gintoki had soon fallen asleep just outside of the room.

Kotarou had already stopped treating it and he already feed it, when he heard the teacher’s voice down the hall. He quickly put the cat on it’s place and stood up.

Shinsuke’s voice joined the teacher’s, and he started to complain about Gintoki wanting to spend all the money for sweets again. Shouyou’s laugh was vibrating through the hall, and Gintoki woke up, and stood up, making his way to there as well.

Katsura followed, as they made small talk, everybody helping to put the things that Shouyou brought away. They are reopening the school tomorrow, so they needed a lot od supplies.

It was not until night, that Gintoki had stood up from his bed, and went to the cat place. The cat was looking at him. He put the hand there, so she was able to smell it. “You are quite a cute demon.” he said. She then started to move until she was on his lap.

Gintoki smiled, as he petted her, looking at the distance. Not that he could see much, as it was dark. “I was also called a demon once. But then Shouyou found me. Just like Zura found you.” he smiled. “So everything will be fine now.”

Shouyou was just checking on her three students, when he heard these words. He stood there, and looked at Gintoki, how he was absentmindedly petting the cat. He decided to not disturb him, and left.

In the morning, Gintoki was sleepy, and Katsura was looking obnoxiously at the doors. Shouyou smiled.

“Well, if you tell me where you got it, you can bring it here, Kotarou.”

Kotarou turned around, and he was red in the cheeks. His eyes were wide. “Got what, teacher?”

Shouyou just continued to smile, as he took another serving of the rice. He decided not to comment on it.

It was interesting to see how his three boys looked at one another. Then Shinsuke turned away and Gintoki said. “The people in the city were attacking the cat and we decided to bring it here.”

“I see.” Shouyou said. “I don’t mind. The more the merrier, they say.”

Shinsuke tired to look indifferent, but both Kotarou and Gintoki smiled. Kotarou run and went to get it. Shouyou winked at Gintoki, who turned away and tired to pretend it does not bother him, while picking his nose.

Being Lazy [Gintama Fanfiction]

Katsura and Gintoki were lazing around the Yorozuya. They were lucky that nobody else was there. Kagura was visiting Kaguya, while Shinpachi was helping in the dojou.

Not that Gintoki wanted to move at all. It was way too hot outside and here they at least had a fan to cool them down a little. The fan was on the table, faced toward them on the sofa.

Katsura was sitting on the ground, his head lying on Gintoki’s stomach, as he was lying on the sofa. They were both quite content to stay like that. It was peaceful, like the times at the school, when they would spend their time lazing around - with Katsura reading most of the time.

There were also the quite moments during the war, when they managed to get away and forget everything by simply lazing like that around.

There was one person that was missing from the picture, but Katsura did not want to let his thought linger on him for much longer. On the other hand…

“Gintoki?” he asked as he looked up to his face.

“Hmm?” Gintoki asked, as he continued to lay there.

“Why did you join the war?” Katsura finally asked. Gintoki never told them. It was not that unusual at that time, but what he knew now about Gintoki, that decision was totally counterintuitive.

Gintoki looked at Katsura and smiled. He put his hand in Katsura’s hair. “I wanted to kill as many aliens as possible.”

“Liar.” said Katsura, but there was no fire in his voice. He did not berated Gintoki for not telling him.

There were lying like that for a couple more minutes, when Gintoki said: “During a war, remember when you said ‘On the end people just want to live and die by the people they trust?’”

“Yes.” Katsura said. He still remembered the first time he uttered this in a fire of anger. And he was not angered frequently. “It is true.”

“It was that and a promise that I made with teacher. Just that.” Gintoki said, like he would be talking about the weather.

Katsura wanted to ask what he meant, when he stilled. That’s the reason Gintoki went to war? He closed his eyes, as he never imagined. He hoped it was at least something else as well. “Well, I hope you at least managed to keep your promise.” he said eventually.

“I…” Gintoki paused for a little. “At least partly.” he said on the end. “I just hope that is enough.”

“Teacher would never belittled you for giving your best to keep your word.” Katsura said. “Even if you only kept it partly.”

He wanted to ask what the teacher made him promise, but it was so unusual for the Gintoki to open up, that he did not want to ruin the feeling. Even if he don’t hear anything anymore today, this feeling of complete trust is what he was missing.

He just hoped that one day all three of them will be able to sit here like that.

You are Free, Right? [Gintama Fanfiction]

Gintoki was sitting on the grass. It was quite a nice day to be there, the sun was great, and the wind was cooling down. Quite the summer weather.

He heard somebody coming down the grass toward him, his walking pattern and the horrid smell of the tobacco making his quite aware who it was. He looked back into the face of Takasugi Shinsuke.

“If you want apology for the last time, you are wasting your time.” Gintoki said, as he turned forward again.

Shinsuke chuckled, as he stepped next to Gintoki, looking at the distance as well. “What about for fighting my second in command?”

“Maybe if you would give me a tour of the Kihentai, I would actually know who they were.” Gintoki threw back.

“Why would I need to tell that to a person who quit that fight?” said Takasugi.

Gintoki did not comment on that, as he took a couple of papers from his kimono and offered them to Shinsuke, who took them, glanced over them and put them in his own kimono. “That is quite a find.”

“Now I don’t owe you anymore.” Gintoki said. He expected Shinsuke to just leave, but for some reason he was still standing there.

“Why Shinsengumi?” Takasugi eventually asked. “Quite unusual, even for you.”

Gintoki sighed. “I thought it was the last request.”

Shinsuke glanced at him. “Still sentimental, I see.”

Gintoki then turned to Shinsuke. “You knew what Itou wanted from the start, right?”

“Obviously.” Shinsuke took a smoke from his pipe. “So how were they?”

“Naive.” Gintoki said, as he looked to the river again. “But at least they don’t know better.”

“You think us naive?”

They stood in silence for a while. Then Gintoki eventually stood up. “I better get going. The kids will worry.”

Gintoki started to walk away, when Shinsuke grabbed his arm and pulled. Gintoki almost lost his balance as he turned. They both looked at the offending arms. Shinsuke slowly released his. “That’s…”

Gintoki put the grin on his face, as he grabbed Shinsuke’s hand again. “You need to go anywhere?”

“Not really.” Shinsuke said, looking at Gintoki in annoyance.

“Good.” Gintoki said, as he started to drag him away. “We can then visit Zura and we can have a lazy afternoon together.”

“I have better things to do than being with you two idiots.” Shinsuke said, but he let Gintoki drag him away. He really did not have plans for later, so why not?