PyConBalkan 2019

The last week, I have attended the PyConBalkan conference in Belgrade. So far, I liked all of the Python conferences, that I had attended. But this one would be the best one so far. But I can not really say why. I just know, that by the end of the third day, I was excited about everything. Maybe it was just sort of an energy? Or I got used to them, so I could enjoy them better? Because there were a lot of people that I knew? I sort of doubt, that it was the second one, because I had a bit of cold through the whole thing, so I think it was something else than me...

There was a lot of interesting talks. The talk that I remembered the most was the keynote from the last day on meritocracy, which was amazing. But there were other interesting one, like pair programming, language evolution, freelancing, article reading and others.

But as with any conference, it is was is happening in the halls and in the evenings, that is the best part. And even though nothing was 'organized' until the last day, there was still a lot of fun and high-quality hanging out that happened (at least for me).

I also had the talk and lightning talk at the conference.

I am grateful to the organizers, for organizing such a great conference, and to all of the amazing people, that I had met.