Ljubljana Python Meetup September 2019

In the September Python meetup, I had a trial for the PyConBalkan presentation. For some time, I was thinking of just ignoring it, because I was not that satisfied with the presentation. Even though the feedback that I got was relatively good.

Still, everybody should learn from their mistakes. So here are some of mine:

  • I picked the examples, that I thought will be interesting to the audience, and then I did not know what to do with them on the stage
  • I spend too much time introducing the topic instead of talking about the topic
  • Some of the buildup to my points was too long - for example the cooking example for explaining the role of preprocessing
  • Even though I had a long introduction, I did not actually explain, what I am going to be talking about

I also improvised a bit on the answering the questions, but here I am not sure what I could do better with preparation.

Here is also my presentation: https://sarajaksa.eu/content/presentations/2019/ljubljana-python-meetup-september-2019