Why Copyright is Life + 70 Years

As I was going through my notes from winter semester 2016/2017, I have come across an interesting fact, that I had written down. Apparently, the reason, why the copyright is life + 70 years, is because Walt Disney was afraid Miki Mouse will be used in porn movies.

It is very interesting to compare this to why copyright is used now. I mean, these days, when I hear anything about the copyright problems, it is usually be people just copying the book/movie/music/any other artistic endeavor and offer it for free on the internet. I mean, when I watch the DVDs that I buy, there is usually a warning about copyright. But it is not about misusing the characters or stories, but for privacy. I have to say, that I never checked their website, where they would explain, why this is not a victimless crime.

On the other hand, I read a lot of fanfiction. And I don't remember any huge pressure or debate around there. And their way is much more aligned with the original reason. After all, people take the stories and characters and put them in various positions and scenarios. I am sure, at least some of them would make creators uncomfortable as well. Though, I imagine none of them read the fanfiction of the people, that write about their creative work.

I just find it interesting, so it went from protecting the creative output, to the economical incentives reasoning behind it. :)