Brownie Recipe with Yogurt

Well, in my house people have started to eat frozen fruit with yogurt as a snack. the problem is, that some of us (I do have to take some of the blame, but in my self image I don't actually do it) buy additional liter of yogurt when going in the store. So what I had in my fridge was 6 bottle of 1 liter yogurt, 3 of them getting back in the next couple of days.

Not very helpful, when I know that I am leaving tomorrow, and I know we don't consume enough yogurt to eat all of it. So I had to come up with a way to use at least some of it.

But while I was browsing the internet for yogurt recipes (which I really should not do, but my imagination was not able to come up with too many yogurt recipes) I came up across the brownie recipe. Since a certain someone talked about brownies a couple of times since I came back, I decided to try it. I did modify the recipe, so that it uses more yogurt and less ingredients and some substitution. I mean, how puts oats in the brownies?


  • 2 cups of yogurt (I needed a bit more, but not much)
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1 cup of cacao
  • sugar (depends on the taste)
  • baking soda
  • any kind of nuts, chocolate,... (optimal)


  • Mix flour, baking soda, cacao and sugar
  • If you are using additional ingredients, like nuts, now is the time to mix them in
  • Add yogurt and mix it until everything is wet (the mixture was a lot denser than I imagined)
  • Put it in whatever you are using to bake it (I use the same one I use to bake potato, I just put the cooking paper over it)
  • Bake for 15min at the 200 °C
  • Make it air (so put it out of the model and somewhere where the air can circulate)