Blueberry Ice-cream Recipe

Still on my yogurt obsession. This time I did not even use a recipe from the internet, the picture of the ice cream was enough.


  • frozen blueberries
  • yogurt
  • chocolate
  • water (for water-bath only)


  • Mix frozen blueberries and yogurt in the mixer
  • Put it in the freezer
  • Go and mix it every so often (I do it every 30 minutes), so that it does not froze solid or create too big of a crystals
  • When serving, melt chocolate on the water bath and pour it over it

I did post this picture after I already arrived abroad. Some of this ice-cream was left over, and will most likely to wait for me until I come back. While this is not the type of ice-cream that can wait in the freezer (I have no idea how store brought do it), maybe by simply breaking the crystals in the mixer, in the way how some people make ice-cream from frozen bananas, will do the trick.