My Values Based on Text Analysis

IBM Personality Insights also has a values analysis. They don't really have a lot of values (5), and I am sure that they are simply using a certain model. This is quite normal in the sciences: constrain the thing you are researching. Down here are my results, and I also included what each value means.

Values Score Description
Openness to change 88.8 Emphasize independent action, thought, and feeling, as well as a readiness for new experiences
Self-enhancement 50.1 Seek personal success for themselves
Self-transcendence 40.8 Show concern for the welfare and interests of others
Hedonism 10.8 Seek pleasure and sensuous gratification for themselves
Conservation 02.8 Emphasize self-restriction, order, and resistance to change

I have to admit, some of these are accurate. I do hope that I have high emphasis on the independent action. It is a bit higher than I imagined, but out of the five of them, I expected it to be the highest one. Also Self-enchancment being at around the middle and hedonism being toward the bottom was also something that I very much expected. Self-transencence is a bit high, but I expected it to be between self-enchantment and hedonism. I would put it a bit more toward hedonism.

Yes, I am aware that if these percentages mean percentiles, then my ordering them makes no sense. But to tell the truth, they are selling this technology to the customers (you need to pay, if you make more than 100 automatic scoring each month), and I am not sure which would be more useful for the companies. If they want to know, who to target, then the percentiles makes more sense. If they have the people intended, and they need to decide hot to communicate to them, then percentages makes more sense. And in the later case, ordering does makes sense.

But let me go back to the only value, which I was surprised by. I expected conservatism to be a lot higher. I expected it to be between the self-enchantment and self-stransendence. Instead, it is at the very bottom. Not sure why, thought. At this point, I am more included to believe that it is a mistake in the analysis than a misunderstanding of myself.