Goals of the Big Five Personality Traits

Each Big Five trait has their own goal that they are trying to achieve. The higher a person is in a trait, more strongly is the goal represented in one's psyche. So these goals can be strongly or weakly represented in each person, and the personality type is the one that decides based on which one will people act and what will bring them motivation.

The goal of the extroversion is social success. The extroversion needs people and it needs engagement with other people. That is why extroversion sees other people as opportunities and why they are much more happy when surrounded by other people then when they are alone. In the numbers it is strength, could also be their moto, I guess.

The goal of neuroticism is security and safety. They need a strong function, that they can be sure will not break down. They needs a safe place, maybe also a safe space. They need to be protected from any kind of threat or danger.

The goal of agreeableness is to have strong, deep, intimate relationships. People that are strong in this trait see their life through the story of the relationships that they had with other people. They need to feel part of the community and they need to feel like that have a strong relationships with other people.

The goal of consciousnesses is efficiency, results and duty. They are the people that feel bad, if they are not doing something that they would consider productive. They need work, or they will wither.

And the goal of openness is playing with ideas, creativity and beauty. They are the ones that want to be creative all the time and they want to talk about ideas all the time.

So this can give some indication in to how to orient one's life, though I am sure that most people that listen to themselves already do this. I am high on openness and low on agreeableness and extroversion. And I had noticed this before, so my life is more oriented in a way, where I can deal with ideas a lot of times, and I don't needs to spend a lot of time in a chit-chat with other people. Low agreeableness might also explain, why I did not put a lot of effort into finding a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend, as I don't know why I should care about the gender, when I know I am not going to have sex with them.

Some other people would orient it differently. It is based on personality, so any combination of them will do. As long as it is something you are.