MBTI Typing: Robert Chase (House MD) - ISFJ

This one was one of the hardest one for me to type. In order to eliminate at least some types, I usually use different methods, some of them shown in this article series, to see what would be possible and what would be impossible. That way I can know where to look for. And usually there are patterns. For for Chase, the preliminary types were from INTP and ISTP to ESTJ and ISTJ. It did not help that some people on the internet think he is a Feeler type, the only things that seems to be more or less consistent about my preliminary evaluations. And thinking about it, they might be right, which made the whole problem even more moody. So, the last one in the series is Chase.

Robert Chase

So here I am also going to start with the temperament: so is he artistic (SP), logistic (SJ), idealistic (NF) or knowledgeable (NT) person. I think we can rule out the SP and the NF types, as he does not seem like it. So it ends up with either SJ or NT temperament.

So, comparing the function. So is he more judging, appraising and establishing values (Fi) or validating, affirming and relating (Fe)? In this case I would go with Fi, as he is much more likely to have his own set of values and he judges people based on this. His hatred for the nuns, the fat people and his father seems to be the indication of that. So it is Fi on this point. On the other hand, he is pretty lenient on the House and goes along with quite a lot of things, which could indicate both Fe and Fi. On the other hand, is he more likely to be regulating, planning and reinforcing (Te) or naming, defining and understanding (Ti)? Here I would go with the Te as well, thought it seems to me that Te would be a bit less seen that Fi. But for now, lets just say that he is either a xxTJ or xxFP, maybe xxFJ.

The next one on the list are perceiving functions. Is he more likely to be engaging experiencing and enjoying (Se) or implementing, verifying and accounting (Si)? Here I would go with the Si, one of the things is that he is connecting more things directly to his past, indicating Si. Also, in these things he is more similar to the Cameron and Foreman, than to House or Wilson. And then, he is, in my opinion, more likely to be entertaining, envisioning and enabling (Ne), than imagining, knowing and divining (Ni). He is pretty good with coming up with ideas, and he is much more likely to pursue different options than one, one thing that I noticed in the Vogler part of the first season. So that makes him either either xSxJ or xNxP.

So, combing this two together, he is either a xNFP, xSFJ or xSTJ. Together with the upper temperament information, he is more likely to be a xSTJ or xSFJ than xNFP.

Now, looking at the letters, he is much more concerned with the action than with options (J), and he is also more an inward person, thinking about it and not just reacting to outside information (I). Then there is a question about use and meaning. This one is a bit harder, but I would be a bit more leaning toward the meaning than use (F?). And then it is the concept vs. the concrete situation. Here, I would be leaning more toward the concept than to the concrete (N?). SO that would be INFJ. But he is not an INFJ.

Looking at his general actions, he seems to be more of an introvert than extrovert, so I read the descriptions of the ISTJ, ISFJ, INFP and INFJ type. In that way, I could quickly eliminate the INFP and INFJ types. So I was left with the ISxJ, which could be either ISFJ or ISTJ. So far, I am leaning more toward the ISFJ than ISTJ.

But looking at the description of the function, it is either affirming or planing. And he seems more like the planing than affirming guy, which would put him in the ISTJ camp.

Now there are differences in the function between the ISTJ and ISFJ camp.

type 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
ISTJ Si Te Fi Ne Se Ti Fe Ni
ISFJ Si Fe Ti Ne Se Fi Te Ni

This means that the difference between these is in how they relate to people and not the function that create their personal identity. At least according to the Beebe's theory. So, according to Beebe's theory, the second and six function is how people take care and stop other people, while the third (and seventh) is how they would like to be taken care of. This would make me think he is more of an ISFJ than ISTJ guy as well. He uses Fi to try and stop people, he seems to be most put down when his ideas are ignored (possible Ti) and he is more affirming to other people (Fe) than taking care of them with creating systems (Te).

So, for now I am going to say ISFJ, but his is one case I am certainly not sure of.