What the Hell is Enneagram Type?

When I read around the personality type on the internet, the Enneagram types are quite frequently mentioned. But unlike the other personality models, like The Big Five, MBTI, BIS/BAS theory and many others, I don't actually know what it is supposed to tell me and where did it come from.

I mean, when I can find a more direct explanation in the astrology signs, then I don't know how to deal with it.

I mean, I took the test, and I according to the test, I am Type 5, the investigator. Well, the description is somehow acuate. From primary to high school and maybe even at the beginning of the university level, I did withdraw to avoid my problems. Not sure about the intelligence bit. I am confident in the mental world more than in the real one. I don't think I am sensitive, but I do sometimes put distance between myself and people. I do prefer minimalist style and prefer not to make many demands on other people. So overall correct.

And I could read about the rest of them. But that still does not tell me the whole structure. And that picture of the cycle with a couple of lines don't really explain much more. So, apparently the wings are what is next on the cycle and lines represent... what exactly?

Well, one of the websites did start to say, that there is a dominant emotion for each group of types. As five, I would have fear as dominant feelings. The other two are anger and shame. I wonder if they made all three of them negative on purpose?

Overall, I have no idea why this model is so popular on the internet. It is probably have to do with my not understanding it enough to use it. Even so, I guess I will for now stick with the models that I actually know.