I Prefer the Maker's Schedule

I have recently read about the Maker and Manager schedule. This emphasis the way I want to work perfectly. But it is also the one point that is hard to understand for other people.

The one example that is recently happening is my semi-regular Skype conversations with my mother. My mother is somebody that is clearly on the manager side. I mean, sometimes it seems like half of her working hours are spend grabbing a coffee.

But she is always complaining that when I am available it is normally in the evenings. That I should call her at any time. Which does not help, that she does not even indicates which time she should be available.

So I need to remember, and then randomly try to call her during the day? To me that sounded disruptive. To her, that sounded normal.

And to think that I was enjoying my time without having a mobile phone. One less thing to disturb me.

The similar feeling also happens with our cleaning lady. If I know she is coming, then I am less likely to start something where I think I will need a lot of concentration. Which is why, while I was waiting for her to interrupt me (I need to leave the room so she can clean it) I started to write this and another blog posts. There is no way, that I am going to start something that requires my undue attention and might take some time while I know she is coming.

So when one of my classmate invited me that I can some to her place any time I wanted, I shrugged. To me, to extend and invitation like that would be disturbing.

But on the same notice, in the university there are things that serve in the same way, and these are lectures and regular homework. I never understood the teacher that they expected us engaging in the material in the deeper way, while they gave us too much homework to have free days to actually do this.

I was a little ranty up there, but thinking through the patterns, I think that most people are conditioned to the manager schedule. And that at least among the youth today, this is getting reinforced with some of the peer pressure.

I am sure that the pressure is unintentional. After all, if most people in the peer group are constantly available through the phone or facebook or whatever app the people use these days (aka Snapchat and others), then their expectations will be that everybody is.

I know that when I started one of my studies, a person wanted to be helpful and crated the facebook group for our cohort. Everybody has a facebook anyway. Well, I was not the only one that did not have it at the time. I am also not the only one planing to delete it as soon as I am done with the studies.

Or when a person asks me, if I saw the message on facebook before lecture. When I checked, it was posted 3 hours before lecture. Like I have the time or energy to be on facebook that frequently.

I am getting ranty again, but as far as I know, nobody reads this so I don't feel that bad. There is always a back button.

I guess what I am trying to say is, that I am worried that more and more young people subscribe to the manager schedule and that might not be helpful to all of them going forward. Especially for the people that might enjoy the maker's one.