Why People are Taking Pictures

Japanese Display made out of Chocolate

Unlike most people that I know, I don't have a lot of pictures on my computer or my phone. I recently listened to a person that was clamming that 1GB of space was getting filled with pictures in a matter of days. Another one has more pictures that can reasonably look over in a year. Unless, only I get bored at looking at the different pictures.

I do have a couple of pictures from the chocolate museum in Eger, a small but quite nice place in Hungary. I still remember how I actually took them. I let a local woman there show me around and she took me to the chocolate museum. Everything there, including everything on these pictures is made of chocolate.

She really wanted me to take a couple pictures and I did not understand why. On the end it came to two basic reasons: either to show other people or to remember it.

I usually prefer to make a point from my experiences to other people and not just say it for its own sake. I can make this points just as well in speaking and writing and don't need pictures for that. Plus, for me the medium of words came a lot easier than the medium of pictures and video. I will let the people that are actually proficient in these media create them, as it will bring a lot more value in the world.

I also seems to have more of a trouble remembering than forgetting. At least for now. I can still remember how the city looked like in Leipzig or Eger, where I lived for a couple of months. I can ever remember places from Munich, Vienna, Prague and London, even though I have only been there for day at the time and in some cases more than a decade ago. I have more of a problem that certain pieces of my history push to my formind all the time. I don't need additional remembering.

Also, I don't want to be like my grandmother, who thinks that in some ways I am still the same than I was when I was 3 years old. I hope that this is not true.

Also, taking photos comes with the drawback, as not actually being in the moment when experiencing it. I had an impulse to just write something down or that that subject could become a good article or scene in a story. Other people just seem to have these impulses turned toward taking photos or sharing on social media.

I don't say that it is wrong to accept that consciously. I just don't like that people ignore it when they try to convince you why something is worth doing. At most I get the complain about the storage size. Nobody mentions the focus lost, the time spend first selecting them, then organizing them and then reviewing them. Because, the last point is not done, then why take pictures at all?

Well, now you can also enjoy the great creations made out of chocolate. It is no substitute to going in person, but why not.

On the end, I just wanted an excuse to put all these pictures on my blog.

Chess set made out of chocolate

Japanese display made out of chocolate

Dog made out of chocolate

Decorated eggs made out of chocolate

Fairytale scene made out of chocolate

Head of a goddess made out of chocolate

Head of a goddess made out of chocolate

Russian dolls made out of chocolate

Shoes made out of chocolate

School supplies made out of chocolate