Letting Go of Old Goals

Little boys and girls have countless goals, which can be gazed upon with a simple question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The answers goes from expected, like the fireman, doctor or a lawyer, to some funny ones like marring their parents or even some a little less expected like taking over the world or being an assassin.

As these boys and girls grow up, they are supposed to be accepting the reality of the world and adapt to it. Thous they become adults.

These boys and girls usually have different dreams as well. Travelling the world, having time for their hobbies, like learning the instrument or that foreign language. Or writing that book that is hidden inside of us. Maybe to simply help to support the cause that they care about.

Mentally these goals are just keeping them from being content with the present moment. They serve as the reminder that the time of every person on Earth is limited - at least for now. That while we can achieve whatever we want, we can not achieve everything. We can never have everything.

So the feeling of resentment builds up. Every time we see it on our maybe to-do list, or even in our main one, but it simply gets pushed down every time. When we see the stuff that we bought to help us, but it is getting unused. When we see other people doing the things we want to do.

What they don't realize that these people simply put something else as the most important thing in their life. When we see them enjoying the fruits of their labour, it means that they have most likely spent hours, days doing the things that brought them there.

Also, if these people don't curate their goals, then their goals will be the presentation of who they were, not of whom do they wish to become. They will tie them to the past instead of the future.

These boys and girls represent the people like me and a whole lot more. They have a lot of goals, but not enough time to pursue them all.

So what to do in that case? The first step is to forgive ourselves and to realize that we can never do everything. We can not climb the highest peaks, having a family, while travelling the world and becoming an astronaut, so we can learn to play the flute in space. So let's give ourselves permission to let the goals which no longer serve us go.

The for each goal, remove every indication of that. If it is about learning the language, then sell or give away all the language learning books. If it is gardening, then the gardening tolls. Remove the stuff that reminds you for the goal that you had let go. Don't let it be on your mind.

Let's not forget to delete the books from electronic devices and throw away the notes with ideas, ours or from others.

If you find the social circle stopping you from shedding a part of your past, then maybe it is time to shed some of that social circle as well.

If there is no void, then the new opportunities, change and improvement will not reach us. They will realize that it is too full and they will turn away. Like looking for the parking place and seeing the parking lot that is full. Most of the time, we would just drive pass, not even trying for a just in case scenario.

Then make sure that the void is going to be filled up with the things you love and the things you enjoy. It is that kind of change that is improving our way of living.