Bizarre Deaths – The Culprit is the Vending Machine

Apparently, around 10-15 people per year die, from having the vending machines topple over them. They die by being squished with all the mass of the vending machine. They are heavy enough to do it.

But I can not imagine, how can that happen. The vending machines tend to be so heavy, that moving them in any way is hard. So why would they spontaneously decide, that they want to kill the person standing in front of them?

I mean, they must be bored, standing on the same place day after day and wait, so that when any human decides to want something from it, it can serve them. Be it food, drink, magazine, videos, cigarettes or tangerine.

I always thought, that in the companies that make vending machines make sure, that the machines are made, so they are as safe and trouble-free as possible. But considering how many times people complain about the missing order...

It could be, that it was assassination. Or a planed murder. After all, who would have thought to murder somebody with a vending machine. It is unpractical. But with the AI advances, maybe one day, the vending machines really will start to kill us.