How Hard it is to Write an Article?

To me, writing articles has become kind of procrastination tactics. I enjoy writing articles so much, that I started to procrastinate on a lot of other things because of that. It is a joy, to sit in front of the computer, and empty the brain of all the clutter, making the words appear on the screen. It is almost like a meditation session for me.

But I guess it is not the same for other writers.

I actually read a couple of columns about the recent Experts Column's decision about discontinuing the paying program. The one thing, that I had noticed, was that some of the people complained about the possibility to delete or edit articles.

The main reason that I read about, was that they are unable to delete them here, and publish them elsewhere.

I was actually surprised at that. Just thinking about even attempting to transfer over 100 articles between sites is giving me a headache. Maybe, if would take the time to write a program and let the algorithm take care of that, but definitely not otherwise.

I prefer to spend my time on the things, I really enjoy. I would probably be able to write one article in time, that I would spent transferring 5-10 articles. Since article writing give me the mental freedom, that I need, the decision is really easy.

Also, I always have an ideas for at least 20 new articles inside my head. It is a lot better to write them down as articles, since the more I write, the more ideas I get and I use the positive spiral to be able to write a lot.

I admit, that I always write about the topics, that are inside my head. But if I would want to start writing about different topic, all I would have to do, is spent about an hour reading on the topic. And I would have the first 10 ideas to write an article about. Using the positive spiral again, I would never run out of something to write about.

But I guess, if the people find article writing harder, than they might prefer to control their own content, and would be really upset, if that choice would be taken away from them.