Toastmasters - Table Topics That Help With Language

Table topic ideas are one of the best part of Toastmasters. Today, I am going to present some ideas about how to help with the language of the speaker.

I have to admit, that this area is probably one of my weakest and maybe that is why I am writing this. So some of my co-members looking for table topic ideas are going to see that. Or some members in other clubs, that have anybody with a little weaker language skills.

Here, I am going to start with a similar idea, than in my previous article. The BU exercise.

The first version of the exercise is word based. First is declaring the rules. If a speaker uses a word, that is not in the standard language, than anybody who hear that and know that the world in the standard language exist, say BU. The more the world is inappropriate, the lauder the BU. So say goodbye to any regional or group words. Or even over technical words.

The second version is sentence based. The people like to put a sentence after sentence and do not finish. At least a lot of people I hear do that. But the best speakers usually use shorter sentences for batter understanding. Declare a number, and if people use more that this number of subsentence (the thought, or a sentence ending with a coma), the people in the audience say BU.

There is also the version with the number of words, but be careful since the audience will have to be a lot more careful.

So pick a version, explain the rules and give the something to talk about.

The second one is the word list. Get out a dictionary and put a random of three to five words for the speaker to use. Bringing the dictionary to the meeting or writing them in advance on the piece of paper is up to the table topic master.

Do not forget to mention, that beside these words, they also have to use the word of the day.

And if feeling in a mode for harder topics, give them something to talk about as well.

The third table topic suggestion is a newspaper question. Bring a daily newspaper to the meeting. A speaker picks a number. Open the newspaper on that page and find a headline. Now the speaker have to make a speech, where the headline will be the answer to the question in the speech. The question has to be the last sentence said.

Here are just a couple of ideas, but use it as an inspiration and came with you own ideas as well.

Here are also some Table Topics ideas that help with fillers.