I Procrastinated by Going to the University

I spended the last 2 years and a half getting a bachelor degree. I think I only postponed the real decision. What I want to do in life?

I still remember the day, about 3 years ago, when I was applying for the university. Nobody even posed a question, if going to the university is a good idea. Since our government pays for our education, not going to take advantage of that is considered abnormal.

It was a choice about which subjects to study, than actually a question of going into university or not. With only 3 universities in our country, we usually enrol in the one, that is geographically closest to us.

After all, students get reduced bus and train ticket, cheaper food in some restaurants. They get to have a place in the student’s hall, if they so desire. They did not even have to give anything in return.

The students are the most sought working group. With only 14% taxes on the student’s working income, they make a better choice for the businesses, that are trying to reduce cost. Specially when considered, that they almost have to pay two salary, one to the worker and almost an equal amount to the government.

That means, that a lot of people are going to the university. If I remember correctly, around 80% of young people in our country.

But the average study time, to get a masters degree is a little over 10 years, and only 25% of enrolled students actually achieve it. Even then, the companies are worried about the bottom line, so they tend to find different students to fill the roles.

There are a lot of advertisements for students, that can work for 8 hours a day, 5 days per week. It is a standard working week for the regular employee, not for somebody that was supposed to only work part-time and finishing schooling.

The system is slowly changing, but there are still a ways to play it.

But what I figured it out, that this almost 3 years did not help me find my path. I still do not know, what to do in life. I know I like writing, public speaking, helping people learn and working with systems. But I still don’t know, what I would like to do. What purpose does my life has. Where can I be the best. Where is my contribution the most needed.

That also means, that I have no idea, how I am going to feed myself, after moving away from my parents. I don’t even know, if I have the skill, that people are going to pay for.

So when I finish my bachelor degree in September, I am taking a break from school. If I am ever going to find these answers, than I have to go the the real world.

The University will not fall apart and disappear and I can always return to it at later time. When I will actually know, what I want from life.