7 Day Vegan Challenge

For his 40 birthday, Leo Babauta from the blog Zen Habits is giving us a gift. A seven day vegan challenge.

It is a challenge, to change the diet for a time of a single week. There is no need to sign, to do it, but you can add your name to the list as well.

The challenge only propose, to remove meat and meat products, seafood, dairy and products from dairy and eggs. There is no need, to check, if they use the bones to produce sugar or anything similar.

The challenge is not timed. It can start at any time and it finishes 7 days later. You can even get the email reminders.

I have been thinking of going vegan for some time. I am aware, that being a full time vegan can actually be a little constricting from time to time. I am a vegetarian, so I know. It mostly happens, when other people invite me to the restaurant. to eat. Sometimes I have troubles finding anything on the menu, that I would be able to eat. Then I actually have to like the thing. Vegan diet can be even more of a problem.

But I do not mind cooking and there a a lot of really easy recipes, with only a couple of ingredients, that can be quickly done. The vegetables has gotes such a nice taste. Comparing the taste of a carrot from my meat eating days and now, it is uncomparable.

It discounting the restaurants and other people expectation, I wasn’t a giving up anything at all.

But I want to go further. To see, if the positive effects of the vegetarian diet can be even more pronounced by starting with vegan diet.

Quite a lot of information was written on the challenge website, so you could just check it out, and decide then.

So try it. It is only for 7 days. After that, you can return to the previous eating habits.

I probably won’t. And I am probably going to enjoy every single minute of it.

Here is the challenge website.