I have a Reason to not Fall in Love [Moriarty the Patriot Fanfiction]

William had been making a breakfast in their New York apartment. While he was coking the bacon, he was also picking up the things Sherlock left around the apartment. Each time he did this, he remembered his appreciation for Albert's love for cleanness or Louis dedication to it. He smiled. Living with Sherlock was quite different.

Even though he did not know when Sherlock will woke up, he still made the breakfast for both of them. The omelets with beans. Adding some vegetables, to make at least a part of the breakfast light.

For a change, Sherlock actually came from his room before the breakfast was finished. That was a surprise. Maybe Billy was an early riser, but either William nor Sherlock could be counted in that category. Except that Sherlock had an even more irregular hours.

He just sat at the table and observed William making the breakfast. This part at least was familiar, and at this time a part of their routine.

William put the plate in front of Sherlock, then took the seat opposite of him. He started to eat.

"Liam, let's get married."

"It is illegal for the two men to get married." William easily answered, as he looked at Sherlock.

"Would you, if you could?" pressed Sherlock.

William pretended to think about it for a second. "No."

"And why not?"

"Well," William said, looking around the apartment. "I don't want to be cleaning after you the rest of my life?" she smiled.

Sherlock huffed, but he did not say anything else on the topic.

This topic did not come up for a week or two. The next time it came up was when they lost a person they were pursuing.

"Lets go on a date." declared Sherlock.

William though about it for a moment. "The culprit was frequenting that high-end restaurant. If we go there, we might get a clue."

There was a quiet for a couple of seconds, so William turned to Sherlock.

Sherlock shrugged. "Lets go with this for now."

In the restaurant, there were eating the appetizer, when the question was opened again. "Would you go on a date with me, if not for a case?" Sherlock asked.

"Sure." answered William. "You are my friend, Sherlock."

Sherlock had the annoying face now. "Don't be daft. You know what I mean."

William regarded him for a couple of seconds. It had been a while since Sherlock was on the receiving end of it, being profiled.

William turned away, his face now the unreadable mask. "I would not want that."

He looked at the guest for a couple of seconds longer until saying. "It this not one of the second victim's coworker?"

The case was resolved after that.

There have dealt with the case of the serial assaults and the person was in the police custody. Though both William and Sherlock knew, that he will probably not survive long there.

"I don't get guys like this at all." Sherlock said, making his haircut even worse. "Doing it with an unwilling person is not fun at all."

"Sometimes personal feelings can get overwhelming." William said. "And people make stupid choices."

Sherlock stopped, so William turned to his. They looked like this for a while.

"Liam, you..." Sherlock started.

"Anyway, I don't really understand the fuss." said William and he turned away to continue on his way.

"Liam, don't tell me you have not done it even once?" Sherlock was surprised.

"I didn't." admitted William, in a matter of fact way.

"Even though you went to Eton?" asked Sherlock.

"So you have experience?" asked William, turning to Sherlock with the puzzled face.

"Yeah." answered Sherlock. "I guess I just assumed that everybody at least tried it."

William was thinking for a couple of seconds. "I guess Eton could have this reputation." he eventually said. "But it just applied to most people, not all."

It was not until the breakfast two weeks later, that Sherlock finally said his question. "Did you ever feel in love?"

"I decided that I am not going to fall in love." answered William.

"Ah?" Sherlock was surprised at the answer. "How can one decide that?"

William looked at him in puzzlement. "Is it not usually like that?"

"No." Sherlock said it a bit more forcefully than he intended. He then continued in his normal voice. "Did you never wanted to fall in love?" he asked instead, looking at William with interest.

William regarded him. He seems to be thinking about it for a minute. The silence was heavy with anticipation from Sherlock, but there was no hostility or negative feelings in the air.

"I was tempted twice in my life, and both times decided not to. One of the reasons being, that I can not give people what they want in the romantic relationship." He shrugged, as he returned to his breakfast. "The second one was you."

"Is it not a bit selfish to be deciding this yourself?" asked Sherlock.

William shrugged. "This is my choice and it will stay my choice."

They ate breakfast in silence. Once they both finished, William took both of the plates to go wash them.

"Can I ask who was first?" asked Sherlock.

William stopped, but did not turn. After a couple of seconds he answered with one name. "Albert" and left the kitchen.

It has been two years later, and they were both back in London.

Sherlock decided to visit the Universal Company once, when he was sure that William would be gone, but Albert would not be. To say the least, Albert looked surprised to see Sherlock visit him, but still humored him over the tea.

"Liam decided, that he does not need love." Sherlock stated, after being asked about his intent to visit.

"Will?" Albert looked worried, as the though about the recent past. "I did not notice any changes recently." he trailed off, as going over his memories.

"Why do all of you brothers misunderstand, that I meant the romantic love." Sherlock was expiated.

"Oh," Albert said, the worry disappearing. "William has his reasons for this." Once it was clear what they were talking about, the worry disappeared and he took a sip.

Sherlock was frustrated. Why is the entire family like that? "I want to understand these reasons."

"Then William is the one you should be asking." Albert said in a calm voice. This guy had way too much training as a nobility and had way too good poker face, to read his real reaction.

"Maybe Liam isn't telling me, because he is protecting you." Sherlock said.

"Me?" Albert looked politely puzzled. Was this an actual confusion, or just another play? But as Sherlock continued to look at his face, the more and more it seems that Albert was honestly perplexed and confused by this.

"Liam told me that twice in his life he was tempted to fall in love. With me and with you." Sherlock said.

Albert widened his eyes. This was the genuine surprise on his face. Albert slowly put the cup down and on the table next to him. "I didn't know." Albert eventually said, still looking at the cup. "Well, I assumed that if there is going to be anyone, it would be you. I never imagined it would include me."

Sherlock slouched down the chair. He came here because he was convinced that something irreparable happened with Albert, but that seems not bot be a case. Though Albert did allude that William has actual reasons for this.

Albert seems like he came to the decision and looked at Sherlock. "William's reasons for that predate meeting me. And choosing a wrong person to fall in love could bring his worst fears to life. So it is just safer for him to not fall in love at all."

He then smiled a sad smile. "While I would give my all for William, I am glad he decided against it. I do not think I could convince him to live like you did."

Sherlock narrowed his eyes. Then he puffed.

The conversation then turned to a different topics.

I wrote the original draft for this, before I read most of the manga. So I wrote it based on the spoilers. This means that characters in this are a bit (a lot) out of character. But rewriting it to be more in character seems to be more work that I was willing to put in, so this is why I posted it like this.

Since I am not going to continue this, I can say what my head canon behind this was. It is a alternative universe. William and Louis were descended from vampires, although only William awoke to these power, before meeting Albert. And they need emotional and mental energy in order to use these powers. This hurts people, unless there is a romantic love involved. But if that partner dies or betrays them, then the backlash could make their power took over their mind.

William would not take this chance. It helps, that in this universe he is both asexual and aromantic.