Soulbonds can Expose your Deadness Status [Moriarty the Patriot Fanfiction]

There was a knock on the door. Louis has been sitting with the tea and frowned. It has been almost a day since William's fall from the London's bridge. Who would want to talk to him at this time? Who even knew he was here? The list to the second question was really short.

He stood up and took a lamp to go and open the door.

In front of the door was Albert and he looked completely drenched. Louis noticed that it was raining outside. He did not notice this before.

"Brother Albert?" he said, while he moved away from the door so Albert could move inside. But for a couple of seconds Albert did not move at all.

Louis walked forward, so he could put his hand on Albert's back. He guided him in, removed his wet shoes and clothes, sat him next to the fireplace, dressed him in the nigh grown and wrapped him in the cover.

All this time Albert moved as directed by the touch, but there was no response from him.

Louis sighed. He was aware that William's death would make a wreak from Albert. But he did not expect this. How did Albert even come here? Was not Moran asked by William to look after Albert once he died? So where is Moran now and how did Albert even ended up here?

He made another cup of tea and placed it next to Albert. He was not sure what else is he able to do. He sat back on his chair and looked over Albert.

His eyes were glazed. His face looked ashen. But for some reason there seems to be a sort of concentration in his face. Even though he did not react to his surroundings at all.

After about half an hour, Albert released a sigh. He slowly turned his head, stopping on his now already cold tea. His face wrinkled. "Tea?"

"Brother Albert?" Louis tried again now, when there was at least some sort of reaction to the outside world.

Albert slowly turned his head. "Louis?" He asked, slowly and unsure. He then looked at himself and noticed the night clothes and the cover. He looked over at Louis again. Then down again at his hands. All his actions were a bit sluggish.

Louis really wanted some sort of explanation, but he just waited for Albert to collect his thought. It did not look like he knew how he ended up her either.

Then Albert swallowed and it looked like he got just a bit of the resolve back. "He is not dead." he said, quietly.

Louis felt like his world stilled. He knew that with this timing, with Albert talking, that he could be talking about only one person. But he did not want to raise his hopes up. He knew that it would be harder to stand up from the disappointment.

But it was also true, that if he was alive, the one most likely to know this was Albert.

Louis took his now already tepid cup of tea and took a gulp from it. But he could not taste the tea at all. He looked at Albert, with the resolve as well.

Even though he knew that this is one of the few topics Albert would not joke about, but he still wanted some conformation. Also why use the not dead, instead of alive? "So right now brother is..."

Albert titled his head, and there were wrinkles on his forehead. What is there to be confused about it here.

"I think he died." said Albert. "But he is not dead now." He paused as he tried to collect his though. He raised his hand to cover his left eye. "His eye hurts a lot. And there was a lot of cold, but he seems to have been warmed up."

Louis could feel his pulse quicken a bit, but he tried to calm down. While he was hearing Albert, he was also hearing what Albert was not saying.

This would also explain why Albert was unresponsive when he arrived. He must have tried to go really deep. Though it did not explain how Albert ended up at this place?

Albert then signed and he let his entire body fold forward, putting his head on his hands. "But the mind, the emotions, the ego," he paused. "It is so weak, that I can barely feel it there, let alone see how it looks like."

Louis allowed a small smile on his face. It was there. His brother was alive. As long as it will take him, he will trust in William be able to bring himself from the brink.

"If only I would not..."

"Brother Albert." Louis interrupted Albert words now. But his words were kind.

Albert stopped, but he did not move.

Louis touched his hand. He waited until Albert slowly raised his head up. "As long as brother is alive, there is still hope. I don't want to give up this hope until the very end." If this can help focus Albert away from guilt, even better.

Albert looked down. "I was prepared to hold the cross of our sins for the rest of my life."

"Are you going to repeat brother William's mistake?" asked Louis now. He pulled his hand back. "Please, don't make this just about you."

Albert just stayed like this for a half a minute. He then said in a small voice, like he did not want anybody to hear him. "There is really nothing I can do."

"That is fine." Louis said. "We can figure out together."

Albert swallowed, but then he nodded. "Alright, Louis. Alright." His hands started shaking a bit.

"Good." Louis said. He then looked over the window. "I am not sending you out again in this rain, so you are sleeping here tonight."

Albert nodded again. He looked up at Louis. "Louis." he stopped for a second. "Thank you." He then took the cup that was next to him.

Louis stood up took the cup away from him. "Let me make you a fresh one."