Comment AO3: If being a girl bring so much trouble let's try being a boy. Chapter 29


I just wanted to say that I am enjoining your story. I always liked the time traveling fics. And this one has quite a entertaining interactions, especially between Myne and Ferdinand, so I like the rest of the cast as well. I makes me laugh all the time. I think in the last chapter I enjoyed the Bonifatius actions and Myne reaction to him.

Even though I am only at the 3th act (The adoptive daughter of the Archduke) as far as the original books go, so it makes me empathize with Ferdinand quite a lot - Myne is really not good at explaining, but even in the original books she would always remember something when already doing it, so I think you captured this trait well. Also it makes me also look forward to meet more properly meet all the characters that I am enjoying in this story.