API Documentation - It Is Not Frustrating When It Does Not Work, but When I Can’t Can’t Figure Out, Why It Does Not Work

Recently a weird bug had been raised again. In our Google integration, we were also using the report data to get the number of licence they were both paying for and using.

In the past, for some reason, some of the customers did not seems to have any of the licence, that were possible to get thorough the report API.

And I could not figure out what was the difference between the ones that they were getting and the ones that did not. There was nothing in their API documentation about it - the API documentation did not change from implementation to this bug being raised. Since I could not figure out, the bug was not really addressed. Which is why it was raised again at some point.

So I decided to try and get to the bottom of this. It was getting annoying.

It was on their issue tracker that I found my answer. The only licence that we could get were from the time, that Google Workspaces were still Google Apps. We could not get any new types of licence, that started existing after it was renamed Google Workspace.

I don't really know how I found the issue tracker. If I would not, would I ever find the answer? I really wish I did not have to search the entire internet and multiple of enclaves, just to figure out what kind of data can I get from the API.

I wish more documentation would have concentrated on including all the data, and not any of the additional addons that they normally do. Not all of us developers are subject experts.