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I have to admit, that I really like this chapter. It is the planing that William puts into everything, that I love about the show, and I think you captured it perfectly. "I just happen to teach at the summer camp this summer" was the only moment that if felt, like he was scheming, but even that was natural. The rest of the time we know it was planed by William to the last detail, but it does not feel like it at all.

Imagining what Albert have to be doing in the ministry for the Dumbledore to worry about William joining him.

The dialog in the notes was also funny. Thank you for writing this story.

I also like the previous two chapters. Of course Sherlock would be the first one to notice something is up with William. The first chapter also felt like something that could happen in the series - though it makes me wonder how he would even survive with the merpeople.

I only recently discovered the Moriaty the Patriot, and I have not yet watched the entire series or got the book yet. So I will leave the rest of the story for after that time. I was just looking for the Arthur James Moriaty stories within Harry Potter fandom for research, and I found it. And I am happy I did.