Show the hidden files in the cPanel

Today, I am attending the IndieWebCamp in Berlin. As I am used for now, every time I need to work on my website outside of my home network, the FTP connections do not work. So that means, that the usual way of dealing with my the file on my server simply does not work.

I can still access it though the cPanel - no matter how inconvenient the interface is. At least it works on every internet connection. Or at least it did so far.

But I was looking for the settings of the .htaccess and .htpasswd files, but for some reason I could not see them. Even though I could see I had these files through search, I could not open them.

On the end, what I needed to do what click on the Setting wheel in the right corner and check the setting Show hidden files (dotfiles). This allowed me to see the files in question and download them to see their contents.