GROW Project 2022 Q4

Employee: Sara Jakša (28th June 2022)

Goals: What do you want to achieve/resolve/solve?

Long-Term Goal:

My long term goal is to be able to have the team level cooperation of what would be considered a normal team mate.

Because of the past experience and my low initial level of social skills (I worked hard to get to the current level), I have the feeling that I am not having the level of team level work, that I could be having. So there is still some work, that I could do.

While I prefer to work alone as much as possible, I am aware I do better work with other people contributions. And in the future, unless I can keep the at least some level of contributions, I could not have the freedom to choose my own lifestyle.

Short-Term Goal:

For this quarter, I want to concentrate finishing the things. I leave the things, that I don’t want to touch for later. I have a problem, that if I leave something for too long, then I don’t want to come close to it. This leads to guilt feeling, that is not really helpful, and make it less likely for me to deal with it.

I have noticed this both in my work and in my personal life.

So I plan to finish everything that I start, let this be an assigned ticket or my own ideas of what I could improve.

Current Reality: What is happening now? Have you already taken any steps towards your goal?

The current reality is, that one of the criteria in what to work on in my job is also what is fun to work on. But this means, that some of the tasks, that do not have this feeling, or they have negative feelings connected to it, are left in my task board, never to be tackled.

While I am aware, that not everything can be done - we do have limited resources. But I think in the maintenance - new features line, I am closer to preferring the maintenance tasks to implementing new features. So these are mostly the tasks, that somebody will have to tackle at some point.

It is also one thing that is stopping me to talking about the ideas, that are not the talk of the conversation right now. The more I procrastinate on that, the less likely it is I am going to say something - unless, again, somebody else brings it up.

But I need to make this a mental priority for me to actually start working on it. So far, I did not do anything about it.

Options: What can you do? What are your options?

Based on my current understanding of my situation, this seems to be more of a mental problem than the problem of new knowledge. So I will try to first observe and see, why this problem even arises.

Will: Of these options, what is your most powerful next step? / What will you do until our next meeting?

A feedback on how I am currently doing in this and observation, if there is any a point, when I am seen avoiding my work.

Other things to be mentioned:


Do you need specific development support (training, coaching, etc.) to achieve your goals?

I don’t think I need a special development support for this.