GROW Project 2022 Q4

Employee: Sara Jakša (28th June 2022)

Goals: What do you want to achieve/resolve/solve?

Long-Term Goal:

When I took this job, my answer to where I see myself in 5 years was in the data science job. One reason, why I like working in my team is, that a lot of the things that we are doing are basically the first step in the data science work - collecting data (and sometimes manipulating and contextualizing it).

If I think about the interesting problems inside the programming, they are either in management (for which I don’t have the personality to handle them) or in data science. I am not that interested in the technical details, that other people seems to be. On conferences, I do use the sentence: “I am more likely to be interested in how to use programming to find out the answer to the social science questions, then going into the nitty picky details about kubernetes.“, because it does indicate, what I am interested in.

I am more interested in using statistics, and am not that interested in neural networks - since I am more interested in explanations then prediction. So this will indicate also my development.

In order to keep this doors open, I want to devote some of my time next quarter also to this.

Short-Term Goal:

In this quarter, I want to do at least one a bit bigger analysis in the data science to see if I still have the interest in it.

Current Reality: What is happening now? Have you already taken any steps towards your goal?

I used to do quite a lot of these small data analysis projects for hobby. I have done agent based modeling to check some hypothesis about gender differences in STEM. I have done topic modeling on Python tag in Tumblr, recipes, and scientific abstract on one cognitive science conference, the network analysis on the fanfiction data, text analysis of the fanfiction data, …

But I have the feeling, that the job is talking too many of my mental space, and I don’t have the space to dedicate it to projects like this anymore. So since we need to be working on our GROW project for some time during our working hours, I am going to use these hours for data analysis.

Options: What can you do? What are your options?

I probably have a lot of options, but I think that for the start, I am going to to start working on one of them and then see how it goes.

Will: Of these options, what is your most powerful next step? / What will you do until our next meeting?

I have a non-working project, that I am procrastinating on (linking to the another GROW goal for this quarter), so I think I am going to start with this one.

Other things to be mentioned:


Do you need specific development support (training, coaching, etc.) to achieve your goals?

I will probably be buying some of the books with my educational budget for this goal.