Verda knows Ard Identity [Demon Lord gets Reborn as a Typical Nobody Fanfction]

Just a short scene, that I wrote, before the 11 episode of the season came up. I was getting the feeling that everybody from the past are going to figure out Ard until the arc was done.

After Ireena and Ginny left the Verda's office, Ard let just a bit of his feeling show and sighed, before focusing again. He did not expect the last expedition to end with the war declaration. The way how he called him foolish your man was the unexpected part. Did the demon lord knew who he was? More importantly, did he knew, he was from the future? Or...

"If you want to kill yourself, I will need to stop you." said Verda from the other side of the table. "But I don't want to do it, so don't do it."

Looking at her, she was sitting upside down, looking at Ard with a big grin.

"And what reason would I have to kill myself?" I asked, since I was not sure where this conversation was going. I went through the meeting at the Mevilas' castle. There was nothing to indicate this there, right?

Verda was still grinning at me. It was clear she was waiting for something. Ard was not sure what for, so he decided to wait it out. If she wanted his reaction, then she will eventually elaborate. Her grin become even bigger.

"Considering you came here to save the past, you did not reincarnate because we lost, right?"

Ard stopped. She is not saying it, right? "I don't know what you are talking..." he automatically started saying, until he remembered why that decided to enlist in the Verda's group. And it was not just to keep Ireena and Ginny safe. "Hypothetically, lets say you are right, what are you going to do with this information?"

"I wasn't going to do anything." Verda rolled. "But if you really don't want to be found do, you should stop acting like yourself." Her eyes were glittering. "Not telling, if you will help me."

Ard nodded his head. "Take care of me." Yes, he could guess what she wanted. For somebody like Verda, having somebody like him participate in her research would probably allow he to test some things she otherwise would not. About time travel or reincarnation or any other things.

"Yeah. I got Vardy's help." Verda started to jump around the room. Ard started to get a bit worried. She is not going to intentionally revealed anything, but...

She stopped. "I was convinced, that you will refuse. Things must have changed quite a lot in the future." But her eyes were glowing even more than before. "So how much did research advanced in the future?"

Ard touched his forehead, the first signs of a headache there. This was going to be a long conversation. Let's hope Ireena and Ginny will take a long time coming back.