The Most Surprising Fandoms

There was a Reddit thread about most surprising fandom, that had a couple of pretty interesting examples, from politicians, to historial figures to Santa Claus to the pairing of different websites.

I could include in the master thesis the one comment about newspaper articles for Italian politicians. Mostly because this is even a thing, and also because the newspapers are 'more avtoritativen' than Reddit threads. The comment is below:

A few years ago, my country elected a coalition government made up of a far-right nationalist party and a let's say European libertarian party (that's really not what they are but I'm not gonna get into Italian politics now lmao). Anyway…. There were articles in our actual newspapers about Wattpad High School AUs shipfics of the leaders of the two parties. I recall one specifically in which Angela Merkel was the headmistress. I wish I was joking….

And for the record, neither one of them is or was at the time even remotely good-looking. Like, I can understand (kinda….) Obama/Trudeau fics, but this was……. Bad lmao

Even with this variety, there is sometimes a push for everybody to have the same head canon.