CFP: IndieWeb: A better vision for the web

I applied with this talk to the PyCon Slovakia, but was not accepted.

Title: IndieWeb: A better vision for the web


The original vision of the web included the possibility of everyone publishing on the internet. But this days most people only do this on platforms, where they do not even control their continued ability to participate there, let alone anything else.

But there is also a different version of the internet.

IndieWeb is the part of the web comprised of the personal sites on their own domains. It allows them to have their own cornet they control, which brings forth a lot of otherwise untapped energy. It also allows them to interact with any part of the internet they want.

In this introduction, I will present what IndieWeb is, some of their interesting principles and solutions for the more decentralized, open and creative web.


I am a software engineer at LeanIX. I come from a cognitive science and economics background, so I am more likely to be interested in how to use programming to find out the answer to the social science questions, data analysis and automation, then going into the nitty picky details about kubernetes. I also interested in how people and technology relate to one another.