Comment AO3: Case Freaks and Bimbos Chapter 1


I needed this laugh. I don't normally read the chat fics, but I needed to put my mind off things and this one came across my RSS feed, and I am really glad I read it.

The Hattori's slips (intended or not), Kazuha's a-bit-too-quick jumps to conclusions, the Shiho's attitude with entire thing, the Sonoko just putting the oil on the fire and Kudou just trying to make sure, he still controls the entire thing is just enough in character to make it very, very funny.

Eisuke seems to be the only one trying to keep thing normal. Maybe he should just lean back end enjoy, since he is the one most removed from this - no matter if he was the original trigger.

I do wonder what Ran and Kudou 'talk later' conversation will be about. And who will be the one, that will end up paying for Hattori's therapy afterwards. Kazuha will surely not. Maybe Kudou? Shiho?