Book: Adam Grant - Think Again

I added this on my to-read list based on a mention, but when I started reading I realized, that I already read it before. I still reread it, since it is a something, that I am not sure I do enough.

The main point of the book was the importance of rethinking. We are not doing this enough, as we all have a lot of beliefs, that we never really though through. And rethinking things, from simple beliefs connected to the pronunciation, to the bigger ones dealing with our lifestyle, or career.

In order to do this, this can be tackled in the multiple levels: individual, one-on-one and in the organizations.

On the individual level, simply learning about it and being more mindful seems to help. For example, simply teaching the people about scientific method in the specific situation, makes them mor likely to use it later. One of the practical advice given was therefore to dedicate the time to thinking and rethinking. Like having a twice a year meaning with oneself, to rethink a career.

On the relationship level, it seems that asking people about it, looking for the common ground and giving people the authority for their own decisions seems to help. It is mostly about making sure that belief defense mechanism does not starts.

On the lower levels, asking questions that do not start with why is also better for the same reason. It is also basically very similar advice to the one I heard in the STEAM event a day after I finished a book.

In the group and organization level, it seems that both psychological safety and accountability are important.

But for me, the most important think was a reminder about rethinking. I need to make sure, that the decisions, that I took in the past still make sense today.