The Good Room by Frank Chimero

Frank Chimero · The Good Room.

The were a couple of points, that I think were important.

  1. The space influences our actions

The space influences both our thinking and and our actions. Which is why it is important to have spaces, that can nurture ourselves.

The example given here was the public library in New York, which the author uses for writing.

  1. The need for the non-commercial spaces

A lot of space these days, both in real world and on the internet, are inherently commercial. But there are still pockets, that are not, both in real life and on the internet.

Because of their nature, the commercial spaces are more visible. Bringing people in and keeping them in inherent to their existence. On the other hand, the non-commercial spaces are there for when people need or want them, but sit unobtrusively the rest of the time.

Because of this, we should be more mindful and protective of the non-commercial spaces.

  1. The importance of being conscious of our technology use

The last point is, that it is important to be aware of the choices we make in technology use. Even if the choices do not look logical form another person perspective, it is still important to decide, what to say yes to and what to say no to.

The article used Amish to make this statement. They allow technology in their community if it strengthen their family and their community.

I think the minimalism ethos, removing all the unneeded things, to make a space for the most important, can help in this regard.