Tadoku Challange

In March I was participating in the Tadoku challenge. The point of the challenge is to increase the reading ability in the foreign language by reading extensively as much as possible.

Any kind of reading count, let this be books, comics, games, news, webpages. If the material can not be divided into any of these categories, one can always count the sentences. And while the Tadoku came from the Japanese language learning community, any language can be entered. Well, any of the 26 langauges, but I guess one could always open a pull request, if more are wanted.

I have participated in a couple of Tadokus competitions, when it was still located on the Wordpress Tadoku site.

Bring back memories, when Twitter was still used as the main method of updating the page count. This might have been the only real use of Twitter, before I was blocked for suspicious activity. This was also when I stopped attending Tadoku officially - and my memories is not to be trusted on whenever I ever attended unofficially.

It was also the time, when the challenge was also subtitled Read more or die, the koohii forum was still online, and AJATT was popular.

Here is the table of my participation, which I gathered from the old site.

competition language pages
January 2012 Japanese, English, French 3464.56
March 2022 Japanese 55.73
January 2013 94.32

Looking at this, it is quite depressing, that I have been sort of reading in Japanese 10 years ago, but it took me until last year for me to start finishing light novels. Since I am pretty sure, that the high count in the first challenge was because of English.

This this I participated with only Japanese, and I only counted the books. I guess I could have a bit higher score, if I also counted other reading mediums, but I do not think it would be that much higher. It would be a lot higher, if I counted English, but I did not want to do this.

On the end, I was in the 22th place, out of the 73 people, that have read at least a fraction of the page (25 people did not report reading anything).

I have tackled three books in this time. I have finished the 本好きの下剋上〜司書になるためには手段を選んでいられません第一部兵士の娘二 (Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 1 Book 2), that I have started in the end of February at the seaside. I read the whole 君の名は (Your name). And I started the 天才王子の赤字国家再生術〜そうだ、売国しぞう〜 第一 (The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt 1).

The main take away, that I got from the challenge was, that I am a lot more used to reading the books in Japanese, than I though. I did not expect to finish two books in this challenge, especially once I got sick and did not have as much energy.

Being sick, preparing the speech for the conference and reading in the foreign language it more, than I could currently handle.

So since most of my reading was done in the later half of the competition, I just showed to myself, that I an capable of reading a couple of books in Japanese - so there is no reason not to do it. Especially since I did finish also multiple books in Slovenian and English, so it did not replace my normal reading as much as it could have.

It could also be, that reading simply became easier, as I was reading more and more. I should ride this wave and keep it at it. I still have a couple of unread Japanese books on my bookshelf.

The next competition is in the first half of the May. I have Beyond Tellerrand conference planed, so while I will probably participate, I will not be able to dedicate the who time to this as the primary project.

For the last part, the replication of the table of what I was reading on which days. At the start, I was not that good at updating on the days, so a lot of my entries have the indication of when I read them next to the book name on my log on the Tadoku page. I will try to figure out the real dates from this data.

Day Description Pages Amount
03-01 本好きの下剋上2 69-77 8.5
03-02 本好きの下剋上2 78-95 18
03-07 本好きの下剋上2 96-103 8
03-08 本好きの下剋上2 104-111 8
03-18 君の名は 8-19 12
03-21 君の名は 20-51 32
03-22 君の名は 52-139 88
03-23 君の名は 140-261 123
03-26 本好きの下剋上2 112-143 32
03-27 本好きの下剋上2 144-165 22
03-28 天才王子の赤字国家再生術1 3-9 7
03-29 本好きの下剋上2 166-257 94
03-30 本好きの下剋上2 258-295 38
03-31 本好きの下剋上2 296-381 87