Manual of Me - Sara Jakša

This site is inspired by Manual of Me. This means, that this site is meant as a guide for collages in how to best work with me,

If I came with a warning label, it would say...

I am unreachable by any communication means, when I am under stress or concentrating on the task, that is new to me..

My Working Hours

Monday ~ Friday 07:00-15:00 Ljubljana time

I keep the days when I am away for holidays or other stuff in my calendar. I put it in as soon as I know I will be away.. The calendar is open, so you can always check it out there as well.

Structure of my day

I usually, but not always, start by checking the email, calendar, Slack and Jira. If the today's meeting is not in the calendar by this time, then I will most likely miss it.

I generally plan my day at this time, depending on whenever I am on support rotation, what tasks do I have, which projects I work on currently and which meetings do I have.

On Tuesday, I usually came in the office for lunch and meetings. If you want to ask me something in person, that is usually the best time.

Currently I do have dailies with my team at 11:30. So for the most days, I take the lunch walking break immediately afterwards.

When I close for the day, I am unreachable by the next day. I also do not check any work during the conferences or vacations/holidays.

I work best when...

  • I have the outlines of the future work and current problems and I can have the freedom to see when to best tackle them
  • I do not have to think about the architectural stuff.
  • I have a team, which is capable of listening

My Personality Profile is...


These flexible thinkers enjoy taking an unconventional approach to many aspects of life. They often seek out unlikely paths, mixing willingness to experiment with personal creativity. ~ from 16Personalities

My preferred channels of communication are

Long form sync communication (not currently implemented at my team)

I generally prefer to think about the problem before I am discussing it. Because of this, I usually prefer to have a description of the problem, to which I can reply in the long reply. Or if we are editing the same document. It is an extreme async type of working - akin to blogging or wiki editing.

In person

For any topics, where there is a possibility of misunderstanding, I prefer a communication face to face in real life. You can usually find me in the Ljubljana's office on Tuesday around lunch. You can just start the conversation anytime you want, waiting for going to lunch and on the way to lunch are usually the best times. If possible, do not start the conversation when we are returning to the office, as I usually do not return there.

If it is a 1:1 conversation, I am also willing to come in the office other times as well.

I also now have a personal calendar, in case you ever want to meet me in person at some event. I would appreciate this to be used for hanging out only, not specific work questions.


If it is a question about the specific Jira ticket, then please keep this conversation in the Jira ticket. If I am assigned to it, then I will see it, when I tackle it next.

I do check the list of the assigned tickets at least once per working day, so I will see, if there is any new activity there, even if I do not reply.

Slack / Email

If you have a quick question only, then use a Slack or an email. In this case, please use the principle of 'No hello communication' and state what you want from me and any info I might need to get you that.

Video Meetings

If none of the above works, then please schedule yourself something in my calendar between 9:00 and 14:30. Tell me in the event, what the meeting is about and why my input is needed, as I generally skip meetings, that I do not understand, why I was invited.


I get really annoyed at people, when the call or SMS me, so do not do this at all.

I add value to teams by...

finding a way between technical feasibility and solving the problem, that the customers have. I am usually the one pointing out, why something is a problem, based on my knowledge of our problems domain and our customers.

You’ll convince me to get on board by …

connecting the idea to some problem, that I have already thought about and giving me enough freedom, so I will actually feel like my ideas matter. It also helps, if it is not a purely a technical problems.

The environments in which I thrive have …

a lot of time to work without other people. I need my space to sign, talk aloud and curse while working, and if there are other people around, I self-censor myself, which bring me under a lot of stress. I prefer the quiet environments to noisy, as I am easily distracted.

The best way to give me feedback is …

Honest as possible. I prefer criticism to praises.

In any case, I prefer the feedback, that gives me the time to formulate the response and that gives me enough information, to figure out where the problem is or what my good points are.

I am generally not that good of accepting praises. If you need me to receive the praise with positive feelings, then I prefer a private praise to the public one - like a shutout on Slack.

Beyond work, I’m really passionate about ...

As far as the hobbies go, I am interested in language learning, Indie Web, individual differences, public speaking and story games. I also do a lot of walking and reading, and a bit of drawing.

I also subscribe to the minimalism philosophy in life. The putting it in practice is still a work in progress. I also believe in Keynes vision of us eventually working only 15h work weeks.

The current community problems, that I am thinking about are the inclusion of the people from other background (as experience) and juniors in the tech communities and workforce.

In my personal part of life, I am starting to feel the crisis of now being 30 years old, and feeling like my biological clock is ticking. I still want to have children, so I guess my next step is finding a husband.