JavaScript - delete entry from the map

In the job, I was combining the data from three different sources. So Basically, if it is in one of them (licensed users), use that one, but with some indication it is also in other two (admins and team managers). If it is only in the other two, then process them separately.

The first thing, that I though of is, that I hope the JavaScript have the Python's del keyword. And it does. I found in the StackOwerflow answer it is the delete, and it works the same.

Here is the example:

let users = {
"Main": {"series": "Bookworm"},
"Kudou Shinichi": {"series": "Detective Conan"},
"Wein Salema Arbalest": {"series": "The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising 
a Nation Out of Debt"},
"Tachibana Taki": {"series": "Your Name"}
del users["Tachibana Taki"]

More info: * Blog post about delete * delete page on MDN documentation