HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points

HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points.

This article makes an important point. In order to start with HTML and CSS, the people generally need only any text editor and any browser. So it is possible for people to go from a wish to learn something, to the moment when they make something happen really quickly.

Compare this with starting with almost any kind of other programming language or framework. People can have a lot of troubles with their Python installation. Which is still better then some framework like React Native. I am not confident, I could get from wish to have anything appear in React Native in a couple of hours.

This reminds me of the conversation, that I had in my last cognitive science students hangout. The conversation started something like this (paraphrased, but the point is the same):

"You programmer as a job. Are you using math in your work?" "Of course, I use it all the time. Plus, minus, multiplication and division." I replied The original person said with strong voice: "See!" "In the programming class there are always these math problems, which give us problem not because of programming but because of math." explained the person next to us.

It was later revealed, that this person though of themselves as not a good programmer, even though they are regularly using HTML and CSS. I tried to assure her, that HTML is a perfectly good programming language, not sure how I succeed.

But in my opinion we need more people in tech, that are not only technical. I remember reading the study once, that people generally choose STEM only if they are good in numerical intelligence, but lacking the verbal intelligence. The people good in neither, both or just verbal would usually not choose any STEM field to study.

In my opinion, a lot of problems in current tech are there because, the show is run by people not that interested in humanities - a sign of higher verbal intelligence. A lot of problems could be spotted sooner by somebody not being interested in just tech.

And because of that, we need the way to bring more people with other background in the tech as well. Maybe also in ventral capital, since their pressure can also heavily influence the direction of the company.

But both HTML and CSS are also really hard to use on the masterful level. I know I am not even close to that level. But since this are the basic building blocks of the web, it seems weird to disparage them.