Book: What Has Government Done to Our Money?

I finished the book 'What has government done to our money'? The point of the book was, that we should still be using the money completely backed by the precious metals. Any influence by the government is bad, since it can cause inflation and therefore make people lose their money.

The books shows this through the historical overview, from time before money, until the recent time after the Bretton Woods system failed apart. The history was written with a bit of the slant to argue their perspective, but was otherwise a good overview. It just did not give me much new info, since I have read A History of Money by Glyn Davies in the last half a year. The later one goes into a much more detail with historical circumstances as well.

They start the book with the preposition, that the government is not to be trusted. I do not agree with their point, so that means, that from the start, I could not agree with all their points. But I do agree with some of their points. Government, with their actions, can influence inflation - usually they want some of it, because the economy grows more with it, this does also influences the wealth accumulation of the people. Government can cause the lack of money, by forcing the use of money at the wrong value.

But going in their direction would cause quite a lot of change in our economy - including the rate of growth and the standard of living. I am not sure, if the people would accept this. And if not, where would this lead?