Abandon Thyself by Sanjuno - Code Geass Fanfiction on AO3

Abandon Thyself by Sanjuno - Code Geass Fanfiction on AO3.

A Geass... is like a wish... All Demon Emperor wished for was a kinder, gentler world for his loved ones to live in and be happy... All the Knight of Zero wished for was to die... (Neither of them got what they wished for, in the end.) The World of C has decided to grant the dearest wish that resonated in the heart of their Champion.

I really enjoyed the characterization of the Suzaku and Lelouch here, and especially their interactions. While I did find the Suzaku a bit out of character, it was still believable enough and it made for a really interesting read. It was this characterization, that gave this entire story its interesting atmosphere. Suzaku's inner dialog was great - and seeing his in the planing position really underscored his and Lelouch's differences.

Lelouch's reactions to the entire situation were spot on. Let it be bleeding of his different characters together, trying to put the people around him first, or even him just quickly adapting to the situation. For all Suzaku's knowledge of the future and Lelouch, he still got surprised on the end.

The story can be read with just the first chapter, which is the meat of the story. The second chapter is more of an omake scene, showing us what Lelouch will need to deal with, because of Suzaku's coming back.