Playing Cupid by Amintadefender (AO3)

Playing Cupid by Amintadefender (Code Geass Fanfiction on AO3)

While the stories concentrating on the romance are usually not my thing, I really enjoyed this one. There were multiple reasons, but I think the two most important ones were: 1) the BAMF Nunnally and 2) the situational humor.

I really enjoyed the Nunnaly being BAMF in this story. The way she manipulated everybody, from Lelouch and Suzaku, to C.C. and Mao, and all the way to Cornelia was done in a very Nunnally way.

In the show, once Lelouch was 'missing', she did display mental fortitude and independent thinking. I just regret that they made her not realize anything for the entire first season and not give her any ability to make her own choices. I am sure, it would change the way the story progressed.

Here, she is given this ability. In the way, she is the instigator of most of the things, that happen in the story. Well, sans Marianne's involvement. And it is nice to see, that she is doing out of both love for the people and jealousy. How she is overprotective over Lelouch (and Suzaku) is also adorable.

But the point that really sold the story was situational humor. The best scene for me was the scene between Marianne and Charles. The whole Charles being interested in the adversary turned lover. Or not believing it will last (how much he does not know his son).

Marianne was great in the story. She only wanted the picture, but everybody wanted to ascribe her an alter motive. Gino was great with his misunderstanding, and with how he went along with everything Marianne said.

Cornelia got the short stick in this story. Euphy was driving her crazy, but she still went along. Too bad, that she misunderstood the entire situation with the Suzaku's boyfriend.

I like the stories, where Suzaku and Lelouch end up working together. And this give us a glimpse is how it would continue in this route, so this was great as well.

Overall, I enjoyed this story. Laughed a lot during reading it.